A Sunday In The Life Of A PK (or a CP PK, at least.)

DISCLAIMER: NOT OUR CAR. Cause if we did do this, it’d be a lot longer. 😛

*CPPK= church planter pastor’s kid

7:00 AM– wake up to an alarm that’s been snoozed twice already, whack the screen and fall back asleep, only to have the door swung wide open and the lights turned on.

“It’s Sunday.” announces Mom. Fall out of the top part of the rickety bunk bed and land on the pile of laundry you swore you’d fold.

“Sa wakas, (at last), it’s finished, now plug in that printer,” is heard from the other room. “Please tell me you do have something ready to wear?” Mom asks. You nod and look at the semi-wrinkled shirts around you, grabbing the closest thing. Nope, no Blue Jays shirts to church. Nice shade of blue though.



8:00 AM– Get a half up, half down thing going on with your hair and gracefully trip over your violin. Poke your head in the guys’ room and ask if they’d just hurry up. Get promptly kicked out and left to print the remaining programs. Sneak some carrot cake that was supposed to be for church. Well, in your defense, you are a part of the church, amirite or amirite?

“Don’t give me that smile,” Mom warns jokingly in the front seat of the car. Settle down and get back to sleep for the 30 minute drive into somewhat open country and somewhat closed city. Wake up as the car turns past M&M Market and Wimpy’s (closed for the day) Diner, and past the basketball court they fixed a month ago.


9:00 AM– Pull into the parking lot and get outta that car and start hauling the heavy stuff from the car to the stairs, from the stairs to the room and don’t forget your Bible. Go back up and wait for the transit bus to pull up. Greet Ms. A and her bus driver and push her wheelchair up the ramp, assuring Ms. A that you are more than capable to push her all the way down. Get her safely with Mom and start practicing violin until everyone else comes in, switching from “Standing On The Promises” to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” if need be.


10:00 AM– Settle down on the floor as Sunday School starts. You’d sit down if it weren’t for the bright eyed child toddling over, smile widening as your camera shutter clicks. Snatch bits and pieces of The Stranger From Emmaus. Wait for the announcements to be read so the rest of the service can start.

“No, it’s not Jacob who has a birthday this week! I printed it!” Chuckles echo from around the room. Get up and read the Call To Worship, mirth giving way to respect. Rosin your bow and take your place, preparing to lead worship to the One who deserves it all. Resist the urge to say something as the worship leader urges everyone to sing, saying “Heaven hears us when our voices are loud.” Give in.

“Show me that in scripture!” Another round of chuckles.

The piano plays and worship is led. Switch between fiddling and playing classical, and try not to smile as a toddler dashes for her dad singing in the front. The last song is sung and you sit back down.

“You do have the supply bag for the kids this time, right??” Wince and ask your brother to get it from the car.


11:00 AM– Get the all-too-eager group of kids and take them to the spare room. Lay down the rules: No parties in the dark, even if you have light up Skechers; no pretend operating with scissors if you want to stay; and no PJ Masks in church. And under no circumstances, EVER, are you to touch that. EVER.

“I wanna race!” cries a hyper 5 year old. Your brother silently drops off the supply bag and gives you a thumbs-up. He leaves before you can pull off your “halp meh” face.

You pray with your co-worker and friend that maybe this time, just this time, you can capture the kids’ attention and help bring God’s Word to life for them.


12:00 PM– Nobody can say you didn’t try. But an hour of a round of cartwheels, races, piggy backs, one timeout, some shoes missing, fake money, and dancing later, really all you did was mention “Zach the tax collector who climbed the sick tree”. Sigh in frustration as you look for a missing kid.

“Yikes, I think we missed the ending.”  Race to clean up and put shoes on a protesting girl and see if you did.

You did. But you were right on time for the refreshments. Some more carrot cake can’t hurt. Greet Mark a happy birthday. Get convinced into giving another piggy back and get choked. Load the piano into the waiting van and walk back in the heat.


1:00 PM– Wait for Ms. A’s bus to come so you all can go home and rest. It came late. Stare out the window, music blasting in your ears, thanking God for the little blessings that came today. Beg for AC because it is nothing but hot. Fall asleep in the car.

Then jolt awake making a mental note that you must get paper for the kids to draw on or lose complete sanity.


The Rest Of The Day- “Mom, where are the canned peaches??” “We finished them yesterday.” “Aw.”


NECESSARY DISCLAIMER: This doesn’t reflect PKs in general, but rather on one specific one. Not all PKs help with Sunday School or steal carrot cake, so I don’t wanna have y’all thinking that!


Weekend Ramblings & Random Photography

I’m right on track on my nonexistent schedule! 😀 Hiya, everybody! How has the world been?

*gets distracted by Pinterest and Carrie Underwood’s Temporary Home*

Anyway, school has kinda slowed down for the weekend, thank goodness, because another day of studying the Khans and I’da completely lost my mind. Oh wait, I have already.

Before I begin though,  I’d also like to ask y’all to pray for the Carolinas, and for those of us who are in those states. Right now they’re being slammed by Hurricane Florence, and the damage is serious. Please keep em in your prayers! 

‘Kay, here’s some random photography.


Today I did a lot of what Jay Smouse would call, “my sweet nothing”. While I wish I did some more productive things today, sometimes it’s good to just rest.. and maybe not spend too much time on Pinterest… But I did take some pictures of guitars!

*whispers* Pathetic. Just pathetic.


And of hands…


And of a watch..


I am kinda ashamed of this next picture. My focus is completely off, rats! 😛 Oh well. More practice.



Let me ramble about this next picture okay? So, once at a Christmas party there was a game that got a group of people and made them say “hooray!” after someone said “hip hip!” It was pretty intense, and there were all sorts of variations. My brother somehow managed to win the hour long game and took home this as a prize.



Pure randomness up ahead. –>


Yep. That’s an ancient artifact of Adventures In Odyssey, which you all knew I was gonna bring up one way or another. XD It’s pretty obvious that this is my main fandom, and… I’d link you the guest post Gracie let me do on Welcome to Odyssey, but *gulp* That could mean revealing deep dark secrets.. so go look it for yourself. 😛 Odyssey’s really made things a lot cheerier at the end of a hard day, and one days like today, I do on AIOWiki what normal people do on Netflix: binge.  *quickly deletes The Labyrinth pt. 1, 2, 3, Mistaken For Good, and Fathers And Sons tabs*

Okay, wait though. Father’s and Sons is one of the best episodes I’ve heard in a while. MA HEART MA HEART I NEEDED THIS. AHH

Wait! Don’t leave yet! I promise I’ll stop geeking out about AIO for this post!

Um. I think this is it.

Ooh, I did do some outlining for Mirages, actual outlining. 😀 I feel super proud. Just tell me to write sometime.

Okay, this is actually it. XD Have a great night and a great Sunday! And as Whit told Monty, “rest!” 🙂

(Yeah, but Monty fell out of a falling plane, escaped from the hospti- okay, okay I’m gone!)

The Day After 9/11

On this day 17 years ago, America- and the world- was still getting over the shock of what happened just one day ago.

Just one day ago, people were breathing. They went to work, they were going places. And now, just like that, they were gone.

The majority of the people reading this are kids. We don’t know what it was like, we can’t remember how terrible it was. All we have are stories.

Like how people raced home to be with their families, even if it wasn’t their country that was being hit. Like how one little boy would watch the aftermath, live, and for weeks stare out of the window, waiting for planes to come. Like how despite all the rubble there was a cross standing, made from wreckage.

For many of us, it’s just another day.

Maybe take a moment to remember the brave firefighters and first responders that came in when people were dying and fought when all was lost. Maybe remember that people fought for the safety and freedom we enjoy now. Maybe realize that everywhere, from everything that’s happened, people are hurting. Maybe know that God was there, and in ways we can’t understand, is here for us.

Then today won’t just be the day after 9/11.

P.S. I know this video was clearly geared for little kids, but take a look anyway?

Life Update: Tell Me It’s Saturday Already.

Dear life,

What on earth have I done to you that you have to move so quickly?? 

 Slow down a little, let me catch my breath, why dontcha? 




If anyone knows life’s address, please send it to me.

In the meanwhile, I’ll be doing my best to keep up.

Anyhoo, *pulls chair up* how is everyone doing? Other than trying to survive in school. Everybody is dying, amirite or amirite? Here, I have memes for that.



I’m actually doing…. great.

It’s sunny today. Yesterday it was raining. That’s a good thing.

Schoolwise? I FOUND MY TWO FOLDERS YIPPEE! And I’m learning, it’s great. I’m getting homework done. Not much to complain. *ignores two big tests tomorrow and the assignment due today*

Photographywise? Uh, not much to report here. There’s nothing. Nada. Zilch. Nothing new under the sun! Nothing.

Writingwise? In all honesty, it is pitiful. I haven’t touched any of my WIPs in weeks. No new stuff. At all. Nothing. Blame school. And blame the fact that I have homework. What’s the point, I’m already in my home. *shrugs*

But, I did get some worldbuilding and character arcing done, so as petty as that is, I did it.

How am I gonna survive NaNo??


Let’s just admit that this is me.

Fandomwise? Ooh, that’s doing very very well. *grins evilly*  It would be too long to talk about it, but let’s just say it has a bunch to do with stars and Labryinths and ultimate cliffhangers, and if anybody gets my references COME GEEK OUT WITH ME!

So overall, I’m okay.

I have to be holding a violin bow all the time. If not a bow, a guitar. If not a guitar, a pen. If not a pen, all sanity is chucked out the window, and that’s a looooong drop. XD


I’m very okay.

How are you guys dying? I’d love to know. In the meantime, I’ma be strumming on my tiny guitar. See ya.





Labor Day (What I did, where I went, and why the name is deceptive)


It’s 11:01 pm. I should be asleep. I could use more sleep. In fact, I am dead. From school of course. Why am I writing a blog post?

*glares* Cause I can. Don’t judge.

Labor Day is deceptive.  YOU DON’T DO LABOR ON LABOR DAY. Why. It should be renamed. ‘Appreciation Of Labor Day’, how does that sound?

Anyway, regardless, it was a break. Yay! For me and my folks, we got to do cool stuff like driving to Toronto and seeing the sights.


Yeah, ignore the graffiti. Toronto ain’t all neat and dandy. We’ve got a lot of things going on here.

(I say we, 😛 The traffic on our already long way to get here is tiring.)

Anyhoo, I’m a photographer. I capture what I see. So.. uh… here you go.


That motorcycle looks so cool, I wanted to ride it. *nods*


Toronto is BIG. Huge. You could spend a week here and still not see everything. The types of houses vary from street to street. This street, called Beaches, has really colorful matchbox houses. Some even looked like log cabins. Whaddya know.


The sign on the last door is a sentiment shared by many Canadians far and wide, if you were wondering. 😉

Most of this was taken from a car window. There is zero parking space in Toronto, guys. If you wanted to tour the place, be prepared to walk. It’s crowded here.


For this somewhat suburban kid, this was fascinating. There was so much little things to see. It was really narrow. The streets, the buildings, the bikes.


Hi, random motorbike person. Thanks for letting me photograph ya.

Okay, peeps. Downtown is going down.


This is Toronto. And that is the CN tower. I gotta figure out a way to get into the restaurant up there. It’s tall. It’s very tall. Oh, and that’s the Rogers Center. We have a thing for baseball. (Go, Jays!!! Please actually win or something.)

It was also very much traffic so go early if you wanna stop and take it all in.


Ooh! Okay, so there’s a cool story behind this.

Those planes are the Canadian Snowbirds. That is an airshow they were putting at the CNE. Ever been? Neither have I, but I heard it’s a cool place. It’s one big fair or something. Anyway, while it cost money to get in the CNE, it doesn’t cost a penny to see the airshow. (I mean, they couldn’t charge us for it if they wanted to, it was an airshow after all.) It was spectacular. The planes did all sorts of loops and turns, and two planes even formed a heart with their contrails.

Was it awesome? Oh yeah. Made being stuck in the car absolutely worth it. Just made me wish I had a zoom lens.

The funny thing is if I wasn’t listening to the radio as I watched I would never have guessed that was an airshow. XD


^ A rare glimpse of the CNE.

Then it was lake photography, which was really relaxing.


There’s something about the lake. You can stare at it for a good half-hour and still not be bored. There’s this calming thing about the blue, the waves. And there’s this want to see what’s on the other side of the horizon. The adventure and looking for the unknown thing kicks in.

Deep musing thoughts over. XD


Toronto’s interesting. It’s extremely diverse, and it’s as city as city goes, but I woulda never expected to be able to go fishing. How cool is that? Fishing. In a city. I’m trying that next time I come here. Some kids did try catching some fish and I was tempted to yell out, “Hope you catch something!” but didn’t want to look weirder than I already was.

If you need to know, I was walking around with a giant camera in hand. Need I say more?

But I quickly gave that up to swing on the monkey bars.

It was a great Labor Day.

I miss it.

The labor started after Labor Day.

And now I’m sleepy. Glad you stuck through it til the end!



How to Die In School Honorably. :P

How to die in school honorably

My fellow citizens, today (for most public schoolers, at least) is the first day of the dreaded plague known as school. For the rest of us,( because it seems homeschoolers are everywhere in WordPress XD) school has started YEARS ago. Precisely last week.

Anyhoo, I figured that there are tips we can take to be crushed with VALOR! And hey, maybe you can crush school, who knows? So, although it’s 4pm and we’re all settling into homework, listen up!

  1. Listen up. 😛

This is so simple, it’s ridiculous. But lemme explain. If you’re a dvd homeschooler, like I am, it is the hardest thing to pay attention. One, because the teacher is on a screen, not live and talking to you in person, and two, because you can always replay. And same if you’re online homeschooling. And public schoolers, man sometimes that teacher is so boring. I feel ya.

But honestly, sometimes your teacher will give info that’s not in your books. That you’ll be tested on. WHAT.WHERE. WHY.  So yeah, actually listen, folks. And sometimes, you’ll actually learn interesting stuff. What kinda stuff? You’ll never know if you don’t listen.

(like that dude who became the leader of the Mongols simply by rescuing his kidnapped wife, how cereal was invented, and that the first computer case was made out of Legos.)

Listening is the first step to dying honorably. *nods*

2. Eat breakfast.


Okay, you may be rushing to complete an assignment, or have a big test in the morning, or you slept in and you’re late. But go and eat breakfast. It’s healthy for you. It’s scientifically proven to aide you in your studies. And by breakfast I mean something healthy, and sustaining, and not a Coke or some crackers or a Larabar. *cough cough*  At least eat a piece of fruit or something.

*shows you picture of fruit*

Except, seriously, if you’re gonna die why try to live? Cause you might get an A while you’re at it, that’s why!


3. Put some color in there!


Black ink gets boring fast. Very fast.

Who wants to read notes in varying shades of black, anyway? Not me.

Therefore, go make your school stuff more lively. *grins* Go get some neat pens in bright colors! Buy notebooks with different designs. Or color on your notebooks.. Or my personal favorite, mark each notebook with a different sticker. Very useful. History is Kylo Ren time, Literature is Finn, and I get to hang out with Rey in Geography. Do what you gotta do! If you’re the creative type, draw ATCs or something for flash cards. Don’t let your creativity get buried under all that homework!

4. Get a planner. Stick to it. 


We’re busy kids. We’re bloggers, we’re writers, we’re photographers, Bible Bee-ers, artists, athletes,  musicians, wannabe voice actors, runaways from the circus, and mad scientists, you get the picture.

Some of us are all of the above.

How do we do it? Time just keeps racing forward and refusing to let us catch up.

Planners let us snatch some of that time. We write down what we have to do when and hopefully we actually do it. XD Using my planner has kinda helped me a little, so who knows what it can do for you? Try a bujo spread if you’re not into planners. At least your days are numbered artistically.

5. Snooze the notifs.


I know, I know, I’m a hypocrite. But I actually did snooze notifs, and I was able to knock out a lout of work by not checking the screen every 2 minutes. Of course, if you’re a public schooler, you’re kinda not supposed to be using your phone in class, but it applies to homework too. So unless you’re doing a study sprint, or texting your long lost grandma, or doing homework online, you should probably mute the notifs.

And plus you’ll get on your mom’s good side and that means dying in school honorably so that’s good. *nods*

6. Google Docs can help you with that. 


Oh joy I just showed you major snippies you just go and enjoy for now.

For a lot of assignments and projects, Google Docs can help you save a ton of stuff. Plus you can collab with somebody else doing the same assignment and work together on the doc. It’s great. Go check it out.

7. Get outta there!


Sometimes sitting at the same old desk every day for a week is a killer. Your homework looks like the boring-est thing ever conceived of. At the rate you’re working, they’ll find your skeleton on your desk chair.

Simple fix? Scram, kiddo!

Go outside, go to another part of the house, or go out on the porch, the swing, a tree.


Go do something! Go do cartwheels, pushups, jump, get moving. Or practice an instrument. Sometimes you have to kickstart your brain to get the creative juices flowing. Get outta your desk!!

And heh, for us homeschoolers, we study anywhere. The car, the table, on top of a tree, 100 feet in the air (no, seriously, I do), so use that to your advantage.

8. R E A D.

Oh, this is simple.

Go read. You have to read your textbooks anyway, and there’s a LOT of info in them textbooks.

Tell you what though. You can read stuff for fun, too.

yep, for fun. Don’t get me started on that loooooong list of amazing books out there that you can read. It helps your comprehension, y’know, and that can make a difference when you’re answering textbook questions. Lord Of The Rings, Narnia, The Wingfeather Saga, Little Men, Anne Of Green Gables, How To Kill a Mockingbird, Kiera, the books go on and on. Reading is a treasure, and ust becase you have to read for school doesn’t mean you can’t read for fun. (It helps with the SAT and ACT tests, too. Just saying.)

Plus you’re practically doing Literature, so score!

Okay. I think that’s it. Using these tips, one can limp their way from the start of the semester to the end and die in peace. Don’t be like me, who put off all her homework and is now buried in papers. Oh, and is missing a folder. Two folders. GO CRUSH IT, Y’ALL.

Oh wait, I’m not done. GO LISTEN TO ADVENTURES IN ODYSSEY CAUSE IT’S AWESOME!!! And you’re training your ears to listen. *thumbs up* Seriously, though, Eugene taught me my grammar and what a hypotenuse is. Win-win!

Now, if you’ll excuse me while I go get my blue coffin.





Hard Stuff: Prayer Problems

Hard Stuff_ Prayer Problems

WARNING: If you don’t care for things of Christ, STOP FOLLOWING. NOW. Because I do. 

Okay, first off, I’m not saying prayer is a problem.

Second off, please don’t kill me!

Okay, we good? I don’t wanna offend anybody, but, this is something maybe we should talk about.

And it’s prayer. Prayer isn’t a problem. It’s how we approach prayer.

Okay, first off, what is prayer?

To simplify, prayer is talking to God. That’s it in a nutshell.

And this is our first problem: we don’t realize what a privilege and precious gift we have in prayer. We’re approaching God. We get to be with the Maker, with the Lord, with the King, with Jesus.

1 John 5:14 ~ This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.

Guys, we’ve never even met Queen Elizabeth. We’ll never meet Queen Elizabeth. Or any of the Royals. But we can talk to the King of life and creation and everything daily. Let that sink into your heads.

It’s lost on us. The fact that because of Jesus’s death and resurrection, we get to talk to God and He will hear us is pretty much lost on us. People. Men have killed, set up sacrifices, waded into war, and even appointed other people, just to talk to God. (I ain’t making this stuff up. Go search it.) We don’t have to do any of that. We can talk to the Maker of life anywhere, anytime. There’s countless verses in the Bible that talk about this.

Jeremiah 29:12 ~ Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.

Job 22:27 ~ You will pray to him, and he will hear you, and you will fulfill your vows.

James 5:13 ~ Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray. Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise.

But prayer right now? “Dear God, bless everybody and help everyone. Thank you.”

I’m not saying that’s bad. I’m saying it’s bad that that’s all we pray. Nothing more.  In the words of James, “This ought not to be!” Wait, lemme pull up the reference.

James 3:10b  10 My brethren, these things ought not so to be.

And because we don’t recognize how precious prayer is, we don’t give respect or honor when we pray.

God’s our Friend and Father yes. But He’s also a King. The Lord. And it’s infuriating that Christians are so lazy in how they pray. Get yo act together, guys!

Rehearsed prayers. 

Matthew 6:7 ~ And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words.

Nuff said. This is a huge problem, so many of us just go through the motions, just say the same prayer again and again. We’re so used to saying it our hearts aren’t in it. If you’re just reciting a prayer to God, maybe your heart needs to be connected with God again. Because y’know, if God is your Friend, and your Father, what are you doing spitting out the same thing day after day?

And y’know, I’m talking to myself when I write these words down. I’m guilty of each and every single problem and there were times when prayer was the most rote thing I did.

And yet God heard me.

And yet God hears me. Every single time. And He hears every single prayer that not only I’ve, but you and who knows how many Christians. Even those who just say it at dinnertime.

Guys, I hope it’s not just dinnertime when you say a prayer. I know I’m one to talk, but you have a relationship with the Lord of Life.

Are you gonna talk to Him? He’s waiting.


I woulda deleted a post like that, because I didn’t want to be preachy. But here it is.

Drive hard, y’all.






It’s just your normal September Saturday, folks. I was just eating unhealthy cinnamon toast for breakfast, and trying to strum a song. That’s all I expected.

Instead I logged on here and — I have 100 people reading what I put up here. Granted, I bet only many a quarter of everyone really reads everything. But.. wow.

Thank you so much for giving me a follow, and actually reading my stuff. I didn’t really expect to have so many, or that or that life through these lens would be so.. read, or that I’d be blogging in the first place. Thank you for putting up with my random, ranting, hard to follow self. I know people in the past have had difficulty keeping up with me 😛 so the fact the you guys are still around makes me feel better.

Piece of advice. Don’t go into the archives. I was and am still very awkward, and weird and.. yah, you can stick with the present awkwardness.

*still very stunned*

I’ll be honest, today isn’t one of my better days. But this is one of those things that make it good. Thank y’all’s, very much.

See ya around!


Takeaways From August (Scribble Scrabble)


*eyes gleam evilly*

I have waited very long for this. My fingers have missed the clickety clackety of the keyboard. And ha, you thought I milked every drop outta August? Not yet! 😛

It’s Friday. It’s the last Friday of August 2018. BAAAAAAAAAWWWHHH.

Anyway.. I’da waited til September, but I have enough pictures to make one last August post. Hence a Scribble Scrabble XD *waits for pictures to load*

We still gotta talk about Julie, my bell pepper plant! Well, guess what. She grew up! It’s red. A red bell pepper plant.


I mean, considering how I only want to grow stuff to eat them, this is kinda pathetic. But, hey, IT’S A VEGETABLE. Not a bad start. *sobs* She’s all grown up!

Ooh, yay, the pictures are loading!

Ahem. Anyway, so…

Crabapples. Or at least I think they’re crab apples.

We had stopped in front of a friend’s house to drop off equipment and a crab apple tree was in bloom. At least I think they’re crab apples. For all I know they could be the Forbidden fruit.. or something. These little things are lots of fun to pick and hurl onto the road for cars to squash em flat to take pictures of, of course.

They just taste weird. I tried.

But wait, if they indeed are the forbidden fruit, then *gasp* I should be dead!


L&HD News will update you on this alert as it unravels.


Bye, crab apples of August. Hope you don’t kill me.

Anyhoo, I never did get to finish that challenge of Cassia’s.. oops. Sorry about that. I’m still looking for a train station. Heehee.

But I did get some puddles. One puddle, to be precise.


Puddles, puddles, puddles! Splashing in em, taking pictures in em, getting my mom scared that I’ll ruin my dslr by putting it a tiny bit too close to the edge.. puddles are fun. It was a rainy Sunday, so. *nods*

So yeah August was fun. Hard. The storm.

-lotsa questions

-some glares

-lotsa 5 am belting out random songs

-heat (It’s HOT)

-late night talks

-Solid Joys. I’ve been listening to the devotionals by Pastor John Piper, and they really make you stop and think about the Bible. As well they should.

-mug cakes

-microwave cooking (which my mom doesn’t really like but it’s a means to an end!)

-roleplaying with a lot of great people (and some videochatting and staying up late)

-scheduling for school (nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!)

-geeking out about Adventures In Odyssey cause I’m like the only kid who hasn’t hear it yet and I wanna buy the album

-actually doing homework

And I’ve been writing. BOOM! It’s been tons of fun. Especially if you change the text color. It’s my personal opinion that textbooks would be a lot more interesting to read if you could pick the color. Who wants to read in black all the time?

Done ranting. More random photos.


Puppies!!!!!! Those little wittle puppies!



Random photography is my favorite. Cause, y’know, I’m pretty random meself?

Anyway… the fun part!

Playing Favorites!

It’s time, yep. I get to choose my favorites, and you get to suffer reading about it! 😛

Favorite Book

This month’s favorite would have to be…….

Okay, I would totally pick one of the books I’m alpha reading. But since they haven’t exactly been published yet, I’m gonna have to pick something that is. *sniffles* And this is a good book. This is Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, by Nabeel Quershi. Reading about his life, and how he came to Christ, has been inspiring, and it’s helped me see things in a different angle. Did I enjoy this book? Yep. Was I challenged to be stronger and less passive in my faith? Yep.

Image result for seeking allah finding jesus

Favorite Song

Wanna know what I’ve been listening to to keep me awake?

Rewrite The Stars, The Piano Guys cover.

*sniffles* The lyrics of the original are.. meh.. but this cover is beautiful. I’ve been trying to learn it on the violin, but like everything else, it’s gonna take some work.

Go check it out! Unless you’re not a fan of cello or piano music, or that kinda music isn’t your thing or.. yeah.

Favorite Quote


This has summed up my month, along with Mary Slessor’s “Pray on, dear one- the power lies that way.”

Hope this random post put a grin on your face. See ya.