MOOP the Third: Beauty

Hi there everyone! If you are one of the brave who survived my crazy book dump yesterday, I really admire your perseverance! So, to make up for the length, this post will just have one photo: my submission for Lydia's MOOP contest! Really, Lydia? MOOP? Oh well. This week's topic is: beauty. Thanks a lot, … Continue reading MOOP the Third: Beauty


HARPs 6 #2! My Favorite Books!

    Hiya everyone! I'm in for the Happy And Random Posts contest, hosted by Starling! Round 6 Topic is: List your favourite ____________. WARNING: THIS POST WILL BE LONG. PROCEED CAREFULLY AND GET COMFORTABLE FIRST. I'm serious. Do not read unless you have nothing else to do. It will be looooong. So, today, I'ma … Continue reading HARPs 6 #2! My Favorite Books!

My Submission For Lydia’s *gulps* MOOP

Greetings and salutations everyone! I promised myself I'd put up my submission for Lydia's contest and here it is! (Just don't ask me why it ended up as MOOP just click this ok?) Category: Comfort! Fun Fact: Thomas Edison, inventor of the phonograph, developer of the lightbulb and genius was homeschooled! Yup! He also struggled … Continue reading My Submission For Lydia’s *gulps* MOOP

400 Followers GIVEAWAY: HUGE 112 Fonts & Graphics Bundle // Creativeqube Design

Good morning y’all! Greetings and salutations!
The amazing Clara has reached 400 followers, and in celebration, is doing this awesome giveaway! Go check it out! (Or I will get your IP address and hunt y’all down..)

Clara & Co.

Good morning, friends! I have some super exciting things to share with you today! 😀

First of all, here’s something awesome – my blog reached 400 followers a few weeks ago! Thank you all SO much! It means a ton to me that you guys enjoy my posts. Blogging has been such a fun and rewarding experience for me, and by far the best part has been meeting all of the amazing people in the blogging community! 🙂 I’d like to give a huge thank you to Lainey, Sassafras, LorenAllisonTess, Samantha, K.A., SuzyJaclynn, Savannah, Hayley, and Megan, who were some of my very first followers and are all such friendly and amazing people! Annie, Emma, Sarah Beth, Jo, Anna, and Faye are some of my most recent followers – thanks so much…

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