Hee-heee heee-eeeee ha! :P Hacked!

Ha! This is fun!

I know, right?

Wait, how are these people gonna know which one’s you and which one’s me?

Uh….. good question… how about I’ll be in italics, and you’ll be in bold? 

hm.. sounds good, but we should probably let these readers know who we are, since… *gulps* this isn’t our blog. 

Oh, yeah, right. Ok then. Hey everybody! *waves* In case you don’t know who we are, we’re definitely not Jo, the girl whose blog this is… she’s currently in a locked room with no windows, trying to get out. 

You shouldn’t have said that, Zeke, now everyone will think we’re serial kidnappers.

Nah! She’ll be fine, I’m sure. *yells* Hey Jo, you ok in there? Hey, Jake, type down what she says, will ya?

“Let me out, you morons, or I’ll break this door down if it’s the last thing I do!” Yeesh, Zeke, she sounds angry. 

Probably cause that’s the last of the pizza. I wouldn’t worry too much. Anyway, yeah if you’re wondering where Jo is, she’s there! 

And we are.. hehehe.. her awesome characters, of course. 

Ha, villians, more like!” Yeesh, Jo, have appreciation for us. We’re pretty decent people!

Ok, ok, Zeke. We need to formally introduce ourselves to the world. 

Huh, ok. Well, hi everyone. If you have been reading this until now, I’m Zeke.

And I’m Jake. I guess I’ll have to explain why we’re the ones posting this and not Jo, since Zeke is about as easy to understand as all those extra emojis. 

Excuse me???? I am-

Well, we’ve seen Jo blog for a while now. For, em, maybe since she started this blog. And Zeke-

I’m telling this part, Jake, like it or not!

*sighs* Go ahead. 

Awesome! So, we wanted to try out this blog thing too,  but Jo was so negative about the whole idea. “You’re characters in a book, guys. Not even the main one. Don’t. touch. my. blog.” she said. Which left us out for…. a long time. Finally 15 minutes ago we were able to lure Jo into a lovely trap we got, we simply put pizza into a room and locked the door! It was probably a good thing we hacked her laptop when we did, seeing that this thing has.. 70 followers! Wow! 

“If I lose a follower to your weird, crazy, grating, annoying self, I am writing you out of They Called It A Mystery and making Gale an only child!” Zeke… she’s getting mad.. 

The door’s locked, Jake! What could she do?

Maybe kick the door open and kill us…

Ugh, lighten up already, Mr. Pessimist.

Why should I? There’s so much bad stuff in the world. 

Not again! Look, what does this have to do with our blog post? 

We technically shouldn’t even be making a blog post on another person’s blog!

Bleah, I’m sure Jo doesn’t mind. Right- yikes! That wouldn’t be the sound of a door being broken, would it?

Uh huh! Uh huh! Ahhh!!! 

Hello, Zeke. *cracks knuckles*

Uh, he, hi Jo. Didn’t think you could get out of that..

You do realize that room had tools, right? Hammer, nails, saws? For cutting wood?

Oh-he, bye everyone! If you will please excuse us while Jo discards her metal baseball bat. 

I told you this was a dumb idea! Why did we do it in the first place??? Yikes!

It was fun while it lasted! Ahhh we gotta get out before Jo whacks us-already did! Byeeeeeee 

Hopefully we’ll still stay in our book…



Bwahahaha- You Have Entered My Works In Progress- BEWARE!!!!!


Before I begin, I would like to say that under no circumstances whatsoever is anyone allowed to use any of my ideas. That’s a lovely thing called plagiarism. Also known as stealing. If you want to steal ideas and stories that took me YEARS to make up, go right ahead! At your risk, however. *glares threateningly*

Oh! Hi there!

Now, if you just read that warm and welcoming introduction, you probably know that I’m gonna be talking about my stories. Also sharing pictures just cause.


My bell pepper plants started flowering! proud micro gardener right here. 

My stories.. oh, my whole brain is filled with them. Ever since I was… a lot younger than I am now, I’ve always played out scenes and met characters in my head and traveled to different worlds.

It’s only been early this year that I finally decided to actually write them.

Thus Camp NaNo.

Correction: Thus the awesome, wonderful idea that pushes you to write more than you have before.

Currently, motivation to write is coming in.. slowly. So, hopefully, I can kick start it by talking about my stories, what made me motivated to write in the first place. So here goes!


Sparklers.. cause hopefully a spark of inspiration will come to me..

They Called It A Mystery

All budding photographer Gale Durnham wants is for her soldier father to come home to their one- horse small town life. But when three strangers come in, Gale must find out why- or else her father won’t have a town to go home to.

This was my first actually drafted novel, and one of my favorites, despite the fact that this was written completely pantsing. No plot, no outline, nadda, zilch.

Which may have been why I wrote in characters I’m too scared of and crazy ideas and now it’ll be years before I touch it again. It worked in April, my first Camp NaNo, but now? XD You want a snippet? I’m sure you do.

At last, I reached the corner booth. Danielle was still absorbed in Pride And Prejudice, but the men were intently studying a large map spread on the table and muttering some thing about-

None of your business, Durnham! I scolded myself. Plastering a smile on my face, I interrupted their– greeted them again.

Well, here are your orders. One Morning Glory Special and two plates of pancakes with hash browns.” “Thank you,” Andrew said, slightly agitated.

Like it was my fault I kept interrupting his oh-so important business. This is a diner, after all.

Danielle closed the novel and dug in. Andrew did likewise. But the man with the scar was slow to pick up his fork, and before I turned to leave, he asked me, “Have we met before?”

I stopped, startled. Looking straight at his scarred face I told him, “No, I wouldn’t count on it. Have a good day.” I smiled and left. That sense that was bugging me since I took their order came back, and I was left confused.

I came home tired, and mystified at how that man seemed to recognize me. I certainly never met him in my life. I went up to my room, grabbed my camera, and began scrolling through the pictures I took at Pine Hill. I stopped to look at a landscape shot I took. I could clearly see three human shapes in the picture. Could it be the strangers at the diner? I thought.

Turning off my camera, I shook the thought from my head and went to sleep.

Chapter 4

It was a few weeks from that day when my story continued.

This was probably my most favorite, since I drew so many things from real life into this story, and I was free to add whatever I wanted. *pats story affectionally* I’ll get back to it someday.


May I introduce Machu, a tame hedgehog? He’s a pet of my friend’s. A charming little fellow, I must say!


In the Illid, a country attempting to remove any ideas of God, the Penners, Christians, must find a way to escape the land and get past the giant wall. But will Dareine’s best friend Solidan, a trained secret agent to hunt down all Christians, get in the way?

My current work of art- I mean, in progress. This story has been in my mind for maybe 3 years now, and it’s only now that I’m putting it to words.

After the dreadful happenings to They Called It A Mystery, I PREPARED for this one. Every free template from Evernote, every article I could get my hands on, on worldbuilding, characters, the whole 9 yards plus a foot.

So why am I stuck?

Maybe it’s because the more I read it, the worse it looks. Maybe it’s because I haven’t got any feedback. Or maybe (and most likely) I need to JUST DO IT.

Very motivational Jo. Why thank you. *bows* Let’s put up a snippet shall we?

The sky looked as threatening as the thunder sounded. A chill was in the air, sweeping through and settling in. Lightning crackled, giving the 20 foot wall an intimidating look.

Then again, it was intimidating enough without the lightning.

People hurried home through the pouring rain, dodging the falling drops of water. Water was sprayed from speeding cars, drenching whoever was in its wake.

Through it all, Jakob Penner slowly made his way home. Work for the government was no easy task, especially if staying late was required of him. But Illid needed the work, and Jakob Penner needed the money. Jakob took a glance at the huge white office building where he was employed. It stood like a beacon, of, well, everything Illid stood for.

What they stood for was so different from what he did.

It was a long walk from the office building to home, for a car was out of the question. The rain was merciless on those whom it fell on, and Jakob’s coat, durable though it was, could not stop him from shivering in the cold. As he walked the lone streets, a light shone brightly despite the others. It was the light from Jakob’s home. With a smile on his face, he hurried up the porch. Shivering, he went in.

Instantly, Jakob was refreshed by the warmth of the Penner household. And by the sounds of a loudly humming lady banging on what sounded like a pot. With a grin on his face, Jakob peeked into the kitchen.

“I’m home, Esther.” he said gratefully.

Esther didn’t hear him, unfortunately. Her earbuds were playing on full blast as she hummed and stirred something in a pot, blissfully unaware that her tired wet husband was home from work.

Jakob stepped into the kitchen and gave his wife a hug. Quickly, the hum turned into a shriek as Esther ripped her earphones out and, in self defense, whacked the poor man with her sauce-covered spoon.

“What in the world- oh! Jakob! Ayayai!” She exclaimed, setting her spoon down and giving the slightly shocked Jakob a hug. “You should’ve warned me!” Esther scolded, stuffing her earphones into a pocket.

“And spoil the singing?” Jakob retorted.

“Humming, dear one. Very different.” Esther corrected, going back to her sauce.

Jakob smiled, then looked around contentedly at the small place they called home. It was snug and cozy, though terribly cold in winter, and terribly hot in summer. Books lined the shelves and were scattered on the floor. A little table, one clearly meant for a child, was covered with drawings. Which reminded Jakob that something was missing.

“It’s unusually quiet here.” Jakob commented. Esther gave him a look.

“If you’re wondering about our kids, they’re here alright. It won’t stay quiet for long.” Esther jokingly warned, then raised her voice louder. “Phil! Callie! Your father’s here!” The announcement probably wasn’t necessary, for the moment she uttered the words a loud bang sounded, startling the parents. The sound of pattering feet echoed through the house as booms banged each step on the small flight of stairs.

“Dad! Daddy! Hi! You’re back!” A pair of little voices chirped as two children ran to their father, who received them with wide open arms. “Ah, I’ve missed you both so much!” Jakob said, holding them close.

“But Daddy, you only were gone for the day. How could you miss us?” Callie, a happy six- year-old asked, puzzled. Phil groaned.

“You’ll get it when you’re older, Cal.” Phil said with a slight superiority. Jakob shook his head at them both.

“Well, hon, Phil’s right in a way.” Jakob said gently. Callie frowned.

“I never get to be right.” she pouted. Phil started to laugh, but stopped at a stern look from his father.

“Uh, well, maybe one day you will.” Mr. Penner comforted. “Phil, have you seen Dareine?” he asked. Phil shook his head. “Nope. She had a study hall and stayed after school.”

“I see.” Jakob said. He glanced at Esther, whose eyes mirrored the slight fear that was in his own. “She’ll be fine, Jakob. We can call her at anytime.” Esther spoke reassuringly. Jakob nodded, and as he turned his attention back to the two, he prayed. “Please, God, bring Dareine home safe.”

Outside, the rain hit the roofs, the thunder sounded, and the wall loomed over Illid.


Jo, that was a chapter, not a snippet. *facepalms* Oops! Hope you don’t mind, everyone. Hehe, don’t worry, this will be heavily edited later on.. like after July.

Last one, y’all! Please bear with me!



And now I present another long group of flower photography.. you’re welcome. XD

Remember Me

Ten outta ten, I’ll be changing this title. For now though, this is something to look forward to after a while.

Remember Me is the story of a young girl, who is struggling to help her family out and doing, what she loves the most, wondering if she can do both without hindering either of them.

And the reason why that was so short was because I just thought of it a few days ago. *facepalms* But I did write some for it- of course you’d like to see?

Rachel walked home in the pouring rain, in her coffee shop uniform and hoodie, carrying large bags of groceries. Her thrift store sneakers weren’t waterproof, but at this point, it didn’t matter. She crossed the large bridge over the highway, stopping halfway to glance down at the traffic below.


And that’s the gist of it! Phew, that was a long chunk. And that’s what’s been in my mind for a while. The day I actually write them all out will be a long time coming, but hopefully it will be a literal day.

Life however, hasn’t exactly given that day yet- maybe thanks to writer’s block. We’re doing a paint job, for one.


And- oh, there’s things here and there. 🙂


So to sum up, there are so much stories on my mind, my DSLR is lovely, it’s hot outside, I’m stuck with writer’s block, and Enni, Tess, and I are running for Queen Of the World. I beg you people, please do not pick Enni! Contrary to popular opinion, I actually am sane, half of the time. And I work hard, sometimes. And I’m just downright honest! 😉

Well, if you’ll excuse me, I must go burn the midnight oil and write some more. See ya!

It Started With A Bang

Hello world. I am dying.

Of writer’s block, for one. And of laughter.

It’s only been 4 days and already this month has been so rich.


 My bell peppers are showing signs of fruit!

July the first was the start of one of the funnest, stress-giving ideas ever conceived: Camp NaNoWriMo.

Lemme just say the girls in my cabin are awesome, and wacky, and it is great.

I forgot just who I wordsprinted with. I know I stayed up late and laughed and laughed some more. I also ate a teaspoon of bacon crumbles. Watched the fireworks.


 Some bad pictures of the fireworks. 

July the second: The air conditioning died. And I died, of pushing around writer’s block.  So I gave it up for a few hours and helped my sister with the dreaded.. summer cleaning.

Actually, even that wasn’t too bad, because I found this book of speeches from the 1900s and they were so old, and ancient, and I found I can pull off a British accent. My sister and I died laughing. We also have boxes of old notebooks from back when I was in kindergarden. I did not have very good grammar back then.


For some reason, I thought this angle was interesting.

And I burned the midnight oil wordsprinting. Again. That helped plenty! And also met a very cool character- whom I’m not allowed to talk about, says the author. Very well. And the fireworks were beautiful.

July the third- Summer cleaning is equivalent to torture!! Pained torture!! We had boxes and boxes of junk, books (not junk), and old videotapes from when I was one. I was one a long time ago. Goodbye, Bambi!


Pictures of flowers because they’re much nicer than boxes. XD

Spent time in the cabin with Tess and Enni, and we were….. well…. Staying up til 12 writing can do things to you. XD Enni, you are the queen of wordsprinting, and ain’t nobody gonna take that away from you!

Exchanged wild comments and tantalizing snippets, and argued over another character. *facepalm*

July the 4th: Happy Independence day, y’all!

We’re almost out of bacon crumbles.

Summer cleaning has reached maximum pressure.

Wordsprinted with Liz and Enni,  and Enni just blew us away, again.


Also did I mention I died of laughter? I did- again.

Probably the best thing of the month (so far) is being able to connect with people. My family, crazy cabinmates, connecting with them has really been a huge highlight for me/

And that’s a recap of life! Just so you know that I’m alive. XD If you need me, I’ll be typing furiously at my laptop, throwing out ancient toys, or wordsprinting with Enni and losing. See ya!

Don’t worry! I’ll be around.. *chuckles ominously*


Yippee-Kai-Yay-Hoo It Is JULY!!!

It’s July. It’s July. IT’S JULY!!!!!!!!!!


Where does the time go, people??? I need more of it!


-been in the air

-spent time with loved ones

-upgraded these lens

– watching my bell pepper plants grow!


-worked on a lil’ prank (that was successful)

I’ve even got to do some graphic design for different people!

-My constant posting paid off: The Ladybugs won Starling’s HARPs! Yaasss!!!

There have been so many thing, little blessings, little trials, a whopper of homework, and overall, life has gone by in a blink of an eye.

Through all of this month, from the first day to the coming last, God has been so good.


And now, WE GET A NEW MONTH!!!!! WHO-HOOO!!!!! Summer has finally come! In my opinion, it’s too hot, but hey, who am I to complain? Less school!! And yes, that’s less, because 1. I’m homeschooled and 2. taking advanced courses. So I’ll still have school, but less of it. It’s a win!


Plus, this wonderful stress-giver known as Camp NaNo is going to start in less than a day! Being in the same cabin with some other great bloggers and writers is already a ton of fun. Which proves the age old truth: it is better to stress over a deadline with a friend, then to stress over a deadline by yourself.


Ok, it’s not age old, but still pretty accurate, am I right? 🙂

Anyhoo, I thought I might recommend some favorites from this month, so if you’d like to stick around, keep scrolling!

Favorite Song:

Here Be Lion’s Only A Holy God.

Who else commands all the hosts of heaven?
Who else could make every king bow down?
Who else can whisper and darkness trembles?
Only a holy God

What other beauty demands such praises?
What other splendor outshines the sun?
What other majesty rules with justice?
Only a holy God

Come and behold Him
The One and the only
Cry out, sing Holy
Forever a holy God
Come and worship the holy God 

Any words I would have for this would only make it less.

There are also Owl City’s Not All Heroes Wear Capes, and 5th Of July, but they don’t really compare to this.

Favorite Book:

The End Of The Spear, by Steve Saint

Image result for End of the Spear Online

Again, what words do you have for this book? The true story of what happened after the killing of the five missionaries in the Amazon jungles of Ecuador by Waodani warriors is amazing. Not just because of the brave men who gave their lives for Christ, though very much so; but also because of how those same warriors turned to Christ, and how Steve Saint, whose father Nate Saint was among those killed, grew up loving the very same ones who killed his father. Only God could make that possible.

My words don’t do it justice, no matter what I say. If you can, go read this book- and be blessed because of its story.

Favorite Bible Verse:

Well, you see, the whole Bible is my favorite! It’s hard to just pick just one. But I will give out one for this month!

Image result for james 1 17

Bible Bee has been a real blessing.


Looking back over the month, it’s pretty surreal to think that just like that, the year is halfway over. Life is moving at a faster rate then we can register. So this month, let’s make the most of it.

Thanks for reading! Have a happy National Camera Day! (I think that’s a thing.)




Dear You

Dear you,

Yes, you. The intense photographer, the writer, the blogger. The one who wants to take that picture, write that story, publish that post.

But you got family to spend time with. Or friends. Or both. So you try to bring your laptop or camera along, hoping some inspiration will come your way, anyway. And voila! Inspiration comes!

Or you find out that you left your memory card inside your laptop, you left your memory stick in your laptop, you left your laptop on your desk, and you left your desk in your room.

And it’s pretty much a loss. Why even bring your camera if you don’t have the memory card? Or your laptop if your document’s on a different memory stick? Or if there’s no internet?

Meanwhile, you got people waiting who want to connect with you, want to catch up with you, want to know how you’re doing.

Piece of advice. Don’t cry over leaving your important laptop/memory card/ internet/whatever home. (Yeah, I know it was spilled milk, but oh well.) Spend time with those who are important, people.

There will be another sunset to take a picture of, there will be another hour devoted to word sprinting, there will be time to put that post up. But you’re not gonna always have your family and friends around.

And when do you get to take that picture, write that story, publish that post, it will mean more because in doing, you didn’t shut people out. We tend to do that sometimes. It’s not a missed opportunity if you’re spending time with those you love. 

We draw inspiration from life, from those around us. Not if we tune them out. Remember that.



P.S. 4 days til Camp NaNo, my friends. 4 days! Start strong, and end strong. But remember who, and Who, is most important.

Also, if you’re wondering how I’m able to get so much posts in, this is scheduled. XD



Scribble Scrabble (And here I have no clue how many scribble scrabbles I have done; this whole blog is a Scribble Scrabble)

I believe I’ve just won the award for the longest title. XD Greetings everyone! Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend, and will have a lovely week. So without further ado, I present to you… Scribble Scrabble!


Ladies & gentlemen, we done hit 51 followers right here!

Just wanted to thank you all for 51 followers! 😀 I didn’t think so many people would be interested in peering at life through these lens, and all of you have proved me wrong. Thanks so much for dealing with this crazy uncoherent mess. XD

We have a very special guest right here.. Charles!!!

Who in the world is Charles??
Good question. If you remember, Charles was a good friend of mine. Charles is also..


A cello!

Yep, we have a cello now, for rent for a little while. And yes, my sister and I named ‘im Charles. A good instrument should have a name, right?


So far, Charles seems to be happy in his new temporary home. Not like I can ask him or anything..


My sister has wanted to play the cello for a while now,  and got to rent one. And now you have been formally introduced to Charles.


Random Photography That Has No Other Place Than In Scribble Scrabble.

In which you view photography that has no other place in this blog.


These wittle little leaves look like succulents, but they’re just weeds growing through the cracks in the sidewalk. 🙂


Julie and Tom, my bell pepper plants! Yes, I can name them if I want to, I’m growing them, aren’t I?? 😛 They’re doing pretty good!


Some pictures of raindrops hitting the windows, because when it rains, it pours.


Random pictures of a seagull and an airplane.


A lovely sunset yesterday!


Haha, if you see the irony in this picture, good for you.

June is almost over!!

Can you believe it, people? Almost half of the year is gone already! And next month is literally next week! Ahh! So much has happened in just a month: I got to fly, Starling’s HARPs is finished, we got the shock of our lives with.. a certain person. XD Life has certainly flown by, and already it’s gonna be July! Which means Canada Day up here and the 4th of July over there! To both countries, happy-early-day-that-you-became-a-country!!!

Yeah, but the start of July also means…. CAMP NANOWRIMO!!!!

If you’re in Camp, you know what I mean. If you’re not doing Camp, you must surely be wondering “nanowriwhat?

Basically, it’s a month long challenge to see how many words, pages, or hours you can write in a month. Anyway, here (quite literally, I should add) goes nothing!

And you can expect much ranting and worrying over my plot, friends, I’m already pulling out my hair in worry because of big plot holes. July will be a long month.

And now, a short photostory!

She grinned broadly. “It’s been a while since you came, dear.” The old woman sat in her rocking chair, blissfully enjoying the air on her front porch. “It’s not very often I get a visitor, you understand.”

 Her visitor didn’t intend to be a visitor, in fact. All Ann Kelly wanted was to drop off Mrs. Bellis’s glass dish and get out of there. But Mrs. Bellis had a way of making you stay, her pleasant chat, her smile despite the fact she could no longer see. 

“Uh, yeah, m’am.” Ann said politely, scanning her mind for a good excuse, any good excuse to leave. Would the old lady be hurt if she just walked out? Probably, Ann thought resignedly. Mrs. Bellis was unaware of her visitor’s thoughts about her. It was so, so long she had any company at all. 

“You know, you’re mighty quiet. Is there something wrong?” Mrs. Bellis asked. Ann groaned inside. It wasn’t so bad to hang around Mrs. Bellis, but it’s not like Ann didn’t have better things to do. Couldn’t really say that out loud, of course. 

“Ah, it’s nothing.” Ann said evasively. Mrs. Bellis reached out for Ann’s hand.

“I have just the thing to cheer you up, young lady!” she said gaily as she sprang up and walked into the house.

“Oh? Uh, Mrs. Bellis? Are you ok? Do you need help?” started Ann, slightly surprised at the ease at which the blind old lady nimbly moved throughout her house. 

“Quite fine, darling. I may be blind, but I can take care of myself!” Mrs. Bellis called out. Ouch, Ann thought to herself. Maybe Mrs. Bellis couldn’t see, but she was as fit as-

“Here it is, Ann!” Mrs. Bellis cried as she walked back out. 


A fiddle. 

“Oh, cool!” Ann said, trying to muster up some excitement. Mrs. Bellis beamed. “I play it all the time,” she proudly informed Ann. 

“Wait, what? How?” How could a blind person play the violin?


“I knew you would be surprised. Well, you watch and learn!” Mrs. Bellis declared with a gleam in her eye. Then, raising her bow, she jumped into a lively version of “Ole Dan Tucker”, very much to Ann’s amazement. Ann couldn’t believe that such skill could come from a blind person, of  all people.  Mrs. Bellis knew just where to put her fingers at just the right time, which was hard even for a person with two good eyes.

“Wow.” Ann said in sincere amazement when Mrs. Bellis had finished. “How in the world did you do that?” she asked. Mrs. Bellis sat back down and loosened her bow. “Oh, years and years of practice, child. plus these felt pieces of tape.” She rubbed her fingers over the neck of the violin. “I could see at one point, Ann. I was a very skilled fiddler back then. Even joined a band.” 

“You did not!” Ann said in  disbelief. 

“Did too. That’s even where I met my future husband!” Mrs. Bellis confided, then laughed at Ann’s shocked silence. “You’re surprised, I can tell.” The old lady set her chair to rocking. “Oh, I had tons of fun, Ann, back when I had eyes. When that car came crashing into ours, it was a very, very sad time.” Mrs. Bellis shuddered at the memory. “But that ain’t a thing to grieve over, and I just thank God for the memories and trust Him to make sure I don’t bump into anything!” 

The girls, one young and one very old, laughed heartily. And that, dear readers, was how Ann came to know the old lady known as Mrs. Bellis.


Huh, that was longer than I figured. Well, if you made it this far, I must assume you read the story, and thus, thank you very much! *shakes hand*

As always, thanks for reading! And know that I’ll be weirder than usual once July hits.. blame Camp NaNo for that. Bye!




I’ve Been Tagged!

IHey everyone! Greetings and Salutations!

Your favorite, quirky amateur photographer has been tagged! By a lot of people. I’m really sorry I wasn’t able to do all of them in separate posts, but HARPs is finished so I can take my time with the tags.

I better start hustling, then.

First up we have The 3 Days, 3 Quotes Tag, which the great Liz tagged me for.



1. Thank the person who nominated you. Thanks Liz!
2. Post a quote for 3 consecutive days (1 quote for each day, can be a super short post).
3. Nominate three new bloggers each day.

See the source image

The Wingfeather Saga


Hallelujah To The King of Kings!!

And I’ll just drop by and add another one that’s been on my mind for a while.

Be kind to yourself.jpg







Gaby, over at quaint and darling, nominated me for the Aesthetic Tag.

Disclaimer: Just because the quotes are here doesn’t mean I support them, ok? Some things may sound good, but when you really think about it, it’s wrong or just fluff. So, please keep that in mind, kay? 🙂

The characters:


Tiana ( The Princess & The Frog)

Black Widow

Black Widow (Marvel Avengers)

The Incredibles

The Incredibles (Pixar)


Voila! Le aesthetics! Hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading! Man, that was short.

An Update

Hey y’all! How are you this lovely day?

I know I haven’t had much of a schedule, but then again, this is a random post from a random blog. Schedules are not too well followed here. As you well know, we received the shock of our lives yesterday and spent a good hour pretty shaken up, so we must try to recover! We must.. somehow.

Anyway, I think I have just the thing!

Which is.. yeah, just an update.

One of those updates is….


After a long time of waiting, saving, researching, evaluating, and some more waiting, I got a DSLR!!!!!!

It’s a HUGE step up from our old point and shoot camera, and works beautifully! Come have a lookee at some of the pictures!!


The DLSR I got was a Nikon, and for someone who loves photography but has zero knowledge of the terms and clinical sounding stuff, it’s so easy to use! I do confess though, that most of what I know to do is on ‘Guide Mode”.  I’m getting there!


These were taken with the special effects on the DSLR. They’re so good I didn’t need to edit!


I should probably explain the shell thingy. (That can’t be what it’s called!) I was given that on my trip to Texas, and apparently, it’s a real shell! It’s especially handy for carrying around gum and candy on the go. 😉


Also really random thought, has anyone noticed how much time we spend online? I know, I’m one to talk, but we probably shouldn’t spend so much time on our screens as we do. Pinterest especially is a time killer! Useful, but still a time killer. We probably skip out on family, homework, and even sadly, our time with God, and that should not be.

Am I saying we should never use an electronic device again? Never log into WordPress? Never- gasp! – Check AIO wiki??

NO!!!! What if you’re an online student?!? Or a writer or run a business blog? You have to use the internet! Pay attention!

It’s about balance. If you’re spending too much time online, get offline.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: get of your screens and go spend time outside in the fresh air! I.E. REAL LIFE!!

Trust me, you’ll enjoy the change of scenery! Now, to write for Camp NaNo outside, that we should do too.

And if you find that you’re skipping out on reading God’s Word, you need to get back to His Word.

No questions.

Blog or no blog.

That should be your priority.

That should be my priority. God must come first before anything else, especially before the internet. Because really? You won’t die if there is no internet.  😉

Rant’s done!



Since this is a Scribble Scrabble, I guess it would be alright to do a tag or two.  Brad nominated me for the Favorite Childhood Movies Tag. This should be interesting.

My Favorite Childhood Movies (in no particular order)

#1 – How To Train Your Dragon

I love this series a LOT! This is one of the few instances where I truly believe that the movie is better than the book. Come on, Vikings, dragons, adventure, inventions?! Are you not excited yet?

Also, if you know what I’m talking about, spoilers for the third movie: apparently there is a white Night Fury, the bad guy from the second movie is coming back, and Hiccup gets dramatically older. I can’t wait for this!

#2 – To Kill A Mockingbird

Ok, this is another of those rare instances where the movie almost equaled the book. I first watched it when I was.. 8? and I still watch it now. It’s a hard hitting movie that makes you stop and think- and so it should.


#3 – The Chronicles Of Narnia

No surprise here. I love Narnia! When I was little, one of the things we’d do on Friday nights was watch Narnia. We’d boo whenever Edmund came on (before he turned good, of course), cheer for Aslan, and just full on hated the White Witch. I remember wanting to be Lucy at one point. Needless to say Eustace was pitiful when we first met him.

#4 – Brave

This is definitely in my list of favorite movies. While I don’t agree that we should find out our fate (or whatever it was) or try to change fate by *coughs forcefully* witches, I do love the adventure, plot, the parent- and- child- coming- to- listen- to -each- other arc, and the fact that Merida can scale a mountain, go fishing, fight a bear, and win an archery tournament in a dress.  Goals! Plus, Scotland got on my list of places to see.

#5 – Sound Of Music

Hands down, one of the best movies and one of my most favorite childhood movies. I could sing to almost  every song in there. This was one of the best originals, and go watch it. That’s all I have to say.


And here I tag….. ugh.. the names don’t come to mind, I’m afraid. You’re welcome to do the tag if you want to!



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I could go on, but this show gotta end sometime! Hope you’ve enjoyed looking at life through these (updated) lens!

Thanks for reading!



After A Long And Most Interesting Week, Yours Truly Is Back!

Hey y’all! Greetings and salutations! I have returned! *blows trumpets and beats drums at the same time* Missed me? 🙂 The past days of my hiatus were filled with, well, stuff to do, so if you’re interested, keep reading!


Where do I start?

The early days of the week were all on my novel prep. If you didn’t know, writing is something I would like  to do professionally… one day… someday. And camp NaNo in July is something I really, really am looking forward to. That being said, I underestimated the amount of work one has to put into writing a novel, and well— I crammed. Rebekah’s post here really helped, and a lot of copying and pasting was done. And a lot of chocolate was consumed. And late nights spent. And some ranting about characters happened. Yes, good times.

I really enjoyed all the novel planning on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but Saturday was the best day of the week.


The weekend,  especially Saturday, was probably the busiest days of the entire year so far, because I and my family got to fly out and see family.  It was hectic. Whatever you do, don’t fly to a place one day and leave the next! The view was beautiful, though.



It was a little cloudy, but as the flight progressed, the sky turned a brilliant blue.


Moral of the story: Try to get a window seat when flying!

Anyway, the reason why Saturday meant so much to me was because I got to see pretty much all of my family.

The thing about my family is that we are scattered on the face of the earth. Well, kinda. It’s not easy to see each other often, and any chance we get is one to take.


I think that it was all worth it. I got to hold my cousins’ adorable babies, catch up with even more cousins (one of whom said blogging was boring, hmph! This is also the cousin I argue with a lot, so not much surprise there), talk with my uncles and aunts, and even use my cousin’s DSLR!! It was the best camera I ever held!


Anyway, the other thing about my family is that we’re so close, yet so far away. Family is where I’m home. Where I can laugh. Who I pray for and who prays for me. And I am so grateful to God for giving me: uncles who will beg me to visit them, aunts who will ask how I’m doing, cousins who will say goodnight for the upteenth time and make lame jokes and compare height differences, but also pray with and for me, a sister who will make me straighten up, brothers to tease, parents who care and provide, and the stories and legacy of my grandparents. This is my family, and this is what Saturday was for me. Besides staying up late, checking in, flying, landing, driving, and donuts, of course. Don’t ask about the donuts.


Aw no! This was a picture of horses, but I couldn’t keep up with the car! *sniff sniff*


Ah! Chikfila! That was a highlight of the 5 hour long drive from the airport, for sure. But no, that’s not the sweet tea. Ugh, too sweet.

So, that was my week in a nutshell, and while I wish I could’ve spent more time with my family, I am glad to be back, and ready to write and study and eat ice cream! (boy, that was random.)   I haven’t forgotten the great bloggers who tagged me! I’ll be sure to finish some of the tags. Soon.

Well, now, the time has come for me to bid adieu, because we have some summer cleaning to do. Thanks for reading!