And Yet Another Pictures Of The Day

Good evening y'all! Happy almost Friday! Here we have a photography post, where I will take all the pictures I haven't put up here and put them up here!   By the way, this will also be a Scribble Scrabble post, because there are so many things that should be posted but are too small … Continue reading And Yet Another Pictures Of The Day


When You’re About To Give Up

It's Monday. Another week of school begins. Another hard, tiring wrestle with projects,  another week's worth of blank stares at the screen begins. So, without further ado...   Y'all definitely remember when I was trying to start a garden right? It was a beautiful sunny day. I had such big hopes, and was so proud … Continue reading When You’re About To Give Up

Digital Pieces of Inspiration

It’s Friday, everyone! Who-oooo! 🙂 In celebration of this great day, the end of the week, I have complied for you what I like to call digital pieces of inspiration. You see, I have discovered a fascinating software to produce what you will now see. Shall we begin?   This is from Isaiah 1:18. What … Continue reading Digital Pieces of Inspiration

On The Unique Characteristics Of Those Known As Siblings. (Oh brother..)

Hey y’all! Happy Wednesday to ya. Apparently yesterday was National Siblings Day. So that would make today the day after, right? Oops. I’m late. Again! Hopefully it isn’t too late, because Siblings is my topic for today!   Siblings. Sometimes they’re alright. And sometimes they drive you crazy! And sometimes because you drive them crazy! … Continue reading On The Unique Characteristics Of Those Known As Siblings. (Oh brother..)

Life: An Update (Once More)

Folks, friends, countrymen, this week has been a blustery, windy week-- weather-wise, of course.  Here we go! April 4, so far, was the windiest day of the year. Trees were swaying, lampposts were shaking, signs were knocked down. The wind was whistling past the windows, throughout the street, and practically everywhere.   Hm, what else … Continue reading Life: An Update (Once More)