And Yet Another Pictures Of The Day

Good evening y’all! Happy almost Friday!

Here we have a photography post, where I will take all the pictures I haven’t put up here and put them up here!   By the way, this will also be a Scribble Scrabble post, because there are so many things that should be posted but are too small to be individually posted.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, I changed the theme again. I know, you’re probably yelling at me, “Quit switching all the time!”

Well, I’m still trying to find what works for me, ok?

So, here are some pictures I just took today!



This steeple has been around for longer than I have!

I wish you could all be here to see all this green! After months of dry, brittle brown grass, finally, this beautiful shade of green comes up. Winter will always be my favorite season, but I love not having to wear a bulky coat anymore! Hope you’re enjoying the weather wherever you are!




What else? Hm, well, here is a snippet from my WIP (Work In Progress)! (This is not a picture, but I still hope you enjoy!)

 ” “You know, if they do show up, that means they completely disregarded my talk about trespassing.” he noted. “What about us?” I mischievously asked Mr. Horace. “We must do what’s necessary to prevent possible danger.” he said as solemnly as he could, popping some popcorn into his mouth.

What’s happening? Why? Sorry, you can’t find out! The novel, however is going quite nicely. *rabbit trails* To you who are doing Camp NaNo, don’t stress! We can do it! To the rest of us who aren’t doing Camp NaNo, we can still do it! *ends rabbit trail*

Moving on!

Here is a picture of night driving gone wrong. The picture, that is, not the night driving. The camera shook just when it took the picture and led to this atrocity. Somehow, it looked pretty interesting, so I kept it.


Anyway, on to much normal kinds of pictures. These were taken on a walk a while ago. Lovely goose.





The swan kept moving, making this picture hard to take.




Last night, very late, my entire neighborhood had a blackout. All electricity was shut off for all of 15 minutes.


It was pretty scary, but also fun at the same time! Glad to say the lights are back up, though.

And to close off here is a digital piece of inspiration! Or was it piece of digital inspiration? Anyway, here it is!


We Plant And We Water

Now, if you don’t mind, I got some wordsprinting to do.

Thanks for reading!


When You’re About To Give Up

It’s Monday. Another week of school begins. Another hard, tiring wrestle with projects,  another week’s worth of blank stares at the screen begins.

So, without further ado…


Y’all definitely remember when I was trying to start a garden right?

It was a beautiful sunny day. I had such big hopes, and was so proud that I would soon eat food I grew!



And guess what happened? There was an ice storm.


An ice storm. In April!

My hopes were dashed to the frozen ground. There was just no chance that my bell peppers would ever grow. No way. Not after this.

So I scrapped the whole she-bang and threw the seeds in an old dirt filled pot. And I forgot about it for weeks.

Well, today, I looked out of the window, leaned on the windowsill, and glanced at that old pot. Then I did a double take.

Because in that old pot was…


A seedling! An actual, veritable seedling had really grown!


Sometimes, life can be like that. Nothing is happening. No growth is taking place. You really can’t understand geometry. You take that time to reach out, but nobody responds. You just don’t know what you will do with that plot you’ve been working on for ages. It’s frustrating! You want to quit. You want to give up.

Well, I can honestly tell you that you never know what can happen if you don’t give up! Seeds can sprout, geometry can be understood (surprisingly!), someone can be influenced by what you do. God can use you to do great things for Him. But it starts with the little things. And by not giving up.

So, if you’re desperately trying to finish because of Camp NaNo, you can do it! And even if you aren’t doing Camp, you can still do it! Don’t give up!

I hope my don’t-give-up rant has encouraged you all.

Thanks for reading.

A Very Boring Scribble Scrabble/Life Update

Welcome to Scribble Scrabble/Life Update, where I will type anything that pops into my head! (Well, not literally, of course, that wouldn’t go well!) Only this time, it’s pretty boring.

“Another Scribble Scrabble?” you say. “You did that last time.”

Well, life has been busy. So, stick with me, ok?



Say no more! It’s the weekend!

And I, for one, am really glad it is the weekend, because despite popular opinion that home schoolers do nothing, we actually do have a lot on our proverbial plates. The week’s been mostly tests, tests, quiz, tests. Hand in paper, hand out test.

School may make you learn things, but it also takes a big chunk of time. So I was pleasantly surprised when I found I had room to..




Writing is becoming fast a friend. Thanks to Literature, and all the reading I get to do, and all the plots, themes, characters, and dialogue thrown my way, I decided to do something crazy.

I decided to write a novel.

I believe that God has given us great gifts- imagination and creativity. We can ignore them and let our gifts shrivel up, or we can use them to create poems and stories and books!

With that in mind, I opened my laptop and typed in Chapter One.

Then slowly, the plot grew. Then the characters.

Then I had writer’s block.

Coincidentally, it was also April Camp NaNo. (Funny how it works out, huh?)  While I’m not in camp, I did plan to at least work out more of the plot. Did I?


Ahh! It’s not easy, but it sure is fun! Many thanks to Rebekah for sprinting with me, and Mom for being my alpha reader! Also, if you’re interested in reading a portion of my WIP (Work In Progress) I did put the first chapter here!


This is more of a question, but how do you save on storage space? I have way too many pictures, but obviously I can’t just delete them. Any tips/ advice is greatly appreciated! Comment below!



One of the quirks of being into photography is that you always want to be with your camera wherever you go. Whether it’s a walk in the park or a drive in the car, you have to take a picture of it. And when you leave your camera behind..

*bursts into loud, heartbreaking sobs*

But.. lately my camera’s been close at hand, mostly because I’m always using it, and also because of Hannah’s Springing Into Life Photography Challenge! Go Team Leaf! (If you can’t tell I’m really excited for this!)

Moving on! Some recent pictures:

We went to a birthday party today, and while most everyone were playing these party games, I was taking pictures.


They had the most fascinating kind of desserts.

(It was Minnie Mouse themed, so….)

Heading home I caught these very pretty contrails. Not the black dot, though. That’s actually a helium filled balloon I released. It’s pretty fun! 🙂


And on that note, I shall leave you to enjoy your evening. See? I told you it would be boring!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a chapter to worry about.

Thanks for reading.

Are you a fan of birthday parties? What’s your favorite subject? Is releasing a helium balloon enjoyable or the opposite?

Scribble Scrabble

Afternoon, y’all. Welcome to the first Scribble Scrabble. *tips cowboy hat*

You might be wondering why I am calling it Scribble Scrabble.

Well, it all started when I was knee high to a grasshopper, and started my day with crayons in my hand. (Not anymore now, though!)

A flash of inspiration came to me one day: why not start my own newspaper? I thought it was a wonderful idea, so with a page ripped from my drawing notebook and all the crayons I had, I scribbled some words here and drew this there.

I was so pleased- my own creation! My brother, however, thought it was scribbling. I, like the good child I am, ignored him and went off to play Scrabble with my dad.

 I lost.

Later, after mourning my loss, I dreamt up the perfect name for my newspaper: Scribble Scrabble!

Naturally, production of my newspaper stopped after the first page. Scribble Scrabble was no more.

But I’m older now. And have a blog. So, Scribble Scrabble is back! Basically pretty much whatever comes to my head will be typed.

Ready? Here goes!

First up: Jo’s Snowy Sunday!

It was early Sunday morning, and the snow was thick and slippery. Could we make it to church safely without getting the car stuck in the snowdrifts?


Aw, piece of cake! However, it really was dangerous, and a few cars somehow managed to get stuck on the highway. Thankfully we made it safe and on time!


Then on the way home ice stuck to the windows and snow on my shoes. I don’t really mind, though. Winter is my favorite season! (Except when I’m planning to join a spring photography contest…)


(Also, if you didn’t notice, the title sounds a lot like Sir Buddy’s Snowy Day, the next AIO episode! Hee hee!)

Next up!

Abstract Streetlights!

I always thought it would be neat if I could take pictures of streetlights, and here they are! However, if you noticed, they’re a bit abstract.


My blog button!

WordPress Logo

Y’know, it ain’t easy to come by these! Treasure ’em! Many many thanks to Clara from Clara & Co. for making this beautiful clipart and for letting new aspiring bloggers like me use it! Clara, like me, plays the fiddle (different from a violin).

And lastly:

A Word Of Thanks

Y’know, a blog isn’t much without people reading it, and my blog wouldn’t be much without you all reading it! Thank you for your likes, your comments (both short and sweet and long and varied), and your follows! It all puts a smile on my face, and I hope my blog does the same for you.

Thanks for reading.


Digital Pieces of Inspiration

It’s Friday, everyone! Who-oooo! 🙂

In celebration of this great day, the end of the week, I have complied for you what I like to call digital pieces of inspiration. You see, I have discovered a fascinating software to produce what you will now see.

Shall we begin?



This is from Isaiah 1:18. What a wonderful reminder of God’s forgiveness!



This is from Lord Of The Rings! You can find the poem here: LOTR Rant: Books For the Win!






Now, there have been some very excited commenters here on The Lens & The Hard Drive. Very.

To these commenters (and they know who they are, ahem) the last two quotes are for you.



That’s all for today, kids! I hope you have had a lovely week and will have a lovely weekend!

Also, you know what they say about April showers? It’s true. The sky was completely covered in clouds as well.

Thanks for reading.


On The Unique Characteristics Of Those Known As Siblings. (Oh brother..)

Hey y’all! Happy Wednesday to ya.

Apparently yesterday was National Siblings Day. So that would make today the day after, right?


I’m late. Again!

Hopefully it isn’t too late, because Siblings is my topic for today!



Siblings. Sometimes they’re alright. And sometimes they drive you crazy! And sometimes because you drive them crazy! (My brother wholeheartedly agrees with that.)

Siblings mean your older brother can do things you can’t. Siblings mean your side of the car gets smaller. Siblings mean you have to hear the old story of “when I was your age” twice in the day. Siblings mean your slice of pizza gets eaten. And your room sacked. Siblings can be irritating, at times.


But it’s not all that bad! (I guess.) If you have a brother or a sister, you have someone to talk to while washing the dishes. Or you can get them to wash the dishes. You can play Supermario multiplayer. You can play Heart and Soul on the piano. You can make your brother wash the dishes while you play. 😛 You can have help with your homework. (I asked my brother what he liked about siblings and he said, “not being too lonely.”)


Siblings can be there for you in hard times, like Proverbs says. Like when you were 3 and you tripped on the sidewalk. Or at 6 and struggling to tie your shoe. Or not getting picked for the team, or in tears over geometry, or finding that you lost a loved one. Having someone there for you, praying for you, when you aren’t at your best, is great. Because sometimes, siblings can be your true friends.


So, even though National Siblings Day was yesterday, thanking God for your brothers/sisters is something we should all do more often. And so is being kind to them! Say you’re glad for your siblings to your siblings. Call a truce. Sneak up behind them and say boo! (It’s very kind.) Be-

Wait a minute, my brother wants something.

Apparently he wants a turn now. Great.

Thanks for reading.


Life: An Update (Once More)

Folks, friends, countrymen, this week has been a blustery, windy week– weather-wise, of course.  Here we go!

April 4, so far, was the windiest day of the year. Trees were swaying, lampposts were shaking, signs were knocked down. The wind was whistling past the windows, throughout the street, and practically everywhere.


Hm, what else have we? Oh, yes! The proud new owner of the latest Adventures In Odyssey album 64 (me) would like to announce to you all that it’s great! 😀

There’s a lot of things it reveal, my friends, for example, Buck Oliver’s m-


I guess the puppy came out of the bag too soon.


You ‘ll just have to find out then. Tomorrow, hopefully.

My deepest apologies for thickening the suspense.

Moving on!

These were taken on the same day the wind knocked the daylight out. I like taking close-ups of books.


And these were just taken yesterday, on my family’s walk on the trail.


We walked past the birch trees and past the lake.

The ducks quacked and the leaves quaked.


Along this particular trail, there are pieces of playground/exercise equipment scattered here and there. We passed by a set of curl up bars. Much to my disappointment, I didn’t take a picture of that and to more disappointment, struggled to pull myself up. Just you wait til summer comes, ya curl up bar! I’ll best you yet!


The birds were plentiful in the trees and on the lake.  Sadly, they flew away when I came closer. Zoom can only do so much, you know?


It was quite the lovely walk.

Which was why we were all surprised by the sudden change of weather today. We had a blizzard. In April, of all things.


The flakes were so wide, so white, and came down so fast I wished I was outside catching them on my tongue instead of stuck inside, working on geometry.

To be fair, and to my surprise, geometry actually isn’t all that bad! It does pale in comparison to a snow day, which we did not get.

Oh well, half of the snow melted anyway. But still, it would’ve been nice to have a break. But that’s what Saturday is for, right?

And here, I think is a good place to wrap things up. Now, how about you all? Get any spring blizzards? Struggling with geometry?  Let me know in the comments!

(Hm? What’s that?

Yes, I sometimes keep slightly late hours.)

Thanks for reading.