Life: An Update (Once More)

Folks, friends, countrymen, this week has been a blustery, windy week– weather-wise, of course.Ā  Here we go!

April 4, so far, was the windiest day of the year. Trees were swaying, lampposts were shaking, signs were knocked down. The wind was whistling past the windows, throughout the street, and practically everywhere.


Hm, what else have we? Oh, yes! The proud new owner of the latest Adventures In Odyssey album 64 (me) would like to announce to you all that it’s great! šŸ˜€

There’s a lot of things it reveal, my friends, for example, Buck Oliver’s m-


I guess the puppy came out of the bag too soon.


You ‘ll just have to find out then. Tomorrow, hopefully.

My deepest apologies for thickening the suspense.

Moving on!

These were taken on the same day the wind knocked the daylight out. I like taking close-ups of books.


And these were just taken yesterday, on my family’s walk on the trail.


We walked past the birch trees and past the lake.

The ducks quacked and the leaves quaked.


Along this particular trail, there are pieces of playground/exercise equipment scattered here and there. We passed by a set of curl up bars. Much to my disappointment, I didn’t take a picture of that and to more disappointment, struggled to pull myself up. Just you wait til summer comes, ya curl up bar! I’ll best you yet!


The birds were plentiful in the trees and on the lake.Ā  Sadly, they flew away when I came closer. Zoom can only do so much, you know?


It was quite the lovely walk.

Which was why we were all surprised by the sudden change of weather today. We had a blizzard. In April, of all things.


The flakes were so wide, so white, and came down so fast I wished I was outside catching them on my tongue instead of stuck inside, working on geometry.

To be fair, and to my surprise, geometry actually isn’t all that bad! It does pale in comparison to a snow day, which we did not get.

Oh well, half of the snow melted anyway. But still, it would’ve been nice to have a break. But that’s what Saturday is for, right?

And here, I think is a good place to wrap things up. Now, how about you all? Get any spring blizzards? Struggling with geometry?Ā  Let me know in the comments!

(Hm? What’s that?

Yes, I sometimes keep slightly late hours.)

Thanks for reading.


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6 thoughts on “Life: An Update (Once More)

  1. Cool photos!
    Buck Oliver… Buck Oliver’s what??? Buck Oliver’s Mom comes? My goodness I’m going crazy… what happens to him??
    I like Adventures in Odyssey, but unfortunately I don’t own any album’s. :/
    Btw it’s nice to meet you!


    1. Thanks!
      Haha, I shall never tell you! Just wait til it comes on the website. *laughs evilly*
      Aw! You should, the albums are great! (or you could borrow them from the library and binge. šŸ˜› )
      It’s nice to meet you too! How’s Homeschool Notebook coming along?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome!
        Aw… šŸ˜‰
        Ooh I should do that! I’m great at bingeing šŸ˜›
        It’s going okay! I don’t have any ideas for posts, so not too great though…


  2. So I know you wrote this post a long time ago But I love all of your posts and i am going through and reading all of them since I just found your blog! I think you still get them even on old posts right? I am sooo not a computer person. Ugh geometry *sobs* Pythagorean rule *sobs even louder* I love Adventures in Odyssey my sisters and I listen to it every night!! Snow Blizzard well no….. but how about a flood? It has rained soooo much were we live!!! The water was covering the roads and going over the bridge driveway thingys. We actually only had one major snow storm this year odd…. I would show you pics put I have nooo clue how to copy them! *not a computer person* oh oh oh you can go to my website and search “on the farm” that is my portfolio *claps* *pats myself on the back* well now that I have written the longest comment ever I think I will stop typing.

    Thanks for all your wonderful blogs!!! *Sister- I thought you said you were going to stop typing. Me- yeah Well…….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you Colleen! I’m glad you like reading them. AND YES GEOMETRY IS TERRIBLE- though to be honest, it’s much more fun than Economics. XD Oh really? I’ve loved AIO since the cassettes. XD
      And I believe there are much longer comments, and I loved reading this one!
      XD Hah, you’re welcome! šŸ˜›

      Liked by 1 person

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