Things To Do On A Rainy Afternoon


Rain, rain, go away, come again another day.

As a child,I would repeat that catchy phrase for minutes on end, watching the rain drip and hit the window. It’s raining now, but time has long disproved whatever merit I used to believe the words had.

Rainy days are stay-inside days. But, as my mom always points out, that doesn’t mean you have to mope around and do nothing! Idle minds aren’t much good to anybody, especially you.  So, to beat the boredom, here are some good ways to pass the time.




There’s nothing quite like cracking open a good book while hearing the pitter- patter of the rain! Try the books pictured for starters. You’ll be surprised at how absorbed you’ll be into the great world of books! Think reading is boring? Believe it or not, if you’re reading these words, you are reading! See how fun it is? 😀




Rainy days are great for sharpening up those pencils and drawing! You can go for a complex connect-the-dot, like I do, or try your hand at still life, or make some ATCs (Artist Trading Cards)!

Below is a feeble attempt to make an ATC. Perhaps you can draw one better!





Some people (like myself) find that their creativity is favorably used by writing. The plots, the world building, the character profiles are what really makes them smile. Well, if you have a love of writing, what better time to put on the writing cap than on a rainy day? Or maybe you’re more of a pen pal person. Then a rainy day’s a great time to fill your pen pal in on what you’re up to! Of course, you should be sure you finished your…




Now, this is usually the damper on all of the fun activities that were just listed above. Isn’t homework what’s known as boring? But if you don’t have anything else to do, why not clear a few assignments? Algebra isn’t the most thrilling thing ever, but hey! You’re getting work done, and that’s a good thing.

(Remind me to take my own advice someday!)

Photo Albums


Sometimes, rainy days tend to make us reminisce a little. (Oh hey, I spelled that right!) A great way to spend time is by flipping through old albums and pictures. An even better way is to do it with your family, especially grandparents! They can tell a story for almost every picture in the album, and you may unearth fascinating tales you had no idea existed, just by looking at a photo album.




Ah, blogging. I think we can all agree that’s a great way to spend a rainy afternoon. (That’s what I’m doing just now, it happens!) The click of the keyboard as you type your thoughts is a lovely sound. Provided, of course, you have done your homework and don’t hang around too long. Who knew reading the Reader could take up to hours at a time? Then it would be time for-



Music is a beautiful, beautiful art. Rainy days seem to call for music to cheer up its gray skies and deep, brooding clouds. If you play an instrument, say a violin, or a guitar, now’s a good time to practice the scales, wouldn’t you agree? Or if you’re a listener type, crank up the speakers and play something cheerful! Either way, music can and does lighten a rainy day.



Well, being an amateur photographer, I may be just a tad bit biased with this. However, rainy days can be fun photo ops! Try new angles around your house, or go out in the rain and take pictures, if you dare! You just might take a special picture. Need motivation? How about joining Lydia’s photography challenge to start?




“What??” you cry. “Chores isn’t fun! Or a boredom buster! Why would you put this in?”

I asked myself the same question for about 10 minutes when I figured out the answer. And the answer is that you have to do chores anyway, so you may as well do them when it’s boring, so you can have time to do all the fun stuff I mentioned after! Am I smart, or am I smart?

All kidding aside, your pitching in to help can make your family’s jobs easier, and the work gets finished when everybody works!



Now, you see, this is what we hurry through our chores for: listening to the radio! (Well, unless you only listen to the radio when you’re in the car or shopping at the mall) Back in the old days, you know, when there was no TV or internet or laptops or WordPress (gasp!), people listened to radio shows. Even though we have all these ultra modern tools, radio shows still aren’t gone. So, why don’t you take an exercise in your hearing this rainy day and listen to a good old radio show? How about Adventures In Odyssey? An excellent thing for a rainy day, I assure you.

Board Games


One might contend that board games are ‘bo-red games’ and thus are not worth playing. Well, said person must not have experienced the thrill of forming a word in Scrabble or beating a foe in chess! Try one when you’ve got nothing to do, won’t you? It’s a great thing when you’re stuck inside the house with say, 4 other people.


Phone Calls


Often the case is that our loved ones are far away from us, too far to greet them in person. Well, why not give them a phone call? Chatting is a good way of catching up with folks, but be warned, it can take up time. Quickly. Good thing it’s time spent with friends!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of things to do on a rainy day! If so, please tell me so! And if not, please tell me so anyway! Either way I’ll get comments, right? 😉

Have a lovely day. Thanks for reading.


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