Scribble Scrabble Again!


Today,I choose tobe happy!

Greetings and salutations! I hope you all are having a lovely Sunday!  (And yes, I changed my theme again don’t ask my blog is going through an identity crisis ok?)

This past weekend I have had so many things I wanted to tell you about, but they were too little to put into individual posts, hence, Scribble Scrabble! Ok, let’s go, because I’m stuffed with Sour Patch Kids and I’m on a sugar high!

Happy Mother’s Day!

 As you all are aware of, today is Mother’s Day. Make sure you greet your moms and hug them and give em a break today!

My mom is a master of multi-tasking. She can cook, clean, homeschool, and take a call all at the same time. I have trouble just doing one of those things! (Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I love you!)

A Walk Through The Cherry Blossoms

Yesterday my family drove to a park to see the cherry blossoms! We passed by the lake to get to the park. *sighs*  The water’s edge is so peaceful.



A charming little house by the lake.



We got to the trees, some of which, sadly, were knocked down by the fierce winds we’ve had lately. The blooms were still up to admire, though!

(And no I didn’t edit any of the pictures because that’s too much time I’d rather spend blogging so don’t blame me if it’s too grey.)



There were other flowers that were equally lovely to see!



(Except that this is a cool- looking dried up fountain not a flower.)


Back to the blossoms this time!



I spotted this really cool but really scary – is it a hawk, or an osprey? I can never tell from where I am.



More cherry blossoms! And I felt sorry for these poor cherry blossom petals that were tossed to the side so I had to take a picture of them.




There were lots of birds out there, including this orange-shouldered oriole. The bird kept lifting his head up exactly when I was about to take a picture of it! Very vain, photogenic bird.


The road less taken.




On our way to the car I saw this squirrel perched on a high tree branch, not moving a muscle. That one was very determined..



 Thus concludes what is known as Scribble Scrabble. I hope you’ve enjoyed, and whatever you do always, always, ALWAYS stretch before playing a rigorous game of basketball or any kind!


Your muscles will thank you very much for it.

Thanks for reading!

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      1. Yep! Sorry I’m not replying to all of the SIL entry’s, my inbox I SO FULL!! But I did get your pics!


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