HARPS Round 5 # 2! What Makes You Valuable

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Hi everyone! I’m back for my second entry of HARPS round 5, and because the topic is to type up encouraging posts for others to read, I think this next entry is important: what makes you valuable.


A couple days ago, I was scrolling through pictures I had taken over the past few days. If you’re a wannabe amateur photographer like me, your camera’s SD card is full with various pictures. I skipped over the pictures with my face in them. As a rule, I like being on the other side of the lens; taking the picture, instead of being taken a picture of.


If I’m honest with myself, I don’t think I’m pretty. Ha, me? The kid with the tangled hair and oily face, with broomsticks for arms and giant glasses? Nah. Leave that to the beautiful, cute as a ladybug kind of people, of which I am not a part of.  Definitely not picture material.

And I’ve told myself more than once that I’m fine with that.

So I have tried, and tried, and try to prove that I’m something in other ways; by what I do, by how strong I am or how smart, by good grades or a different style. I tell myself that maybe I’m not pretty, but if I’m _________ (fill in the blank) or I can do ________, that I will be valuable nonetheless.

Really, I need to stop all that.

Because what I do or how I look doesn’t define my value, my worth.



Well, if my appearance and my skills and what little brainpower I have isn’t a measure of my value, what is?

Read carefully, friends: it all comes down to Jesus.


Maybe you’re scoffing at those words, and maybe you’re confused, and most likely you’re both, but think on this, that Jesus gave His life to save you. To save all of us. Did Jesus save just the good-looking, the brainy, or all the “special people”?


Jesus came to save each and every person in the world. Including you. You’re so valuable in God’s eyes that He sent Jesus to save you. That’s a deep, deep measure of worth.

And to me, far more important and far more precious than the world’s measures, which change with the flip of a switch.


Trust me, this is a truth I must be reminded of daily, because if I keep my eyes off Jesus, and worry about myself instead, I will be lost.

And as for my camera’s pictures?

They’re still worth something.


Points Calculator! 

  1. (3 points per post related to the HARPs Contest)  3 points!
  2.  (2 points per photo)  6 pictures, so 6(2)= 12 points!
  3. Completing Little Challenges (2 points)  If you caught the cute as a ladybug part, 2 points!
  4. Total: 3+ 12+ 2 = 17 points! Lookee! I just did some math!


Thanks for reading, and please, know that you are precious in God’s sight.






17 thoughts on “HARPS Round 5 # 2! What Makes You Valuable

  1. This is SO true!! Thank you for writing this, it really encouraged me. 😉 I’ve never been the prettiest or most all-around-talented girl, either, and I always attempt to make it up in other ways in order to “make other people think I’m actually valuable.” Sometimes I forget that I already am valuable enough for God to die for me- good point there.

    ❤ Rebekah

    P.S. Hey, would you like to do another word sprint sometime today or tomorrow? I really wanna finish my novel this week and I need some motivation. xD

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes indeed! ❤
        Ooh, yay! Um… it depends on what time zone you're in. XD Would 6 PM EST work? (or would that be too late or something? if so, we could do it tomorrow!)


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