An Excursion Through Old Pictures + What you could call something of an update on life

Hey y’all. Greetings and salutations!

It still surprises me how fast the year has gone already. It seems like January was really yesterday, and already the time’s gone and it’s summer.

I was on a wander through old pictures on here (that I conveniently haven’t put up for HARPs, hee hee- or have I?) and thought that you might be interested in looking through- if you haven’t already, that is.

So, without further ado…


The Year So Far

January in a nutshell: Slowly getting used to the new year; snow (new year in Canada= automatic one big snowfall in the month); and a giant super moon that was definitely worth getting up at 4 to watch.




 February in a nutshell: I first started blogging, I got interested in photography; my church had a dinner, and it snowed a lot. 

Boy, that was short.





March in a nutshell: My sister flying home unexpectedly for spring break; Swiss Chalet; snow; maple syrup; old Victorian Houses, and flowers that sadly died. I also writing up the crazy stories in my head, and still have to write ending for them!

I also really enjoyed listening to Andrew Peterson’s Is He Worthy. Go and give it a listen!

“Is He worthy? Is He worthy?
Of all blessing and honor and glory
Is He worthy? Is He worthy?
Is He worthy of this?
He is!” – (Andrew Peterson, Is He Worthy)




April in a nutshell- school, school, more school, oh and don’t forget school! I got into Camp NaNo, started writing seriously, and word sprinted with Rebekah! I started designing pins, it snowed (again) just when I was planting my bell peppers, some more snow, and school. The fiercest wind blew, it snowed, and I made my blog button.




May in a nutshell- The torture known as spring cleaning was inflicted on me. For weeks my room was full of bags full of old stuff to give away. My sister came home for summer, the sun was shining, our air conditioning died, we saw the cherry blossoms,  and with the help of a friend I tackled a big history paper I should’ve done but kinda put off… Anyway, I handed it in on time! (3 extensions, but still, on time!) Also, I fiddled with featured images (which didn’t last long, but they were nice while it lasted!)


It's _NewKicks Friday!


IMG_2312The Sad Ending Of An OrchidMorning!!Today,I choose tobe happy!IMG_2580IMG_2406



June in a nutshell- I have no idea exactly just what this month will bring! The month has only really started, and I look forward to what is coming ahead. So far, I took a LOT of flower pictures, caught up in Grammar, and joined National Bible Bee. I am really looking forward to that! For sure, you’ll be getting a closer look at life through these lens.. as soon as I get my homework finished.




Dedicated to my big brother, who helped me wash the dishes. Love ya!

Oh, and Starling? In case you’re wondering I got… *calculates quickly*

(3 points per post related to the HARPs Contest) 3 points

(2 points per photo) 60(2) 120 points

Completing Little Challenges (2 points) 4(2) 8 points

…… 131 points.

 Thanks for reading, and I hope y’all have a great day as this month flies by!


7 thoughts on “An Excursion Through Old Pictures + What you could call something of an update on life

  1. Oooo, I like the one of the microphone. I’m a sound engineer as well as a photographer so I like anything to do with sound 😂😂😂😂 but seriously, there’s some cool photos here 🙂


  2. Hey Jo!! Awesome post!
    Anyway, I was just wondering which NaNoWriMo cabin you were in? You told me you were participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this year, and I got interested!
    Also, this is kind of a newbie question, but what are the cabins for?


    1. I’m hoping to be in the same cabin as Rebekah! Cabins are groups of writers who are doing Camp NaNo together, I think. I’m kinda new as well! In a cabin, you can get inspiration, wordsprint, and maybe get alpha readers. I’m not sure if I got that right, I hope it made sense!


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