Scribble Scrabble (And here I have no clue how many scribble scrabbles I have done; this whole blog is a Scribble Scrabble)

I believe I’ve just won the award for the longest title. XD Greetings everyone! Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend, and will have a lovely week. So without further ado, I present to you… Scribble Scrabble!


Ladies & gentlemen, we done hit 51 followers right here!

Just wanted to thank you all for 51 followers! 😀 I didn’t think so many people would be interested in peering at life through these lens, and all of you have proved me wrong. Thanks so much for dealing with this crazy uncoherent mess. XD

We have a very special guest right here.. Charles!!!

Who in the world is Charles??
Good question. If you remember, Charles was a good friend of mine. Charles is also..


A cello!

Yep, we have a cello now, for rent for a little while. And yes, my sister and I named ‘im Charles. A good instrument should have a name, right?


So far, Charles seems to be happy in his new temporary home. Not like I can ask him or anything..


My sister has wanted to play the cello for a while now,  and got to rent one. And now you have been formally introduced to Charles.


Random Photography That Has No Other Place Than In Scribble Scrabble.

In which you view photography that has no other place in this blog.


These wittle little leaves look like succulents, but they’re just weeds growing through the cracks in the sidewalk. 🙂


Julie and Tom, my bell pepper plants! Yes, I can name them if I want to, I’m growing them, aren’t I?? 😛 They’re doing pretty good!


Some pictures of raindrops hitting the windows, because when it rains, it pours.


Random pictures of a seagull and an airplane.


A lovely sunset yesterday!


Haha, if you see the irony in this picture, good for you.

June is almost over!!

Can you believe it, people? Almost half of the year is gone already! And next month is literally next week! Ahh! So much has happened in just a month: I got to fly, Starling’s HARPs is finished, we got the shock of our lives with.. a certain person. XD Life has certainly flown by, and already it’s gonna be July! Which means Canada Day up here and the 4th of July over there! To both countries, happy-early-day-that-you-became-a-country!!!

Yeah, but the start of July also means…. CAMP NANOWRIMO!!!!

If you’re in Camp, you know what I mean. If you’re not doing Camp, you must surely be wondering “nanowriwhat?

Basically, it’s a month long challenge to see how many words, pages, or hours you can write in a month. Anyway, here (quite literally, I should add) goes nothing!

And you can expect much ranting and worrying over my plot, friends, I’m already pulling out my hair in worry because of big plot holes. July will be a long month.

And now, a short photostory!

She grinned broadly. “It’s been a while since you came, dear.” The old woman sat in her rocking chair, blissfully enjoying the air on her front porch. “It’s not very often I get a visitor, you understand.”

 Her visitor didn’t intend to be a visitor, in fact. All Ann Kelly wanted was to drop off Mrs. Bellis’s glass dish and get out of there. But Mrs. Bellis had a way of making you stay, her pleasant chat, her smile despite the fact she could no longer see. 

“Uh, yeah, m’am.” Ann said politely, scanning her mind for a good excuse, any good excuse to leave. Would the old lady be hurt if she just walked out? Probably, Ann thought resignedly. Mrs. Bellis was unaware of her visitor’s thoughts about her. It was so, so long she had any company at all. 

“You know, you’re mighty quiet. Is there something wrong?” Mrs. Bellis asked. Ann groaned inside. It wasn’t so bad to hang around Mrs. Bellis, but it’s not like Ann didn’t have better things to do. Couldn’t really say that out loud, of course. 

“Ah, it’s nothing.” Ann said evasively. Mrs. Bellis reached out for Ann’s hand.

“I have just the thing to cheer you up, young lady!” she said gaily as she sprang up and walked into the house.

“Oh? Uh, Mrs. Bellis? Are you ok? Do you need help?” started Ann, slightly surprised at the ease at which the blind old lady nimbly moved throughout her house. 

“Quite fine, darling. I may be blind, but I can take care of myself!” Mrs. Bellis called out. Ouch, Ann thought to herself. Maybe Mrs. Bellis couldn’t see, but she was as fit as-

“Here it is, Ann!” Mrs. Bellis cried as she walked back out. 


A fiddle. 

“Oh, cool!” Ann said, trying to muster up some excitement. Mrs. Bellis beamed. “I play it all the time,” she proudly informed Ann. 

“Wait, what? How?” How could a blind person play the violin?


“I knew you would be surprised. Well, you watch and learn!” Mrs. Bellis declared with a gleam in her eye. Then, raising her bow, she jumped into a lively version of “Ole Dan Tucker”, very much to Ann’s amazement. Ann couldn’t believe that such skill could come from a blind person, of  all people.  Mrs. Bellis knew just where to put her fingers at just the right time, which was hard even for a person with two good eyes.

“Wow.” Ann said in sincere amazement when Mrs. Bellis had finished. “How in the world did you do that?” she asked. Mrs. Bellis sat back down and loosened her bow. “Oh, years and years of practice, child. plus these felt pieces of tape.” She rubbed her fingers over the neck of the violin. “I could see at one point, Ann. I was a very skilled fiddler back then. Even joined a band.” 

“You did not!” Ann said in  disbelief. 

“Did too. That’s even where I met my future husband!” Mrs. Bellis confided, then laughed at Ann’s shocked silence. “You’re surprised, I can tell.” The old lady set her chair to rocking. “Oh, I had tons of fun, Ann, back when I had eyes. When that car came crashing into ours, it was a very, very sad time.” Mrs. Bellis shuddered at the memory. “But that ain’t a thing to grieve over, and I just thank God for the memories and trust Him to make sure I don’t bump into anything!” 

The girls, one young and one very old, laughed heartily. And that, dear readers, was how Ann came to know the old lady known as Mrs. Bellis.


Huh, that was longer than I figured. Well, if you made it this far, I must assume you read the story, and thus, thank you very much! *shakes hand*

As always, thanks for reading! And know that I’ll be weirder than usual once July hits.. blame Camp NaNo for that. Bye!





6 thoughts on “Scribble Scrabble (And here I have no clue how many scribble scrabbles I have done; this whole blog is a Scribble Scrabble)

  1. I have wanted to learn to play the cello since I watched the music video for ‘Secrets’ by OneRepublic in like 2012, hahaha! This was a lovely post! I loved seeing your photography, especially those raindrop pictures!! Because Jo, those look professional! I’m serious! You should share your work on photography websites, like Unsplash or Pixabay! The world needs more photographers like you! 🙂


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