A Challenge Regarding Photography

Heyo, people! Hope you're having a lovely day! Just dropping by to let ya know that I'm participating in a photography challenge, hosted by Cassia! Also, I'm really sorry, Cassia. I know I was supposed to put this up last week, but uh.. a lot of stuff happened and I forgot. 😛 Also, (again) this … Continue reading A Challenge Regarding Photography


10 Years From Now

A year ago, 2018 seemed new and mystical, a year that held the unknown. Smack dab in the middle of the year, and it's very much the same, but so different. I never expected to be into photography. That I'd start a blog. That I'd be in the middle of writing 2 novels. That everything … Continue reading 10 Years From Now

Summer + Camp NaNo = Memories to Treasure

It is just me, or does anybody else think the summer is flying waay too fast? But, as they say, time flies when you're having fun! Let's change that: time flies when you're doing things you love with loved ones, because that's been my summer. 🙂 Which is interesting, because before I used to lament … Continue reading Summer + Camp NaNo = Memories to Treasure

Things I’ve Learned (Surprisingly)

I've learned that thoughts can and will affect actions. I've learned that what we listen to and read has an impact on what we do. I've learned that we're not invincible. I've learned that people don't always stick to the truth. I've learned that people sometimes ignore the truth. I've learned that giving in never … Continue reading Things I’ve Learned (Surprisingly)

Artifacts, Animals, And Chickens, Oh My!

*kicks door open with very cool karate move* *winces and hollers in pain* After much fighting and wrestling, I have managed to get out of my characters' trap. Zeke and Jake, if you noticed, are brothers in They Called It A Mystery, a mystery novel I'm working on. Zeke, especially, is a bad, bad charrie!! That means … Continue reading Artifacts, Animals, And Chickens, Oh My!

Hee-heee heee-eeeee ha! :P Hacked!

Ha! This is fun! I know, right? Wait, how are these people gonna know which one's you and which one's me? Uh..... good question... how about I'll be in italics, and you'll be in bold?  hm.. sounds good, but we should probably let these readers know who we are, since... *gulps* this isn't our blog.  Oh, yeah, right. … Continue reading Hee-heee heee-eeeee ha! 😛 Hacked!

Bwahahaha- You Have Entered My Works In Progress- BEWARE!!!!!

Before I begin, I would like to say that under no circumstances whatsoever is anyone allowed to use any of my ideas. That's a lovely thing called plagiarism. Also known as stealing. If you want to steal ideas and stories that took me YEARS to make up, go right ahead! At your risk, however. *glares threateningly* … Continue reading Bwahahaha- You Have Entered My Works In Progress- BEWARE!!!!!

It Started With A Bang

Hello world. I am dying. Of writer's block, for one. And of laughter. It's only been 4 days and already this month has been so rich.  My bell peppers are showing signs of fruit! July the first was the start of one of the funnest, stress-giving ideas ever conceived: Camp NaNoWriMo. Lemme just say the … Continue reading It Started With A Bang