Takeaways From August (Scribble Scrabble)


*eyes gleam evilly*

I have waited very long for this. My fingers have missed the clickety clackety of the keyboard. And ha, you thought I milked every drop outta August? Not yet! 😛

It’s Friday. It’s the last Friday of August 2018. BAAAAAAAAAWWWHHH.

Anyway.. I’da waited til September, but I have enough pictures to make one last August post. Hence a Scribble Scrabble XD *waits for pictures to load*

We still gotta talk about Julie, my bell pepper plant! Well, guess what. She grew up! It’s red. A red bell pepper plant.


I mean, considering how I only want to grow stuff to eat them, this is kinda pathetic. But, hey, IT’S A VEGETABLE. Not a bad start. *sobs* She’s all grown up!

Ooh, yay, the pictures are loading!

Ahem. Anyway, so…

Crabapples. Or at least I think they’re crab apples.

We had stopped in front of a friend’s house to drop off equipment and a crab apple tree was in bloom. At least I think they’re crab apples. For all I know they could be the Forbidden fruit.. or something. These little things are lots of fun to pick and hurl onto the road for cars to squash em flat to take pictures of, of course.

They just taste weird. I tried.

But wait, if they indeed are the forbidden fruit, then *gasp* I should be dead!


L&HD News will update you on this alert as it unravels.


Bye, crab apples of August. Hope you don’t kill me.

Anyhoo, I never did get to finish that challenge of Cassia’s.. oops. Sorry about that. I’m still looking for a train station. Heehee.

But I did get some puddles. One puddle, to be precise.


Puddles, puddles, puddles! Splashing in em, taking pictures in em, getting my mom scared that I’ll ruin my dslr by putting it a tiny bit too close to the edge.. puddles are fun. It was a rainy Sunday, so. *nods*

So yeah August was fun. Hard. The storm.

-lotsa questions

-some glares

-lotsa 5 am belting out random songs

-heat (It’s HOT)

-late night talks

-Solid Joys. I’ve been listening to the devotionals by Pastor John Piper, and they really make you stop and think about the Bible. As well they should.

-mug cakes

-microwave cooking (which my mom doesn’t really like but it’s a means to an end!)

-roleplaying with a lot of great people (and some videochatting and staying up late)

-scheduling for school (nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!)

-geeking out about Adventures In Odyssey cause I’m like the only kid who hasn’t hear it yet and I wanna buy the album

-actually doing homework

And I’ve been writing. BOOM! It’s been tons of fun. Especially if you change the text color. It’s my personal opinion that textbooks would be a lot more interesting to read if you could pick the color. Who wants to read in black all the time?

Done ranting. More random photos.


Puppies!!!!!! Those little wittle puppies!



Random photography is my favorite. Cause, y’know, I’m pretty random meself?

Anyway… the fun part!

Playing Favorites!

It’s time, yep. I get to choose my favorites, and you get to suffer reading about it! 😛

Favorite Book

This month’s favorite would have to be…….

Okay, I would totally pick one of the books I’m alpha reading. But since they haven’t exactly been published yet, I’m gonna have to pick something that is. *sniffles* And this is a good book. This is Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, by Nabeel Quershi. Reading about his life, and how he came to Christ, has been inspiring, and it’s helped me see things in a different angle. Did I enjoy this book? Yep. Was I challenged to be stronger and less passive in my faith? Yep.

Image result for seeking allah finding jesus

Favorite Song

Wanna know what I’ve been listening to to keep me awake?

Rewrite The Stars, The Piano Guys cover.

*sniffles* The lyrics of the original are.. meh.. but this cover is beautiful. I’ve been trying to learn it on the violin, but like everything else, it’s gonna take some work.

Go check it out! Unless you’re not a fan of cello or piano music, or that kinda music isn’t your thing or.. yeah.

Favorite Quote


This has summed up my month, along with Mary Slessor’s “Pray on, dear one- the power lies that way.”

Hope this random post put a grin on your face. See ya.


Sa Wakas! (Or, In English, At Last!!!) (Random Photography+ Summer Recap+ Boring Plans Nobody Wants To Read)


First off, I am really, really, reaaaaly glad my pictures are visible again.

Also, second off, if it seems I’m using a lot of Tagalog phrases, there’s a good reason for that. One of my charries is a second generation Filipino, which I’ve been wanting to write for a while.

Anyway, how are you world?

Not very good, I know, I know. But you’re still spinning and coping, and inching away from summer all the same. Take a break, why don’t you?

(Actually no keep spinning, we’d be in huge trouble if you didn’t!)

Summer’s officially over.

And I– don’t mind?

How odd.


It’s been a great summer. A hard one, but a great one nonetheless.

Let’s see..


May was a happy month. May was when my sister flew back home, we drove to Buffalo, the cherry blossoms bloomed, and I started working on Mirages. May was a giant birthday prank, with lots of secret texting and emailing. May was joining Bible Bee, not realizing how much it would change my life. May was when summer warmed up, May was when it was all okay, May was the calm before the calm before the storm.  (That’s intentional)


June was a whopper.

Lemme just say that.

In June, I got to fly out and see family. Family. And my folks’ definition of family extends to the inlaws’ inlaws. Somehow we all fit and it’s awesome. I got to hang out with cousins I haven’t seen in 4 years. And steal donuts. June was heavy plotting month. PLOT PLOT PLOT. It was fun. June was when I first met my Camp NaNo cabinmates, some of whom I’d just met and quickly became close friends.

And June was when I got my DSLR and life through these lens has never been clearer.


July was HARD.

Yet somehow it wasn’t quite the storm.

Still, it was HARD.

July was Camp NaNo. July was Niagara Falls and Royal Ontario Museum and deep downtown Toronto and fireworks and late-into-the-night-discussions.  *gulps* July was typing away for dear life, blasting music at 100% at 1 AM, July was gulping all the bacon crumbles, July was all the “nobody asked you to join Camp NaNo” and the “you spend too much time writing” and the “do something more productive with your time” and the “go read a book” and pushing and failing and giving up and not giving up.


July was cabinmates who were really friends who knew me too well and yelled at me not to give up. July was a caring, interested person who thought I was a hard worker and treated me like an equal. July was a sticky hot summer day spent under the shade of a tree. July was a surgery, anxious waiting. July was all the accusations fired and finding solace in the Word.  July was dreams refusing to be dashed.

July was no sleepy month.


August was a downpour.


August was me wrestling with a lot of questions, hoping to find the truth. August was rest from Camp NaNo. August was bonding with friends I didn’t know cared. August was baseball, and the smell of leather.



August was the crickets chirping late at night, August was reading past nonexistent bedtimes, August was re-reading my stories and making new ones. August was silent stares, and earphones on almost perpetually. August was being up at 7 am washing dishes and belting out songs that surprisingly didn’t wake anyone up. August was watching the sunrise. August was intense Bible study that I loved and memorization and Greek words and the joy of knowing God more than I ever did before. August was teaching an eager girl how to secretly take pictures, and helping kids climb and swing from bars and block punches. Don’t ask. August was music, and words, and pictures. August was trying to find a safe place.


It still is.


It’s only at the end of summer we’re grateful for it, why is that? 😛

And that’s been my summer.

Before I’d be griping that we couldn’t go camping or to an amusement park or hiking or to the fair, or any of the other things I saw other kids doing, and I wanted to but never did.

This summer I wanted to take every opportunity that came my way. I wanted to take it, no matter what.

And I did.

And for that, I am grateful.


And now September’s coming and the recap is done and I’m left asking myself something.

Now what?

I know I wanna continue growing in the Lord. I know I wanna write my stories.

But I don’t know much else.

I don’t know how I’m gonna commute to my first job, if I get one next year. I don’t know if my stories will ever be good enough. I don’t know how I’m gonna handle school. I don’t know what will happen during Christmas break. I don’t know how the year will end, or the next year begin. I don’t know and all these speculations are filling my head too much.

I know God does.

And that’s enough for me.

All the intricate details of my life, I can leave in His hands.


But I do know that writing is gonna level up. I love my stories, and maybe they’re worth being told.

Maybe after I finish Mirages, I can finish What Goes On In A Small Town, and polish those. Maybe I can start Remember Me, and maybe I can write Skirt Girl And The Hockey Rink.

I can’t wait.

So goodbye summer. I won’t forget you anytime soon.






Hey y’all! Happy Sunday!

Thanks to Gracie, I think I know what problem is now! If you can see this picture, go and check my last post out, will ya? Appreciate it.

Now please lemme know if this works.

Then check this out.

And a snippet cause everyone loves snippets, right?

Chapter 1

Ang buhay ay mahirap, ngunit ang Diyos ay mabuti. Life is hard, but God is good. The words echoed in my mind over and over again, like a soundtrack on repeat. I needed those words.

I walked home in the pouring rain, in my coffee shop uniform and hoodie, carrying large bags of groceries. My thrift store sneakers weren’t waterproof, but at this point, it didn’t matter.

I crossed the large bridge over the highway, stopping halfway to glance down at the traffic below. A formidable grey sky was above. I didn’t mind the rain. I learned to ignore it, as well as everything that came my way. I had quickly learned that nobody- at least in this life- would care.


Summer Went Out With The Sunset (Or, In Which I Post Some Pictures In The Hopes You Can See Them.)

Greetings everybody! Well. It looks like I’m gonna need some audience participation. My pictures haven’t been showing up recently, have they?


Let’s see. If you all can see these pictures of clouds and sunsets and whatnot, yay!


If not… boo.


Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but this is the 25th of August, right?


Summer’s over.



I don’t want summer to end! I like waking up and doing nothing in the mornings except just watching the view outside. I like the lemonades and the barbeques and the air conditioning. Please don’t tell me it’s all gonna end!!


But y’know, I’ve had a great summer, and I’m grateful for that.

Next Saturday is the first of September, the start of a new month, the start of a long haul. And I gotta admit I’m excited for that too.



I’m excited to feel cool air when I step outside, to make a huge dent in the mountain of schoolwork looming in front of me, to have a good reason to wear my boots and kick up leaves.

Not to mention Album 65 of Adventures In Odyssey is gonna air on the 6th, and boy am I excited for that!!

Ok, it’s official. I’m a hopeless fangirl.


I’m glad summer is over and sad at the same time. So many things have happened and I need at least a year to process it all.  xD

But I’ve gotten to make the most outta these months. And I’m content.




Now I’m really hoping you all can see these pictures, because they’re my favorite group of sunsets. I experimented with a lot of filters and effects, and I must say, I’m quite pleased with the results.



Some of the effects make it really vibrant, which I’m still deciding if I like that effect. It\s been pretty interesting.


I kinda like this picture, even though it’s heavily colorized. 😛



I better get back to re-writing. My charries have become quite annoyed with me for leaving them uncompleted for weeks at a time. I guess I’ve been a wee bit too busy staring at the sunset.



 Well, see ya.

A Year Ago This Happened

Nope, today’s not my blogsiversary. Though it sure feels long enough.

Today’s the day after the great eclipse of 2017 day. Also known as The Broken Van anniversary. It’s a long story.


And here you can now see an example of my horrible photography. My hands were kinda shaky.

For those wondering, no, there was no totality here in Ontario. There was, however, totality in Greenville, SC, which is where we hightailed to after church. Boy, that was fun. And when the eclipse came, it was pretty spectacular. Hence the shaky hands. Among other reasons.



If I’m a bad photographer now, I was even worse back then. But it shall suffice til the next one. If I live to see the next eclipse.

Funny thing, though. When I remember August 21 and 22, I remember catching up with friends I’ve never met. I remember sparking conversations with complete strangers, and feeling more connected to them than people I’ve known all my life. I remember pizza after the eclipse, and arguing over sweet and unsweetened Chikfila tea, and whether one should mix the two. I remember laughter and joy, and horrible bug bites. I remember the thrill of watching the sky turn dark in the middle of the day. I remember everybody’s faces staring up at the sky.

And August 22? Well, that was the day we were supposed to leave. But our car had broken down. Trust our family car to break down day of departure. But even that was a good memory. Like when we were all eating at Chikfila. Or when we were walking around this huge place. And the sad memory of trying not to cry when we said goodbye is still there.

Can’t believe it’s been exactly 365 days since the eclipse happened. A lot has happened since then. And I wonder what will happen in the 365 days from here til the next August 22.

Right now, I’m ready to live one day at a time.

At least I think I am.

My Play By Play Review Of The Greatest Showman (Rant, More Like!)

My Play By Play Review Of The Greatest Showman (Rant, More Like!).jpg

So, when Zeke said I was too busy geeking out over musicals, this was it.  Blame The Piano Guys for doing a cover of ‘Rewrite The Stars’. I had to watch the original. Then I had to watch the whole movie. I’m here, right now, giving my whole reaction to The Greatest Showman. Here goes.


Oh and by the way, this has 100% spoilers, so don’t read this unless you really wanna know.

Ok, great so far. Man, that deep “ladies and gents”. It is so chillingly awesome.

Young P.T and Charity are sweet. Mr. Charity’s dad is a professional JERK.

WHAT??? P.T’s dad dies?!?!?!

Dudes, let’s take a moment to appreciate Charity Barnum. She- seriously, we see her playful and playing with her daughters. And she’s so supportive of her husband, man. Hardcore. While’s we’re at it, this family-ness is awesome.

Ok. Woah. Sly moves with the sunken ships as collateral, P.T. Risky, but sly.

“May I ride the giraffe?” “You may- NOT.” PRICELESS!

Ahh Anne and W.D!

Woah. We see Phillip. Yuck, what is up with him and drinking? If it weren’t for the extreme and kinda overboard drinking, The Other Side might just be better. I mean, P.T. You a family man. Act like it.

*screams* Phillip meets Anne. O_O WAAA. And the look W.D gives Phillip. Awesome.

“Mr. Bennet, I am blushing!” Lettie is so cool with it.

Ahhhhh Caroline and Helen! Can we just awe over their interaction with the troupe?? I mean! And obviously, *cough cough*, their interaction with Phillip. Whaddya know, folks, he has a heart. And ah, so the fanfictions kept showing Phillip as a big brother to the Barnum girls. And the fanfictions did not disappoint. You can’t imagine the happiness I felt when I learned it was actually canon.  And argh what he says to Anne? Ahhh character development!!

No offense, but I feel like the queen laughing is kinda forced and fake. In real life, and at that time period, Tom Thumb woulda been in seriously trouble for being so rude.

Phillip looking at Anne. I like this.

P.T. looking at Jenny Lind. I DO NOT LIKE THIS AT ALL. P.T, you. are. married. And even without that aspect, he just wants to make money off her voice. Scoundrel showman.

I’ll grudgingly admit that her voice is good. AND DAT PART WHERE ANNE AND PHILLIP HOLD HANDS. Ahhh my heart is happy. But P.T, you moron. HOW DARE YOU SHAME THE TROUPE AND MAKE EM STAND. DUDE.

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOO. He let go of her hand. ARGHHH I take back every nice thing I ever said about you! Dude. Dude. DUDE you and P.T oughta be hanged.


Ok, I don’t blame P.T. for wanting to rub it in his father-in-law’s face, but DAT WRONG TIME.

And how dare he not treat the troupe as equals??? I mean- why??? Just to be with Jenny?? I NO LIKE DIS.


Does anyone think it’s weird for them to be hip hop dancing in the 1800s? It’s not bad weird, but I did think it was a little outta place.


Yeah, back away Phillip. Be ashamed. You too P.T.

Phillip. Being reasonable. Good. “Why did Napoleon march into Russia?” “Napoleon was defeated.”  Love dis.

AHH WHERE IS THE MAN P.T USED TO BE??? It’s replaced with this greedy money hoarding.. scoundrel.

“How do ya think I built it?” Yo. with yo family.

On a lighter note, I love how Phillip and the troupe interact. As equals, not like he’s better than them.

W.D’s reaction when Lettie asks “don’t you have somewhere to be?”. He’s like, “this not happening.” It’s sweet.

This whole movie has me giddy.

Anne’s face when Phillip says “there’s meant to be two.” Phillip, you’re back!

DUDE NOOOOOOOOOO. Why did Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle have to ruin everything?? It was a legit date! WHYYYYYY

The pride Phillip has though when he introduces Anne. Hey, maybe there’s hope in the world. And then this anger when his dad insults Anne. MAN BRO.

MAN. He runs after her. I feel so bad though, they had a DATE for cryin’ out loud!

It seems kinda dumb for Phillip to burst into song, but hey. It’s a musical. No judging here.

Anne rams into him, and he catches her. THE MAN CATCHES HER. Keep him.

I love the character development of P.T. We see a very human side of him, a side that keeps wanting more. Respect to the writers. But honestly, Charity, he’s not worthy of you. Charity is hardcore. I dunno why she’s staying with him.

Oh lookee, Phillip’s growing up. Good for him.

Cinematography is good.

Argh Jenny has no right to be leaning on Phillip’s shoulder! DUDE MAN! Push the girl off!

I thought Jenny didn’t care about ovations. Liar. Bennet’s a jerk.


I hate Lind, but she said something pretty true when she said, “When you’re careless with other people, you’re ruining yourself.”

OH NO. UH OH. Charity ain’t gonna be happy.

YAYY Phillip! Good to see ya!


I like the fight scene though, everyone’s so into it.


*wails* Phillip don’t go back in thereeeeee

Ahhhhhh this is heartbreaking!

I can’t handle this heartbreak.

Mr. Bennet. Go hang or something, we don’t want you.

Actually, maybe we do.

NEVERMIND. No news is good news.

Charity, I feel you!

Lettie, whoo-hooo!

“When the glitter fades and the walls won’t hold.” Glad to see P.T’s coming around.

Finally the idiot wakes up. It only took Barnum the whole movie.


Phillip wakes up. YASS

Deja vu. It happened all over again. P.T walks to Charity’s dad’s house, and the same thing happens.

“I wanted to be more than I was.” And you became less, P.T

MAN. Why they mash up From Now On and A Million Dreams??

A suit and a face full of bruises don’t go together. Just no.

Anne’s face. She be like, “that’s my man.”

And the happy ending.


Well, that was a total rant.

Hehe, not sorry.

So, what does this movie add up to?

Hm, I’m no judge of character, mind you. But this movie, the familyness especially is something I’ve missed in movies. I’d have to give this 7/10, because some drinking and use of bad language, not to mention some “turn off the screen” scenes were in there.

But, for all of that, the plot was surprisingly solid. It was a plot.

Therefore, I like it. And I’m pretty sure that you guys are kinda shocked at the fangirl side of me, but as a writer, I really love the fact that this actually has a plot. So. 🙂

Thanks for reading. And don’t worry, there will be some tamer reviews of books coming around.


In Which We, The Charries, Hack Into Jo’s Blog And Have An Impromptu Interview.


Well, we’ve done it again. We’ve gone and hacked into Jo’s computer. Not to mention her blog, but it doesn’t seem like she’s touching it much, so I’m sure it’s fine.

I dunno, Zeke, the first time was risky enough!

Calm down, Jake, she’s waay too busy hunting for a train station, not to mention spending time with her other stories, running computer programs, and geeking out about some new musical that showed last year. Seriously, she ditched us. This is retaliation!

J: Good grief.

Z: So.. uh… Whaddya we do now?

J: You’re the one who hacked into Jo’s blog, you figure it out! You probably should thank Dareine, though.

Z: And why would I need to do that?

D: Because maybe she taught you some basic hacking systems?

Z: Woah! Hehe, didn’t see you there, Dareine. Hehe, get it? ‘There’ and ‘Dare’-

D: I get it, Durnham. Why did I even decide to help you?

J: *facepalms* As we were saying…Zeke?

Z: Oh yeah. Uh-um-well..

D: First off, Jake and Zeke are from a different book then I am. *glares* And I’m glad of that. These two lumpheads wouldn’t last a day in Illid.

Z: Oh yeah? Well, you wouldn’t last 2 days in Rocky Road!


J: …Zeke, maybe you should shut up.

Z: What did I say- Oh.

D: Anyway, by some strange and super weird fate, we, *sticks thumb at Zeke and Jake* are all in the same universe, world, thing. So..

Z: *interrupts* We thought it would be a great idea to hang out with you guys!

J: Exactly!

D: I’m clearly vetoed out of anything we’re gonna do here.

Z: We’re just gonna see what other stories Jo’s got hanging around, y’know? Other than ours and yours, and Hannah’s, and Casey’s, and.. uh, what’s his name? The new one she just came up with?

J: Tony Emerson.

D: Ugh, don’t remind me.

Z: Yeah, but I feel bad for the real person she-



*crickets, a silence, and an atomic bomb explode*


Z: Uh….

Jo: *sighs* Can’t beat ’em, may as well join ’em.

J: Thought you were out looking for a train station.

Jo: It’s a complicated story, Jake. Maybe even more complicated than Dareine’s.

D: I doubt it.

Z: well, now that’s you’re not planning to straight away kill us, we may as well interview ya!

D: I thought we were gonna see the other stories?

Z: *grabs paper and pen* Kill two birds with one bullet!

D: Stone.

Z: Whatever. Ok, Jo-

Jo: Nope. No. Uh-uh, I got work to do.

J: You mean more fanfiction to read?

Jo: Exactly, so no interviews, please.

D: Why not? I didn’t hack into this computer for nothing.

Jo: *glares* I don’t wanna know why you’re using your hacking skills on my stuff, but-

Z: Pleaaaase?

Jo: Fine. But make it ten questions straight or I’m writing every single one of you out of your books.

D: As long as you write Emerson out too. He’s weird.

Jo: Hey, Zeke is weird too, and I haven’t written him out- yet.

Z: What?? Am not!

J: Ok, ok. So.. Jo. How are you doing?

D: *snickers*

Jo: Just fine. C’mon, I even wrote a post about this!

J: *looks at list* Oh… right. *tosses that one out* How’s writing going on?

Z: Obviously not too well, cause I’d finally get the book I deserve…

Jo: Writing? Hm. Not too bad, I guess. I’ve been rewriting your book, Jake, What Goes On In A Small Town, and Dareine’s book, Mirages. My brain kinda hurts with all the story ideas, actually.

D: But, let’s be honest. You haven’t done much writing this week.

Jo: I’ll have you know that time was put to good use.

Z: Watching YouTube videos…

Jo: Hey, call it writer research. 8 more questions, Jake.

J: Argh.. Zeke, these are the dumbest questions ever!

Z: I only had a few minutes! Gimme a break!

D: I can do that… to his arm…

Jo: *groans* It’s like herding cats.

J: Ok, ok I found a decent one! So, what’s this fresh new story you’re writing?

Jo: Which one? There’s 3 so far, Jake.

Z: *mutters* At this rate, I’ll never get my own book.

J: Uh, all of them?

Jo: Hm. Well, first we got this latest plot bunny, which I’m tentatively titling, Skirt Girl and The Hockey Rink. This has got to be the latest one. I just thought of it at church.

Z: Skirt Girl? What?

Jo: You’ll get it when I’m done with it. Shouldn’t be a very long story.

D: Yeah.. and the first character you came up with was that awkward Emerson.

Jo: Hey, to be fair, he’s supposed to be awkward.

J: Speaking of that, is it true you base characters of real life people, and, is Tony one of them?

Jo: Is that one or two questions?

J: One.

Jo: Rats, I wanted to get outta here sooner.

D: So just answer the question.

Jo: *glares at Dareine* Yep, that’s VERY true. Where do ya think I get inspiration to write? That’s probably one of the neatest revenge things you can do for your bullies: write them in as one. If they’re especially moronic, add their real first name in!

Z: Wait. I’m based on a bully?

Jo: Nope, you’re loosely based off my brother- which may or may not mean the same thing at times…

Z: WHAT???

Jo: Just kidding! And Tony is based on a real person. But I can talk about that guy- and Skirt Girl- later.

D: Or not at all. Emerson gives me the creeps. Ok, my turn. Wait, how many questions do we have so far?

Jo: *calculates* 6, so 4 left to go.

Z: That went by quicker then it should have.

D: Hush, Zeke. Anyway, Jo. Besides the countless stories that you haven’t finished yet, you’re also working on a fan fiction, training, and getting ready to start school. How do you do it all?

Jo: God’s grace, first and foremost. Lemme tell ya, you can’t do anything without Him.  And a truckload of candy. Smarties/Rockets are my favorite. Music helps, and listening to Adventures in Odyssey, of course.

Z: Speaking of Adventures In Odyssey, do you ship Jason and Connie??

J: *whacks Zeke with list of questions* We had 3 more questions left, and you HAD to waste one with that??

Jo: Am I seriously supposed to answer that?? You guys know I hate mush!

Z: Hey, I ship Jason and Connie!


Z: *realizes something* I did not just say that..

D: AW. You’re so busted, Durnham! *dies laughing* Wait til I tell Gale- you’re dead!

Z: You wouldn’t.

D: I would.

J: She would.

Z: …well, uh.. do you ship Jason and Connie or not, Jo?

Jo: I could answer that, and reveal my deepest, darkest secrets, and my deepest, darkest plans, but since I’m not that dumb, I won’t say anything. And now you got just one more question.

Z:. Aw, man.

J: uh.. Dareine, you wanna ask this one?

D: *takes paper* Ok.. if you could visit any fictional setting for a day, what would it be?


Ahem. 1800s, New York, and see P.T. Barnum’s circus. That’d be so cool.

J: And that’s a wrap folks! Thanks for being super patient with us, Jo!

Jo: You’re actually welcome. Though next time, you can ask me instead of getting Dareine to hijack my blog?

Z and D: ….. he, he.

(Every plot bunny mentioned is a real one. Don’t steal. More info to come..)









Day 6 & 7 of Photography Challenge: A Portrait and Children


I’m not very punctual, am I?


Oh well. Happy Sunday, everyone. I hope you’re all resting well today. 🙂

So, without further ado…

Day 6:

A portrait of a bouquet of roses.
Oh, and speaking of roses, look out for a review on a book concerning them sometime soon.. 😉
Day 7:
 😉 This made my day when I took that picture.
Well, there you have it. I’ll be around for the next one. See ya, and have a great Sunday.
UPDATE: So the pictures haven’t been showing up like I hoped.. is anyone else having that problem?

I’m Doing Just Fine


Hey everyone. Don’t worry, I’m alive.

And I’m not doing *that* fine. I’m struggling with a lot of questions, and thoughts, and trying to make sense of things I don’t understand. Writing these days are filled with questions, and wondering what’s going on. But, I’m not down, thankfully. I know that whatever happens, God is in control, and I just have to trust Him. 🙂

So, yes, I am fine. Busy, but fine.


Days now are spent studying, and to be honest: it’s. so. fun.

I know, I know, you’re giving me that weird look. Studying is fun? Well, I’ll have to show you what I mean.


I’ve been studying God’s word more than I have before, and it’s– wonderful. Which is strange, coming from a kid who never really liked long Bible studies and always talking about the Bible too much. Now, I can’t believe I actually thought like that. Can you talk about the Bible too much?

But it’s… more that just that. I’m finding that you can study and study the Bible all you want, but if you’re not gonna live it out, what use is that? And…I’m finding that God’s changing my heart, and making me want to learn His word. Which may sound weird, but if  you were to ask how I’m doing, this is what I’d say.

Not that you asked.. 😛


Anyway, that’s how I’m doing. I’m growing.. kinda slow, but I’m growing. And speaking of..


May I present Julie. My bell pepper.

I’m also kinda stressed. When I’m stressed, I knit. It’s very relaxing.


I’m also geeking out because The Green Ring Conspiracy is on the air and I LOVE IT!!!!! It’s almost as good as Novacom, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about go search up AIOWiki. XD I mean.. come on! Monty and Jason and Penny AND Buck??? Awesomeness.

Ok, I’m done ranting.

Have a great weekend, y’all. You know where to find me.


(Seriously, this is where 95% of my day is spent. 😉 )

I’m done.