It Be August. I Be Tired.

Hi everybody. *waves feebly*

Yes, this is my end-of-the-month post. Only it’s the start of a new month: August. It’s actually, really, truly August. O_O Yes, time has flown by yet again. It’s surreal to think about everything that happened in this month alone. There has been so much God has done for me, and it’s a lot to process.


Anyway, the reason I didn’t have an end-of-the-month post by the end of the month was because of camp. Camp NaNoWriMo, that is. I know that probably a good amount of bloggers around WordPress (and Blogger) have been panicking over not finishing their goal, and trust me, I was one of them. Not to mention feeling like a failure, having other people tell me what I should be doing instead with my time, and lots of criticism. It hasn’t all been daisies and roses, and frankly, I wanted to quit.

Why didn’t I? Thank Enni. Over our cabin and during wordsprinting she yelled at me (via words, of course) to stop being so down on myself and actually write. So did Tess, Rebekah, Julia, and my mom. XD Let me tell ya, you do not want to be scolded by Enni, Tess, or any of the lovely ladies I have mentioned. At all. You will be scorched. I have warned you.

So struggling for dear life, I wordsprinted, plotted, finished off bars of chocolate, and complained.

Also, to my cabinmates, I am very very sorry I spammed you with dozens of notifs!! Y’all are the BEST CABIN IN CAMP NANO EVER. EVER. I’m not joking when I said I was the worst writer, I really meant that. But you helped me get on, and continue writing. Thank you so much. ❤

I finished the almost complete draft of Mirages at 25,000 words at 10: something PM. You cannot know how relieved I was.


What else happened in July? Well..

-My family went through this horrible, terrible, thing called renovation. I strongly advise you not to go through it if you’re not willing to put in blood, sweat, and tears into making your home great.  That being said, my brothers were amazing, and our house looks a lot better. 🙂

-our church had a picnic. It rained, but we got to walk and eat hot dogs. It was good.

-an almost tornado formed, I have photographic evidence (somewhere in my thumb drives..)

-I got to read some fascinating books! (Reviews coming.. when I have time)

-We got to see places I haven’t been to since I was 4.



-I got to spend time bonding with friends and family.

-Obviously, more writing! I wrote more last month than I have before. And it’s still not finished. *facepalm*

I could say more. I could tell you about the amazing things that I’m learning (yes, learning can be amazing), the hardships that God’s helped us through, the beautiful views I’ve seen, and the smoke that came out of the lovely grilled chicken today. It smelled good. But that would take up a lot of time, and time’s flying too quickly already to allow me to snatch up some of yours. 😉

Anyhoo, let’s get to the proverbial nonexistent business, shall we? And that’s… Playing Favorites!

Wait, what, you don’t get it? Playing fav- I’m picking some of my favorites for this month! Pay attention!

And I’m so being biased here. You’re welcome. XD


Favorite Song/s:

Writing has a veritable soundtrack. Don’t argue. Songs have helped me to stay awake and keep at it. Piano Guys’ It’s Gonna Be Okay, Adam Young’s soundtracks, and Andrew Peterson’s My Love Has Gone Across The Sea. <– I’m not one for romance, or anything love-related, but this– listen or else you will be trampled on by toothy cows. It’s awesome!!! (Uh, the song, not the getting trampled on.)

But the ultimate one to be embedded is Jubilate Deo, a concert where the song is Psalm 100, in different languages. This is the best. ever. (It’s also almost an hour long, so keep that in mind.)

Favorite Book:

I  dislike picking only one good book, when there are so many others out there! Alpha reading for different writers, and reading for reviews has been pretty fun! But… if I had to pick one, it would probably be:

Image result for the wingfeather saga book 1

On The Edge Of The Dark Sea Of Darkness, The Wingfeather Saga, Andrew Peterson

Yup! This is my favorite of this month! And.. Andrew Peterson wrote it XD which might explain why.

What’s the Wingfeather Saga?

It’s a series of four fantasy-adventure novels about the three Igiby children, Janner, Kalmar, and Leeli. At the beginning of the story Janner is twelve, Kalmar (whose nickname is Tink) is eleven, and their little sister Leeli is nine. They’re accompanied by Leeli’s dog Nugget, their mother Nia, and their ex-pirate grandfather Podo Helmer.

They live in a world called Aerwiar, which is exactly like our world–except they don’t have electricity or gunpowder, and there are all sorts of creepy animals, like sea dragons and toothy cows. Janner, the eldest, is about to discover that the ordinary little town where they live is anything but ordinary. In fact, he and his family are at the center of a great mystery that will change their lives forever.

I hope you’ll get your hands on a copy of the book and join the adventure. But beware of the toothy cows. They’re horrifying. – Andrew Peterson, from the Wingfeather Saga website.

If you can’t tell, I really love this series. Now, go read it or be eaten by a sea dragon. And tell me what happens in The Monster In The Hollows, I’m dying to know.


Favorite Quote:

Ha, just change that to quotes, because I am going to convince you all to read the Wingfeather Saga if it’s the last thing I do.



In the words of Edna Mode, you may now thank me. XD

So anyway, *kicks Wingfeather Saga obsession to the side*, that’s been my month. It’s been one of the most memorable I will ever have, and this post would be loooooooooong if I showed you everything. And it is already looooooooooong.

Don’t worry, I’ll be around with some tags, some reviews, and some pictures. 🙂 Thanks for reading!



Oh wait, I’m not done after all! I shall now spend a minute telling you that I am extremely excited for Adventures in Odyssey’s Album 65!!!!!! I’ve heard it’s epic, and I gotta hear it! So comment if you’re a fan, I need to rant about how crazy Jay is. 😛

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23 thoughts on “It Be August. I Be Tired.

  1. Ooh, that is SOOOOOOO HARD!!!!!!!!!!! There are quite a few albums that have really good episodes, but all the episodes in Album 58: The Ties That Bind are really good!! It is also the last AIO album that has a lot of episodes in it. What is your favourite?

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  2. I love the Green Ring Conspiracy, too. But you asked me the best between 55 and 65. The Green Ring Conspiracy album 53. 😉 I like album 62, but didn’t really like Legacy, 1&2. I would probably say Album 63: Up In The Air. It has some awesome episodes! 🙂

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