Autobiographical Information And Timbits (Or was it tidbits??)

Good day, all y’alls. XD I’ve always wondered how that sounds. How’s everyone today?

Anyhoo, we’re talking today about- please tell me you’ve read the title. Ok, good. Cause I’ve been tagged for the 25 Weird and Random Facts About You, by Starling!

Uh, basically I’m gonna tell you about myself some more, which might be helpful if I was a Baudelaire, and Lemony Snicket needed information, or a centaur and C.S. Lewis needed the research, or a person of interest and the NSA was after me. But, since I am neither of those things, this isn’t as helpful. Unless you need a good laugh. Then you’ve come to the right place.

*coughs* *clears throat* *begins*

Jo is an aspiring writer, blogger, photographer, violinist, and professional dreamer and/or multitasker. She has been known to ram into couches, or to do handstands in random places of her house, not to mention hiding Timbits from landscapers. 😉 Besides from this, she will eat dark chocolate in the middle of the night, scroll on Pinterest for hours, and leave her earphones in her ears for hours, if it can get people to leave her alone. Consequently, if anyone takes off her earphones to talk to her, she will instantly unfriend them in real life. You have been warned.

Currently, she is happily enjoying the rewards of finishing Camp NaNo, learning a new tune on the violin, and climbing trees at Niagara-On-The-Lake. In addition, failing the practice test. These, besides watching lighting, have kept this person quite occupied. 

    If wishing to contact Jo, go ahead and comment on her blog-it will make her day! If wishing to spam Jo, be warned- she will delete your comments and block you and karate chop you once she tracks you down. (Well, maybe not that severe.) She may be too busy squealing about the latest album of Adventures in Odyssey, willing the Mets to win, taking random pictures of her siblings, searching up sign language, eating pickles, or skating, but she’ll answer you. 


*sniffs* I really liked that. One of my good pieces of writing.  Anyway, the next one happens to be the Liebster Award, which Liberty tagged me for. 🙂 Thanks! I don’t normally do this many, but these questions look like fun.

1. What’s your favorite movie?

  ..oh boy, this is a hard one. I grew up watching the Lord Of The Rings and The Chronicles Of Narnia, and How To Train Your Dragon, and Brave, so.. any one of those.

2. What is the name of your favorite  character (one you wrote or one you’ve read)

       For the read, it would have to be.. Bumps, from Jill’s Red Bag. XD That book is an ancient, kiddy read, but it’s actually really good. And Bumps “isht so adowable.” And Leeli Wingfeather. *nods* 

     😛 For the written character * rubs hands evilly* Dareine Penner, from Mirages, which I’m still working on. She’s… really hardcore cool. I mean, how many 14 year old can hack computers, train in the martial arts, and escape from prison?

O_O I’m not saying you should try that. At all.

Uh, move along.

3. If you could bring one character to life(from something you’ve written or you’ve read) which one would you?

Dareine. Just cause. Or Leeli. 

4. Have you read C.S Lewis’s Narnia series? What did you think?

Yep, twice! I love his writing, it’s inspired me to write too. 🙂

5. Do you listen to music a lot?

*chuckles* A lot? More like every day. 

6. How many siblings do you have?

A bother, another bother, and a bot- oh.. hehehe. I forgot the “r”. Brothers. And a sister. I have a lot of siblings.

7. What do you think of penguins?

They were my favorite animal growing up, and I think they do tolerable. 

8. What’s your favorite animal?

^Read the last question! Or dogs. Dogs are great. 

9. Have you ever published a book?

Nope, but I’d like to!

10. What was the last word you said?

To. XD (Well, this is random..)

11. Do you have any pets? If so how many?

Nope! I once had a caterpillar, but my mother made my throw him away. And I once claimed a squirrel as a pet and called him Blackie, but I couldn’t tell him apart from the other squirrels. 


Wow. That’s a long post. If you survived that, you must be very patient. *hands you box of Timbits as a reward* *takes the chocolate ones*  *slowly backs away*



12 thoughts on “Autobiographical Information And Timbits (Or was it tidbits??)

  1. *does not know what Timbits are*
    *infers that there is a slight possibility that they are food*
    *devours all of them*

    Now we just have to hope that Timbits aren’t highly sophisticated explosives, poisons, cleaning supplies, or caustic substances. Or Tide Pods.

    Maybe Lemony Snicket or the NSA don’t care, but I do! I loved reading your answers!

    RIP caterpillar >n<

    I never knew that you could claim wild animals as pets. SHAMU IS MINE PEOPLE. MINE.

    And that piece at the beginning is solid gold. You are seriously an underrated writer.

    Peace and Timbits,

    Liked by 2 people

    1. *dies laughing*
      *falls off chair*
      *continues to die laughing*

      They’re none of that- although that would be so cool if they were. Tide Pod eating is very last year. *bobs head up and down* Timbits are donut holes- or middles (why they call em holes anyway??) They’re delicious! I actually have a box of chocolate Timbits right now. *sends you virtual Timbits* Devour.

      😀 Aw, thanks!

      Yep, RIP Squishy. I also had a cool beetle I was going to keep, but my mom made me drop him. She’s not a fan of bugs.

      Ok, ok! We no touch Shamu. Who is Shamu, the whale at SeaWorld??

      XD More like an underdeveloped writer, but thanks!

      Timbits (cause what is peace?),


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