Gotcha There, Didn’t I? ;) Another Edition Of Scribble Scrabble

If you were thinking the last post was all I was going to do, then you, my friend have been sorely terribly horribly very mistaken! *chuckles evilly* XD


Anyway, at the time of writing, it’s Sunday afternoon. Sunday afternoons are good for naps, and rest, and enjoying the sunlight. And replotting, rewriting, and deleting old drafts. And planning of the future days, weeks, down to the miniscule hours if you’re that picky. (It never goes the way we’d planned, but hey, one can dream!) Rest is very good to dull and weary and tired bones, dontcha think?


So, without further ado.. the next edition of Scribble Scrabble!

(I really don’t know why I give these random posts so much fanfare, but oh well.)


Thing 1! An Enjoyable Afternoon On The Front Porch

There’s nothing like staring in the clouds, not having a care in the world, enjoying the fresh air, the birds up ahead, the sun on your face.

Except when you have to go inside cause it’s too hot, but while it lasts, enjoy!

Except I didn’t take pictures of the sky, the clouds, or the sun. I did take pictures of..

Old bikes. *grins sheepishly* I miss riding on a bike, going nowhere. It’s just really relaxing, y’know? Anyhoo, I got to skim through a good book and devour frozen blueberries, so we’re all good.
Thing 2! Donuts
 Thing 3! A Drive Down The Road
   Well, isn’t this random.
   It is. It’s a random topic from a random post from a random blog from a random person. Hopefully you’re into random things.
 And this random is  trio of pictures on a drive. Enjoy.
Thing 4! The Inevitable Future Of The Inevitability Of School And The Future In General
  It’s August. We only have 25 more days of it. And after that, the dreaded thing called school will come on full force. And work. From now on everything must be taken in account of homework, schedules, and whether or not we have an ample amount of caffeine.
(Unless y’alls are starting already, or are about to, then more power to ya!)
This was my attempt at planning for the inevitable future. A rather poor attempt, if I’m honest with myself. Mostly because I never follow my schedule. 😛 But I have to. This time. Or at least die trying. It’s a noble cause, right?
 I guess I’m reluctant to leave the summer behind. Even if my summer was mostly spent behind a screen.
DSC_0449 <—- the screen I spent most of my summer behind. I did other things too!
   There have been so much amazing things going on, and I want to hold on to it. But on the other hand I can’t wait to see what will happen in the future. Different grade, new things, new courses. It hasn’t all been easy- school and life right now are a wonderful combination of stress. But I’m still looking forward to it.
 You’d be excited too if you saw all these stories pop up. *shushes you*
 Is that it?
 Yes, that’s it.
 I think that’s it.
 In the words of Somebody, “that’s all I have to say.”
 Now, if you’ll excuse me, I needs must go and work on brainwashing a character. Be seeing you!



3 thoughts on “Gotcha There, Didn’t I? ;) Another Edition Of Scribble Scrabble

  1. Random comment for your random post:

    That schedule title is honestly the best schedule title I have ever seen. *runs off to rename all schedules*

    It’s spelled donut down here in Texas.,-102.1381181,3a,75y,70.24h,90t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sTF0qZuJV_LkVGuvvQEQYnw!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656!4m8!1m2!2m1!1st+and+t+donuts!3m4!1s0x86fbd90cfa49217b:0xe9f20eb1e33afd67!8m2!3d32.0057719!4d-102.1377499
    ^actual donut shop not far from my house

    I love riding my bike too. But I have outgrown my 24″ bike and now I’m just hanging around for the end of the year when my Louisiana dad _might_ get me a new one. _Maybe_. But if not, then I’ll just kidnap my brother’s bike. He never rides it anyways. But it’ll take a ton of work to get back into shape *sigh*. My brothers are not easy on their bikes.

    *considers launching into a long tangent about the various problems with my broithers’ bikes*

    *decides that’s a good idea*

    My older older brother’s bike is great except for the gears. They’re shweck. You’ll be happily pedalling along and then BAM, your pedals lock up and you’re coasting, about to get run over by the insane drivers in our city, and every nerve in your body panics. What happens is that the bike thinks there’s a gear where there isn’t one and tries to change to that, pushing the chain off the gears and in between the frame and the wheel. It is honestly terrifying. *coughs*

    My younger older brother’s bike still has a bent rim from the days we used to play bike tag. Instead of contact, the goal was to make whoever it was you were chasing cross behind the path you were leaving. Which resulted in a lot of bent rims, loud exclamations, and the only time I have ever felt that I needed my bike helmet. 9_9


    I don’t remember what I was doing with this comment.

    Oh yeah. I love random posts. Keep doing ’em. Random posts are what life is actually like.

    Because sometimes life doesn’t fit into a Pintrest-worthy blog post. It’s a lot more complicated, right?


    Liked by 1 person

    1. *chuckles* It is, isn’t it?

      Aha! I knew it!
      O_O There is a donut shop named T and T. *shivers nervously* I’m very glad they don’t deal with explosives.

      My bike has been deemed too small for me, so I can’t ride it either. 😦 But I think I’d rather have my bike than your older older brother’s bike. It sounds terrifying to ride. Bike tag sounds interesting. I should try that with my older brothers….*coughs innocently*

      Thanks Tess!
      And yes, life is much more complicated. And not Pinterest-worthy. At all.
      It’s a lot more interesting. *nods*

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  2. Rando posts are honestly…da best. They’re just…so…fun…to…READ. WOW.

    Also, none of your pictures are showing up for me. 😦 I think that the formal way of spelling that yummy deep-fried dessert is “doughnut” but for lazy writers who need to put in long and fancy words in their own length novels, it’s donut. XD

    Have fun brainwashing! 😀

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