In Which We, The Charries, Hack Into Jo’s Blog And Have An Impromptu Interview.


Well, we’ve done it again. We’ve gone and hacked into Jo’s computer. Not to mention her blog, but it doesn’t seem like she’s touching it much, so I’m sure it’s fine.

I dunno, Zeke, the first time was risky enough!

Calm down, Jake, she’s waay too busy hunting for a train station, not to mention spending time with her other stories, running computer programs, and geeking out about some new musical that showed last year. Seriously, she ditched us. This is retaliation!

J: Good grief.

Z: So.. uh… Whaddya we do now?

J: You’re the one who hacked into Jo’s blog, you figure it out! You probably should thank Dareine, though.

Z: And why would I need to do that?

D: Because maybe she taught you some basic hacking systems?

Z: Woah! Hehe, didn’t see you there, Dareine. Hehe, get it? ‘There’ and ‘Dare’-

D: I get it, Durnham. Why did I even decide to help you?

J: *facepalms* As we were saying…Zeke?

Z: Oh yeah. Uh-um-well..

D: First off, Jake and Zeke are from a different book then I am. *glares* And I’m glad of that. These two lumpheads wouldn’t last a day in Illid.

Z: Oh yeah? Well, you wouldn’t last 2 days in Rocky Road!


J: …Zeke, maybe you should shut up.

Z: What did I say- Oh.

D: Anyway, by some strange and super weird fate, we, *sticks thumb at Zeke and Jake* are all in the same universe, world, thing. So..

Z: *interrupts* We thought it would be a great idea to hang out with you guys!

J: Exactly!

D: I’m clearly vetoed out of anything we’re gonna do here.

Z: We’re just gonna see what other stories Jo’s got hanging around, y’know? Other than ours and yours, and Hannah’s, and Casey’s, and.. uh, what’s his name? The new one she just came up with?

J: Tony Emerson.

D: Ugh, don’t remind me.

Z: Yeah, but I feel bad for the real person she-



*crickets, a silence, and an atomic bomb explode*


Z: Uh….

Jo: *sighs* Can’t beat ’em, may as well join ’em.

J: Thought you were out looking for a train station.

Jo: It’s a complicated story, Jake. Maybe even more complicated than Dareine’s.

D: I doubt it.

Z: well, now that’s you’re not planning to straight away kill us, we may as well interview ya!

D: I thought we were gonna see the other stories?

Z: *grabs paper and pen* Kill two birds with one bullet!

D: Stone.

Z: Whatever. Ok, Jo-

Jo: Nope. No. Uh-uh, I got work to do.

J: You mean more fanfiction to read?

Jo: Exactly, so no interviews, please.

D: Why not? I didn’t hack into this computer for nothing.

Jo: *glares* I don’t wanna know why you’re using your hacking skills on my stuff, but-

Z: Pleaaaase?

Jo: Fine. But make it ten questions straight or I’m writing every single one of you out of your books.

D: As long as you write Emerson out too. He’s weird.

Jo: Hey, Zeke is weird too, and I haven’t written him out- yet.

Z: What?? Am not!

J: Ok, ok. So.. Jo. How are you doing?

D: *snickers*

Jo: Just fine. C’mon, I even wrote a post about this!

J: *looks at list* Oh… right. *tosses that one out* How’s writing going on?

Z: Obviously not too well, cause I’d finally get the book I deserve…

Jo: Writing? Hm. Not too bad, I guess. I’ve been rewriting your book, Jake, What Goes On In A Small Town, and Dareine’s book, Mirages. My brain kinda hurts with all the story ideas, actually.

D: But, let’s be honest. You haven’t done much writing this week.

Jo: I’ll have you know that time was put to good use.

Z: Watching YouTube videos…

Jo: Hey, call it writer research. 8 more questions, Jake.

J: Argh.. Zeke, these are the dumbest questions ever!

Z: I only had a few minutes! Gimme a break!

D: I can do that… to his arm…

Jo: *groans* It’s like herding cats.

J: Ok, ok I found a decent one! So, what’s this fresh new story you’re writing?

Jo: Which one? There’s 3 so far, Jake.

Z: *mutters* At this rate, I’ll never get my own book.

J: Uh, all of them?

Jo: Hm. Well, first we got this latest plot bunny, which I’m tentatively titling, Skirt Girl and The Hockey Rink. This has got to be the latest one. I just thought of it at church.

Z: Skirt Girl? What?

Jo: You’ll get it when I’m done with it. Shouldn’t be a very long story.

D: Yeah.. and the first character you came up with was that awkward Emerson.

Jo: Hey, to be fair, he’s supposed to be awkward.

J: Speaking of that, is it true you base characters of real life people, and, is Tony one of them?

Jo: Is that one or two questions?

J: One.

Jo: Rats, I wanted to get outta here sooner.

D: So just answer the question.

Jo: *glares at Dareine* Yep, that’s VERY true. Where do ya think I get inspiration to write? That’s probably one of the neatest revenge things you can do for your bullies: write them in as one. If they’re especially moronic, add their real first name in!

Z: Wait. I’m based on a bully?

Jo: Nope, you’re loosely based off my brother- which may or may not mean the same thing at times…

Z: WHAT???

Jo: Just kidding! And Tony is based on a real person. But I can talk about that guy- and Skirt Girl- later.

D: Or not at all. Emerson gives me the creeps. Ok, my turn. Wait, how many questions do we have so far?

Jo: *calculates* 6, so 4 left to go.

Z: That went by quicker then it should have.

D: Hush, Zeke. Anyway, Jo. Besides the countless stories that you haven’t finished yet, you’re also working on a fan fiction, training, and getting ready to start school. How do you do it all?

Jo: God’s grace, first and foremost. Lemme tell ya, you can’t do anything without Him.  And a truckload of candy. Smarties/Rockets are my favorite. Music helps, and listening to Adventures in Odyssey, of course.

Z: Speaking of Adventures In Odyssey, do you ship Jason and Connie??

J: *whacks Zeke with list of questions* We had 3 more questions left, and you HAD to waste one with that??

Jo: Am I seriously supposed to answer that?? You guys know I hate mush!

Z: Hey, I ship Jason and Connie!


Z: *realizes something* I did not just say that..

D: AW. You’re so busted, Durnham! *dies laughing* Wait til I tell Gale- you’re dead!

Z: You wouldn’t.

D: I would.

J: She would.

Z: …well, uh.. do you ship Jason and Connie or not, Jo?

Jo: I could answer that, and reveal my deepest, darkest secrets, and my deepest, darkest plans, but since I’m not that dumb, I won’t say anything. And now you got just one more question.

Z:. Aw, man.

J: uh.. Dareine, you wanna ask this one?

D: *takes paper* Ok.. if you could visit any fictional setting for a day, what would it be?


Ahem. 1800s, New York, and see P.T. Barnum’s circus. That’d be so cool.

J: And that’s a wrap folks! Thanks for being super patient with us, Jo!

Jo: You’re actually welcome. Though next time, you can ask me instead of getting Dareine to hijack my blog?

Z and D: ….. he, he.

(Every plot bunny mentioned is a real one. Don’t steal. More info to come..)










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