A Year Ago This Happened

Nope, today’s not my blogsiversary. Though it sure feels long enough.

Today’s the day after the great eclipse of 2017 day. Also known as The Broken Van anniversary. It’s a long story.


And here you can now see an example of my horrible photography. My hands were kinda shaky.

For those wondering, no, there was no totality here in Ontario. There was, however, totality in Greenville, SC, which is where we hightailed to after church. Boy, that was fun. And when the eclipse came, it was pretty spectacular. Hence the shaky hands. Among other reasons.



If I’m a bad photographer now, I was even worse back then. But it shall suffice til the next one. If I live to see the next eclipse.

Funny thing, though. When I remember August 21 and 22, I remember catching up with friends I’ve never met. I remember sparking conversations with complete strangers, and feeling more connected to them than people I’ve known all my life. I remember pizza after the eclipse, and arguing over sweet and unsweetened Chikfila tea, and whether one should mix the two. I remember laughter and joy, and horrible bug bites. I remember the thrill of watching the sky turn dark in the middle of the day. I remember everybody’s faces staring up at the sky.

And August 22? Well, that was the day we were supposed to leave. But our car had broken down. Trust our family car to break down day of departure. But even that was a good memory. Like when we were all eating at Chikfila. Or when we were walking around this huge place. And the sad memory of trying not to cry when we said goodbye is still there.

Can’t believe it’s been exactly 365 days since the eclipse happened. A lot has happened since then. And I wonder what will happen in the 365 days from here til the next August 22.

Right now, I’m ready to live one day at a time.

At least I think I am.


29 thoughts on “A Year Ago This Happened

    1. Yep, no Chickfila here! I’ve only had it once, when we went to Texas in April. And NOOOOOO, you are an AMAZING photographer! This was a beautiful post. It was too cloudy and too far north to see the eclipse here, but it was cool that you got to.

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      1. Mmmmm! I love mug cakes, except the one I made was undercooked, so I haven’t tried again. I just realized that’s an awful reason.
        I lost the recipe.
        There. That’s better. They’re both true, just one sounds better!

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  1. I didn’t end up getting a picture of the eclipse itself last year (I don’t think we had totality or however you say it), but the shadows in our backyard were so THICK! It was very weird! I didn’t have the best day when the eclipse was happening because our neighbor came over to our house, basically ordering us not to look at the eclipse or we’d lose our sight forever. So instead of enjoying the strange shadows in our backyard, the conversation we had with our neighbor ruined it haha

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