Summer Went Out With The Sunset (Or, In Which I Post Some Pictures In The Hopes You Can See Them.)

Greetings everybody! Well. It looks like I’m gonna need some audience participation. My pictures haven’t been showing up recently, have they?


Let’s see. If you all can see these pictures of clouds and sunsets and whatnot, yay!


If not… boo.


Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but this is the 25th of August, right?


Summer’s over.



I don’t want summer to end! I like waking up and doing nothing in the mornings except just watching the view outside. I like the lemonades and the barbeques and the air conditioning. Please don’t tell me it’s all gonna end!!


But y’know, I’ve had a great summer, and I’m grateful for that.

Next Saturday is the first of September, the start of a new month, the start of a long haul. And I gotta admit I’m excited for that too.



I’m excited to feel cool air when I step outside, to make a huge dent in the mountain of schoolwork looming in front of me, to have a good reason to wear my boots and kick up leaves.

Not to mention Album 65 of Adventures In Odyssey is gonna air on the 6th, and boy am I excited for that!!

Ok, it’s official. I’m a hopeless fangirl.


I’m glad summer is over and sad at the same time. So many things have happened and I need at least a year to process it all.  xD

But I’ve gotten to make the most outta these months. And I’m content.




Now I’m really hoping you all can see these pictures, because they’re my favorite group of sunsets. I experimented with a lot of filters and effects, and I must say, I’m quite pleased with the results.



Some of the effects make it really vibrant, which I’m still deciding if I like that effect. It\s been pretty interesting.


I kinda like this picture, even though it’s heavily colorized. 😛



I better get back to re-writing. My charries have become quite annoyed with me for leaving them uncompleted for weeks at a time. I guess I’ve been a wee bit too busy staring at the sunset.



 Well, see ya.

33 thoughts on “Summer Went Out With The Sunset (Or, In Which I Post Some Pictures In The Hopes You Can See Them.)

      1. You forgot the war cry…
        FOR NARNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Best. War. Cry. Ever.
        (Whenever I do it, people look at me funny. They just haven’t been exposed to the glory that is Narnia)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I know, right? They even made a movie about it, and STILL nobody knows. Did the beavers die at the hands of the White Witch? Prince Caspian, the book, says that the beavers were exterminated, but I thought the beavers stayed with Aslan, where they would be safe, so that part was very confusing to me.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. AKJAGUAR: It won’t let me reply to the specific comment, but one time I shouted “For Narnia!” as I was swinging my friend’s wooden sword up. I forgot about the ceiling fan and whacked it. 😆

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I also have stood the test of the ceiling fan, except for Star Wars. I had a lightsaber and was battling my brother and his friend. The friend betrayed him like he does every time and then steals the weapons. We write a peace treaty. I am a true Narnian with lightsabers.

        Liked by 1 person

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