It’s just your normal September Saturday, folks. I was just eating unhealthy cinnamon toast for breakfast, and trying to strum a song. That’s all I expected.

Instead I logged on here and — I have 100 people reading what I put up here. Granted, I bet only many a quarter of everyone really reads everything. But.. wow.

Thank you so much for giving me a follow, and actually reading my stuff. I didn’t really expect to have so many, or that or that life through these lens would be so.. read, or that I’d be blogging in the first place. Thank you for putting up with my random, ranting, hard to follow self. I know people in the past have had difficulty keeping up with me 😛 so the fact the you guys are still around makes me feel better.

Piece of advice. Don’t go into the archives. I was and am still very awkward, and weird and.. yah, you can stick with the present awkwardness.

*still very stunned*

I’ll be honest, today isn’t one of my better days. But this is one of those things that make it good. Thank y’all’s, very much.

See ya around!



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