How to Die In School Honorably. :P

How to die in school honorably

My fellow citizens, today (for most public schoolers, at least) is the first day of the dreaded plague known as school. For the rest of us,( because it seems homeschoolers are everywhere in WordPress XD) school has started YEARS ago. Precisely last week.

Anyhoo, I figured that there are tips we can take to be crushed with VALOR! And hey, maybe you can crush school, who knows? So, although it’s 4pm and we’re all settling into homework, listen up!

  1. Listen up. 😛

This is so simple, it’s ridiculous. But lemme explain. If you’re a dvd homeschooler, like I am, it is the hardest thing to pay attention. One, because the teacher is on a screen, not live and talking to you in person, and two, because you can always replay. And same if you’re online homeschooling. And public schoolers, man sometimes that teacher is so boring. I feel ya.

But honestly, sometimes your teacher will give info that’s not in your books. That you’ll be tested on. WHAT.WHERE. WHY.  So yeah, actually listen, folks. And sometimes, you’ll actually learn interesting stuff. What kinda stuff? You’ll never know if you don’t listen.

(like that dude who became the leader of the Mongols simply by rescuing his kidnapped wife, how cereal was invented, and that the first computer case was made out of Legos.)

Listening is the first step to dying honorably. *nods*

2. Eat breakfast.


Okay, you may be rushing to complete an assignment, or have a big test in the morning, or you slept in and you’re late. But go and eat breakfast. It’s healthy for you. It’s scientifically proven to aide you in your studies. And by breakfast I mean something healthy, and sustaining, and not a Coke or some crackers or a Larabar. *cough cough*  At least eat a piece of fruit or something.

*shows you picture of fruit*

Except, seriously, if you’re gonna die why try to live? Cause you might get an A while you’re at it, that’s why!


3. Put some color in there!


Black ink gets boring fast. Very fast.

Who wants to read notes in varying shades of black, anyway? Not me.

Therefore, go make your school stuff more lively. *grins* Go get some neat pens in bright colors! Buy notebooks with different designs. Or color on your notebooks.. Or my personal favorite, mark each notebook with a different sticker. Very useful. History is Kylo Ren time, Literature is Finn, and I get to hang out with Rey in Geography. Do what you gotta do! If you’re the creative type, draw ATCs or something for flash cards. Don’t let your creativity get buried under all that homework!

4. Get a planner. Stick to it. 


We’re busy kids. We’re bloggers, we’re writers, we’re photographers, Bible Bee-ers, artists, athletes,  musicians, wannabe voice actors, runaways from the circus, and mad scientists, you get the picture.

Some of us are all of the above.

How do we do it? Time just keeps racing forward and refusing to let us catch up.

Planners let us snatch some of that time. We write down what we have to do when and hopefully we actually do it. XD Using my planner has kinda helped me a little, so who knows what it can do for you? Try a bujo spread if you’re not into planners. At least your days are numbered artistically.

5. Snooze the notifs.


I know, I know, I’m a hypocrite. But I actually did snooze notifs, and I was able to knock out a lout of work by not checking the screen every 2 minutes. Of course, if you’re a public schooler, you’re kinda not supposed to be using your phone in class, but it applies to homework too. So unless you’re doing a study sprint, or texting your long lost grandma, or doing homework online, you should probably mute the notifs.

And plus you’ll get on your mom’s good side and that means dying in school honorably so that’s good. *nods*

6. Google Docs can help you with that. 


Oh joy I just showed you major snippies you just go and enjoy for now.

For a lot of assignments and projects, Google Docs can help you save a ton of stuff. Plus you can collab with somebody else doing the same assignment and work together on the doc. It’s great. Go check it out.

7. Get outta there!


Sometimes sitting at the same old desk every day for a week is a killer. Your homework looks like the boring-est thing ever conceived of. At the rate you’re working, they’ll find your skeleton on your desk chair.

Simple fix? Scram, kiddo!

Go outside, go to another part of the house, or go out on the porch, the swing, a tree.


Go do something! Go do cartwheels, pushups, jump, get moving. Or practice an instrument. Sometimes you have to kickstart your brain to get the creative juices flowing. Get outta your desk!!

And heh, for us homeschoolers, we study anywhere. The car, the table, on top of a tree, 100 feet in the air (no, seriously, I do), so use that to your advantage.

8. R E A D.

Oh, this is simple.

Go read. You have to read your textbooks anyway, and there’s a LOT of info in them textbooks.

Tell you what though. You can read stuff for fun, too.

yep, for fun. Don’t get me started on that loooooong list of amazing books out there that you can read. It helps your comprehension, y’know, and that can make a difference when you’re answering textbook questions. Lord Of The Rings, Narnia, The Wingfeather Saga, Little Men, Anne Of Green Gables, How To Kill a Mockingbird, Kiera, the books go on and on. Reading is a treasure, and ust becase you have to read for school doesn’t mean you can’t read for fun. (It helps with the SAT and ACT tests, too. Just saying.)

Plus you’re practically doing Literature, so score!

Okay. I think that’s it. Using these tips, one can limp their way from the start of the semester to the end and die in peace. Don’t be like me, who put off all her homework and is now buried in papers. Oh, and is missing a folder. Two folders. GO CRUSH IT, Y’ALL.

Oh wait, I’m not done. GO LISTEN TO ADVENTURES IN ODYSSEY CAUSE IT’S AWESOME!!! And you’re training your ears to listen. *thumbs up* Seriously, though, Eugene taught me my grammar and what a hypotenuse is. Win-win!

Now, if you’ll excuse me while I go get my blue coffin.






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