How to Die In School Honorably. :P

My fellow citizens, today (for most public schoolers, at least) is the first day of the dreaded plague known as school. For the rest of us,( because it seems homeschoolers are everywhere in WordPress XD) school has started YEARS ago. Precisely last week. Anyhoo, I figured that there are tips we can take to be […]

Hard Stuff: Prayer Problems

WARNING: If you don’t care for things of Christ, STOP FOLLOWING. NOW. Because I do.  Okay, first off, I’m not saying prayer is a problem. Second off, please don’t kill me! Okay, we good? I don’t wanna offend anybody, but, this is something maybe we should talk about. And it’s prayer. Prayer isn’t a problem. […]


It’s just your normal September Saturday, folks. I was just eating unhealthy cinnamon toast for breakfast, and trying to strum a song. That’s all I expected. Instead I logged on here and — I have 100 people reading what I put up here. Granted, I bet only many a quarter of everyone really reads everything. […]