Conflicting Thoughts On Halloween? Join The Semi-Resistance. And The Day That’s Really Worth Celebrating.



Today’s the last day of October. How on earth…. And today is also known as Halloween, which, maybe is a topic you’re not sure about yet? (And I don’t mean ta be offensive, so… sorry!) Some of us love it, some of us are against it, and then there’s us who’re in a different level entirely.

Yeah, I’m going to rant. But you’ll see why.

As a kid, I was taught Halloween was bad, that they celebrate the devil and whatnot, but my church, probably for the sake of the poor kids who didn’t get candy, had a Christianized version of Halloween? So, there was that angle.

But the thing is I liked cosplay, (Using regular clothes to make a costume) and I was a dumb kid who wanted candy. I guess that explains the really cool black jacket and the candied apples we made at home. So my family was having the fun without all the commercialism, and without calling it Halloween? I guess? But we’re also a family that wanted to celebrate things with a point, with a purpose, and my parents also couldn’t eat too much sugar. Heh.


Probably shouldn’t have made brownies. Anyway, if you one of those who want something really worth celebrating, like me, there happens to be an event that changed world history that more kids, more Christians should know about. It wasn’t a counter on Halloween, it was a protest of it and all the darkness of the 1500s.

On October 31,1517, Martin Luther wielded a hammer.

But it’s not the hammer that was important so don’t get your hopes up. What was important was the paper he was nailing to the door of some really fancy church I forgot the name of. Because that paper was the 95 theses. Basically, it was calling the Roman Catholic Church out on every serious flaw they made acceptable. (And if you’re Catholic, I’m really sorry if I offended you! The Catholics back then were vastly different from the Catholics now, so..)

You see, back then, in the Middle Ages through the beginnings of the Renaissance, people were WHACKED. They believed that evil spirits were real and goblins were about to snatch their souls, so they needed to worship them to appease the spirits, that flies came from rotten meat, that the sun revolved around the earth, and that the only way to Heaven was to do strictly what the Catholic Church said. And what did the church do? Not much that was helpful.

They thought it was borderline ungodly for anyone not a clergy to read the Scripture. (And I’m obviously rehashing everything, don’t get mad) so no Bible, no assurance of salvation, none of God’s wisdom for life, and it all leads to chaos.

Martin Luther literally nailed down everything wrong with the system and started some people to be mad. i.e. the system. And everything he got was from studying the Bible. This was the brave, bold thing he did. He based everything, every belief, on the word of God. Which was huge in a time where the pope was infallible and said only truth (TM).


And that’s how Luther and contemporaries started a revolution. And while they weren’t perfect, they were committed to basing everything on the Bible so that families, kids,  future generations wouldn’t be duped with the false lie that the Bible isn’t enough. And I know I’m a bad explainer so go check out Desiring God and search ‘Halloween’ if you wanna know more, but  the long and short of it is that today marked the beginning of something huge. It was for the defense of our faith on the Bible.

Problem is we couldn’t care less. How many Christians know about the Reformation? And teach it to their kids? And how many of us realize it is still our job to fight for our faith to be grounded in the Word? To fight petty motives? To return evil for good?

There is still much darkness in the world. There’s still a lot of senseless activity in the world. But maybe for one day, we can bring some sense back.  So go do your research, find out for yourself, and maybe today, do something good, for someone other than yourself. Give, instead of taking. And if you wanna join the semi resistance against mindless celebrations,


Here. I. Stand.



A Question About NaNoWriMo


So my mom asked me a pretty good question the other day.

“Are you going to do that thousand words in a month thing?”

“You mean 50k?”

“Well, are you?”

Huh. Am I?

To be completely honest, I have no idea. Which is bad, cause this party is starting in two days and ain’t nothing gonna stop it. But this is gonna be a lot different for me.

For one, there is no cabins, just serious write to live people crushing their goals. Which I’m cool with, but a bunch of the peeps I know aren’t doing it. But a bunch of the peeps I do know are.


For another another, life tends to be busy in November. Finals seem to loom over the  proverbial head (I was gonna say horizon but autocorrect seemed to think otherwise), Thanksgiving is coming, and it’s literally waiting for Christmas to come. And I know from experience November is crazy for me XD

Also I don’t need to go into how I’m a crazed soul on lattes when I’m seriously writing. I have been known to terrorize people just by asking what’s a good way to stab someone.

(I swear it was pure character research. Just like my tendency to move my hands and shape something is for design. It really is please believe meh.)

But on the other hand, when all is said and done, I am a writer. I love writing. I love seeing my story come alive, and that feeling you get when you hit a thousand words, the click clack, okay I’m an addict I admit it.

I’d love to see someone read my story, the way, say, one reads Wonder. Not that I’ll be good, but there’s a first step for everything, right?

Another thing is I have never finished the whole 50k. Ever. And being the competitive person I am, I want to end that streak.

And there’s so many things I’d love to happen and so many things I ant, but I guess a worthy thing to consider is what God wants.

What does He want me to do?

A friend cleared it up for me. “If you know in your heart God wants you to be a writer, then no matter what anyone’s else tells you, go for it! Don’t let it get in the way of family and school, but go for it!”

Now see, writers have to write.

Looks like I’m gonna have to do some serious checking.

Cause if I commit, I want the entire 50.

Mom, can I answer that question on November 1?


Writers Helping Writers- Writers Helping You!

I am so sorry if you don’t happen to be a writer, truly, but nevertheless I’d appreciate your attention to this exciting matter! 😀 Happy Sunday, everyone, and I sure hope you got some rest for another long haul.

So anyway. Back to the writing stuff. (I mean NaNo is coming soon so it’s appropriate, amirite?)

Recently I got to join two awesome blog tours by Kellyn Roth, a great writer, and now, the founder of…

Reveries Co.!

That’s right, there’s a brand new company on the block, and it’s created with looking-to-be-published writers in mind! (I.E. possibly you in a year or two 😉 ) But what exactly is Reveries Co. ? Glad you asked.

(I’m going to ramble. Sorry.)

So if you’re a wannabe writer, like myself, you wanna publish at some point in the future. Right? And if you wanna publish at some point in the future, you just might go for independent publishing… riiight? (Cause, y’know, it takes money and you gotta save money so you can make more books okay I’m done) Now if you agree to the first two questions, then you realize that…

– you have to make your own cover

-and you have to proofread and edit on your own

-let’s not even mention the dread scott that is marketing

-and publishing

-and trying to get the word out

-WEBSITES (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, a dot com)

-being professional TM


-basically it is going to be twice as hard

-and if you’re a Christian writer that’s even harder

-let alone a young Christian writer


A’course, you could always hire individual people, but truth be told, that’s even more money. Waa.

Not to sound market-y but you seriously do not have to anymore. 😀 Kellyn hasn’t only made a service for us writers ready to publish, she’s also gathered some amazing people from around the blogsphere (both Blogger and WordPress), whose talents are being combined into this awesome company that’s just getting things started!

And I realize that the above list can be pretty discouraging. As the rest of life can be, especially on Christian young writers. But you know what?

Young Christian writers are coming back with a vengeance. We were the readers of last year, who were inspired by books, whose hearts were inspired by books, by The Book. Our generation’s stuff doesn’t seem to be pretty good. Like… not good. And our Christian YA fiction seriously needs some alpha readers.

So, to borrow a phrase, we’ll have to do it ourselves.

That, my dears, is what Reveries Co. is here to help you for.

Check it out. Spread the word. Maybe you just might catch the eye of a future writer. 🙂

How will you know if you don’t?



Life Update: Enjoying The Little Blessings- Emphasis on “Little”


I have spent like ten minutes trying to come up with an opening to this ramble, but I’ll just scrap it and go for saying that I, like the general population, am tired and weary and seriously candy- deprived. Reformation Day (or Halloween for you utter heathens) couldn’t come soon enough. But I’m here, just resting. I gotta say it’s a relief.

Along with my cousin Jj who’s as sarcastic as me, I can’t imagine who on earth would even bother to read about my day. Unlike Jj, that little annoy- uh… person, I have decided to go ahead anyway. 😛

-Enjoyed seeing the sky change from pitch black to a light blue, and not hearing a single soul bother me

-happily watched scenes from movies on YT and somehow wasn’t guilty

-spent some time stretching (i.e splits, dangling off beams, and handstands XD)

-actually made a decent breakfast (not a granola bar or a piece of fruit)

– got to go skating (EEEP!!) for the first time in 7 months, somehow tried skating backwards without stumbling


-listened to The Toy and still have very conflicting opinions on it (on one hand I love how everyone got together JASON HEY MAN, and on the other hand I felt very much made POLEHAUS DON’T YOU KNOW GOING DOWNTOWN CAN BE TRAMATIZING)

-The absolutely best thing ever: I went to the library and got BOOKS. BOOKS. BOOKS!


(Look at that amazing compilation of beauty and man I can’t believe how lovely it is I can’t breathe someone get me more books I got Wonder y’all)

I don’t know why I’m listing all these little things that don’t mean much to anyone except me, but to sum up, these little blessings put a smile on my face, and that goes a long way.

Life doesn’t have to be big huge exciting things. Sometimes God sends you little things to enjoy, to show you He cares.

I hope you find ’em too. 🙂 Happy Saturday!




The Secret Project I Was Working On, pt. 2


Hey people, it’s Friday! *cheers* Doing good?

So I have the extra part to the secret project. That is, if you’re interested.
















Aha, I assume you’re interested! 😀 Now, if you remember, I had to write a script for school. I’m not sure if I told you, but I had the option to read it out loud, or actually make it into a play.

I chose the latter.

Now, the funny thing is, I don’t actually have anyone on hand to voice these characters. But I did know a few Blogger/NaNo cabinmates/ friends who could! So with the help of Madi, Tess, and Rebekah, lots of late night editing, laughter, and fancy words, we turned the script into a full on audio drama.

And I had the crazy notion that just maybe, you’d all enjoy watching it. 😶

So here it is, in all its nonexistent glory, once again. Click or risk death by stepping on Legos…

(Warning, it’s not that good, and I mean professional AIO good but it is my first time so no hate!) Ahem, but I would like to know what y’all think!

Thanks a bunch to Tess for playing Alistair, Madi for playing Izoria and uploading the audio, and Rebekah for playing Louisa! You gals are awesome!

Oh… and one last thing.

That’s not the end of the secret project.

Not at all.

It’s only the beginning.




The Secret Thing I Was Working On, Pt. 1


Heyo people of the earth. *waves*

So you know how I’ve tossed put The Ugly Duckling reimagining on the shelf in exchange for this new, secret project I’ve kept under wraps? It’s finished now. 😀 And what is this secret project, and why am I so excited?

Lemme explain.

One of the many assignments I was compelled to complete was to write a dramatic one act, one scene play. I was told to go all out and reveal the main character’s characteristics. Then, after it was finished, I was supposed to publish it.

Now, if you’re anything but a homeschooler, that comes in easy for you- you can read it to your class. Even if ya go to co-op, it’s still something. But when you’re me, well, you have to be a lil smidge creative.

Hence posting the script on the blog. Hehe. But I digress, here it is, in all its nonexistent glory… Izoria’s Choice!


Izoria’s Choice- Act 1, Scene 1


  (The setting is a fine, fancy home, that some would call a mansion if it were thought of, in 1870s Boston. Izoria Rose is seated on an elegant couch next to Alistair Desmond, and the two are laughing.)


Alistair(just finished laughing): And might I say you look simply stunning, Miss Rose? As far as I have seen there is no other lady in all of Boston with looks to equal yours.


Izoria(flattered): You’re quite the charmer, Mr. Desmond.


Alistair: Why, the only one who’s a charm is you, my dear.




[Alistair is about to say something seriously, when Louisa comes in.]


Alistair:(in a serious tone) You know, Izoria, we’ve never really discussed-


Louisa:(walks in suddenly, interrupting Alistair and startling both Izoria and Alistair) I’m sorry to interrupt! I just received a telegram for you, Miss Rose.


Alistair:(is slightly annoyed)Child!Of course you should be. Now-


Izoria:(smiles and responds kindly, interrupting Alistair)Alistair, it’s quite alright. (to Louisa) Who’s it from, dear?


Alistair:(mutters to himself)She should be calling me dear..


Louisa:A man named Kintly, from..(looks at paper)Oklahoma. Shall I leave it out on your table?


Izoria:Would you kindly read it for me, if that’s all right? I’d hate to keep whoever he is waiting.


Louisa: Of course,Miss Rose. (rustles paper as she starts to read)(reads out loud) To whom it may concern, stop. This is a friend of Erie Rose, stop.


[At the mention of Erie Rose, Izoria is taken by surprise.]


Izoria(gasping): Erie Rose? Are you sure that’s the name?


Alistair(in concern): What is it my dear? What has forcibly come into your heart and has left you so? Will I need so summon a doctor,my flower?


Louisa(matter of factly): I’m very sure.


Izoria(trying to be calm):Oh, I’m alright. It’s not(sighs) every day a friend of the father that.. (hesitates)disowned you sends word by telegram, of all things.(hurriedly) Do read on, please, Louisa.


Alistair(alarmed): Disowned? How is-


Izoria: Hush, Louisa is reading.


Louisa:(aloud) Send word to Izoria Rose that her father is dying, stop. She must come by the time she hears of this, stop. He must see her one last time, stop. (is done) That’s it, Miss Rose. Are- are you alright, really? (is worried) You look pale.


Izoria(shaking): Am I?(suddenly raises her voice)What more does he want from me?


Alistair(tries to calm Izoria down): Now, now, my dear, don’t make a fuss. I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation to all things.


Izoria(raises her voice): But you don’t understand! Erie Rose is my father!


Louisa(pipes in): I knew that.


Alistair: And I surmised,my flower. Tell me- tell us, what leaves you so drained of blood, of life, of your very spirit?


Izoria(exhales): My mother died giving birth to me. Father-(sighs,sniffles) he’d take his grief out on me, never happy in whatever I did, even if it was to please him.(muses, as if to herself) I always thought he cast me off entirely after he moved to the West and disowned me..


Louisa(taken aback): Oh no, I’m so sorry!


Alistair(tries to comfort as eloquently as possible): Oh Izoria! My love, my dear, my all! What is cruelty to leave you so, what-


Izoria(hasn’t paid attention to Alistair’s spiel)(murmurs):And now,after everything he’s put me through, he’s finally leaving this life. What could he possibly want to put me through now? I’ve suffered enough.


Alistair:Then send word that you won’t come to see him, it’s as simple as that. Nobody should suffer seeing an abuser, especially yourself!


Izoria: But,(pauses)it might be something important. A last order,or a will. (gets mad) What do I care for his words? That’s all they are and all they will ever be!


Alistair: Precisely, my gem among common stones. (to Louisa) Louisa, darling, prepare pen and paper, won’t you please?


Louisa: Yes, sir. (about to go off when Izoria stops her)


Izoria(suddenly): No, wait. I- (sighs) He’s still my father. I should go see him, especially if it’s his death I’ll come to.(to Louisa)Would you fetch my trunk, dear?


Louisa: Yes, Miss Rose. (walks out)


Alister(protesting): Absolutely not! You should be with someone you really love, not a man who’s maltreated you and left you on your own.
Izoria(sounds like she’s crying but determined): I do love you- but as long as I never see him again, I can brave it out I’m sure. (sighs with force) As long as I never see him again.


 I don’t write romances. I hate them. 😛 But oh well. Thoughts? Opinions? Death threats? Lemme know. And remember– there’s a possible part 2. 😉 Have a great day!


What I Desperately Wish You’d Understand

Dear people seeing me plug away at my laptop, laughing over something; you guys whispering at the door; the ones who give me those stares and glares; the ones who blame me for every single problem on my laptop; the people that see me bounce up and down, message someone, write something down, write til 12 am:

You are aware I know you’re watching me, right?

You are aware I know what you think of me, right? I’m a weird person who likes to spend time on the laptop, I’m looking at questionable stuff, la-de-da.

Surprisingly, you are the people who never believe me when I tell you I write. You’re the people who think you’re being smart wisecracking about my stories. If in the rare case I let you read it, you’ll make fun of me. For all the suspiciousness you put on me, you don’t even believe me, myself.

Well believe me when I tell you that yes, I like to spend time on the computer BUT that time is used for those assignments I have to do. Yes, I have assignments that take me 5 hours to complete, because I have one on every. single. subject.

Believe me when I ask for privacy, NOT because I’m keeping secrets. But because I am- my writing is precious to me, and as a decent human being, you should respect that and back off. If they’re trash to you, keep walking.

Believe me when I say music helps me concentrate on what I have to do, it helps me calm down, relax, and prepare. Music helps me avoid the trouble you put me through.

Believe me when I tell you that this writing community is safe, strong, and I’ve been growing as a writer with other growing writers than on my own. If you don’t think it’s safe, you’re entitled to your own opinion.

Believe me when I tell you writer’s block is real, and that inspiration truly comes at odd times. You think I want to be stuck on a story I’m so close to finishing? If you do, clearly you don’t know me.

So maybe I’m different. Maybe I do look weird and crazed doing different things. That doesn’t give you the right to call me whatever you think.

But rest assured I’ll capture your characters lovely in a book.











Mountains, Gandalf. Mountains!


There are things in life that make you go, “wow.” It can be anything from a cake that plops out of the pan perfectly, to the Grand Canyon, finding out Mitch came back,  a really cool science experiment, a sunset, the ending of Infinity War, and a perfectly executed skate move. Take your pick.

My “wow” thing last Saturday was a random hike in bluffs in Scarborough.


I love hikes, I love roughing it out, climbing things, risking falling, discovering new paths, and capturing the whole thing on my camera. Thanks to school though, and then other projects, those times are few and far in between. But when they do come, it’s pretty epic.

Last Saturday I was plugging on this laptop for said secret project that I’m super excited about that I ain’t saying a thing about when my mother told us to get moving. It was only when we were all in the car did I find out we were going to Bluffer’s, a place I haven’t been since I was nine. Long time. Good times. Anyway, let’s skip the part with traffic, headaches, and lack of internet and jump into the part we began walking.


The good thing about fall hikes are no bug bites, beautiful foliage, and really fresh air. Not to mention perfect weather. The bad thing- where is the bad thing in this?


Thanks, brother. The shot wouldn’t have been as interesting without you. Anyway, nothing said nostalgia like walking through those muddy paths again- a’course we walked right through some poor couple’s photoshoot, complete with real flash and what not. I hope they didn’t mind.


Okay, so it wasn’t a mountain. It was still epic though. Although I probably was going to climb it if it weren’t for the obvious sign, the recent small landslide, certain death (because if the bluffs didn’t kill me my mother certainly would) and a camera. Hmph. 😦

But the view was more than worth it.


Look at that. It’s beautiful.

It was hard to take pictures of the whole thing without running into someone else taking a picture too, or (even worse) someone actually chipping off the bluffs. Which confuses me but oh well. 😛

About ten times you’da heard someone yelling at me to slow down, and with a view like this? I didn’t blame them. It’s amazing how beautiful God’s creation is.


Now, most of the time we go on hikes, we go to the main attraction, stay a while, then head back.

This time though, something musta taken over all of us, because we unanimously agreed to keep going. Which is probably a family thing, but oh well.


Okay, now that I think about it I probably convinced everyone to keep going, considering how far ahead I was. 😛 But hey, it worked out!


I think one of the “wow” things that made it for me was how peaceful the water was. It hardly looked like it was moving at all, and it kinda made me want to grab a canoe and paddle to the edge of the sea. Again, certain death stopped me. But still, it was so breath-taking. No joke, I had to catch my breath for a good five minutes.


Someone set a wittle adowable gnomon here, so I shall show it to you as well. I almost knocked it and myself over the log in the process. XD


By the time we decided to head back, we’d been walking for over two hours past a bluff, up a steep road, through a fancy neighborhood, and backwards (don’t ask.) And then there was one tiny problem.


We had to walk down the side of the bluff. Like straight down. As you can see ^.

To avoid sounding like a fisherman who got the big one I’ll just say it was a really interesting trip down. 😀 And added to the “wow”.

Which this whole hike was. And which is why I enjoyed it.  My only problem later was I was hungry. XD

Have a good day, all y’all!


A Wittle Conversation With Ivy From Beyond Her Calling!


In case you’re wondering, this is NOT Jo, which you could probably tell straight away, couldn’t you? Jo’s busy with the top secret project that she’s really giddy about.. anyway, she called me, Gale Darn, back here for a very important reason: Kellyn Roth has a new book out! 😀 And because TL&HD loves books, we signed up! 😊

Beyond Her Calling Blurb:

At twenty, Ivy Knight feels as if she hasn’t accomplished anything of worth. Her life stretches on before her, empty and pointless. Though her faith in God and her mental abilities have been strengthened, she still doubts herself. Does God have a purpose for a socially awkward, often confused and frightened young woman?

Jordy McAllen has just returned to Scotland after his education in London. Though he has accomplished a lot for a farm lad such as himself, he fears that what everyone has always said about him may be true: he won’t really make a good doctor. Determined to prove himself, Jordy snatches up the opportunity to become the doctor in the village of Keefmore near his parents’ farm.

Helping Jordy with his work at Keefmore seems like the perfect opportunity for Ivy. Still, she doubts herself. Is there a purpose to Ivy’s life?

Ooh, this sounds really fascinating! And to make it even better, here’s the author’s bio!

Author Bio

Kellyn Roth lives on an Eastern Oregon ranch with her parents, little brothers, border collies, cats, and a few dozen cows and chickens. Always a lover of a good story, and especially of telling one, she’s been writing since she was seven and published her first novel at fourteen. Now a homeschool grad, she divides her time between penning her next Christian historical novel, creating professionally silly articles at, and her actual life. Actual life plays second fiddle sometimes, though.

Find out more on her website:

Ahh, this just makes me wanna read more! Well, anyway, as the title shows, I got to meet up with the Ivy Knight and talk to her a little with my sister MJ!
I’m in bold,
MJ’s in bold italics,
And Ivy’s in normal.
-Hi there! First off, how are you doing this lovely day?
Oh, absolutely lovely! I’m so glad to be here!
-Okay, great! We are, too! 😀
So, what’s life like in Scotland? Would you ever want to live somewhere else for a change?
Well, normally I live in England, so Scotland is a change for me! But I’m glad of it this time, even though I normally like to stay home. So yes, it’s nice living “somewhere else” for a change!
That’s so awesome! Moving out is so.. exhilarating, really. Has anything happened since you began wondering about your life to make you change your thoughts?
Yes! I went to Scotland. It’s been quite an experience! Of course, my sister Alice leaving for her new home (she’s married now) was the thing that made me want something more.
– How does working with Jordy go? Is it exciting, thrilling?
It’s not terribly exciting or thrilling, but it can be scary! I hate the sight of blood, and I hate when people are in pain, and it’s frightening that so many people are sick or hurt.
But I think it goes well! I like it, at least. I don’t know how helpful I am, though. I’m not very experienced.
-What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?
Oh, reading! I love books. They take you away from the world – oftentimes into a much nicer, more pleasant one! I think everyone should read. It’s one of the best things in the world! It teaches you about people, it gives you empathy and understanding, it helps you learn … and it’s fun!
– Exactly, reading books is like going to another world! I can’t wait to read yours. 😀
In the blurb, it mentions you have doubts. When you struggle with doubts about life in general, where do you turn to?
It used to be that I’d mostly turn to my mother or Alice (my twin sister). But of course Mother and Alice won’t always be there for me. But you know who will be there for me? God! So I’ve got to learn to turn to Him.
-*nods*I gotta learn that too. Ooh, anyway, I gotta know something. Aren’t brothers the most annoying things ever thought of???
What? No! I love my brothers.
Well … granted, they can be a little frustrating sometimes … but I still love them!
That was so fun! Thanks Ivy for the chat! Although YOUR brother must be awesome. MY brothers are annoying! 😛
Please ignore my sister Ivy. It was a pleasure to have you!
Hmph. Oh, and don’t forget, there’s a giveaway going on right now!
Plus, the Goodreads and Amazon links are here if you wanna check it out. 
If you wanna follow the tour, the schedule’s right here!


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-Gale (The Actually Good Child)


What To Do & Not To Do To Get On A Writer’s Good Side


How we feel when we write a high action part.

Ooh, first I’m being random about photography, and now I’m being random about writing. XD I wonder if I’ll ever have a normal post for once.



So, anyway, it’s great to be with you all here. As some of you might know, NaNoWriMo, the official event, is coming up in 2ish weeks. Some of you have a head start, some are prepared, and others are frantically reading every article on story plotting they can find. I’ll trust you to figure out where I am. 🤓

But that got me thinking. For almost every writer participating, there’s also a few friends and family member who must surely think they’re crazy.


There’s also gotta be a few friends who still want to be friends despite the request (or lack of it) for alphas every other day. If you’re in the latter group, good! This is for you.

The best Book, ever.

Don’t Ever Ever Ever Try To Read A Draft, A Text, Or Anything On A Writer’s Laptop.

This is probably one of the cruelest things anyone could ever do. It’s like you’ve been violated, hasn’t the closed door, the empty chocolate bars, and the 24/7 music been signs enough? You don’t want anyone to come near! You’re very busy!

So, just don’t. If you even try, or use the “What are you hiding?” gig, you’ll be hated. For life.

The knives we’ll use to stab you if you disregard our privacy.

Do Ask Questions About A New WIP, And Writing In General. But Be Polite.

I dunno know about you, but I was more willing to open up to people who asked thoughtful questions on things they really did care about, rather than people who asked demeaning questions laced with sarcasm and mockery and didn’t care about the answer anyway. And yes, I’ve met both people.

Please. If you have a writer friend, be the former, I beg you! You might not think, but for the most part, we looooove questions about our stories, our thought process, like we’re the creative people we are! 😀 Just expect varying reactions, cause some things you can talk on for hours and  other things are national security level secret.

Don't press this button
The button we’ll all put on our files to discourage YOU from opening them.

 Don’t Discourage Us When We Have Writer’s Block.

Unless you encourage by being sarcastic and gloomy and your writing friend takes it as a challenge and writes, why would you? There’s like… no reason. And please don’t wave it off like, “you have real things to do instead of wasting time.” Ouch! This is as real as it gets buddy. If you wouldn’t like it done to you, don’t do it to us!

How we’ll feel next month.

  Do Be Lovingly Strict With Us.

We’re writers. We’re also (at least I am) weirdos. As such, during peak writing hours, we tend to be distracted and dazed and workaholics. This is where you can help, if you want. If you’re a friend and you see us tired or moping around, make out get some air. If you’re a sibling and you see us (me) scrolling on Pinterest or YouTube and not being productive, make us close the tabs and write! If you’re a parent and we haven’t eaten anything other than snacks, make us eat.

Disclaimer that this is all (this paragraph) is optional and you can also leave us alone to our devices. But like.. if you care to be extra, we’d appreciate it.

What we all wish we could eat for the entire 30 days.

 Don’t Be In Our Faces So Much, Particularly Just When We’re About To Write.

I swear, there are people who just wait til I get to my laptop, then come out and bug me to death. It’s annoying. Then there are the other people who don’t realize that the writer is trying to be productive Andy spam them with chores, texts, or talking. To be  fair, we don’t exactly tell people’s “I’m working now, don’t bother me!” But if you see us on our laptops, looking dead serious, music blaring, take a hint and step away.

How far off our patience will be if you keep interrupting.

Do Give Your Honest Opinion If Your Writer Friend Asks You To Read Over a WIP. But BE TACTFUL.

This will be rare, I’ll warn you, because we hate having our books read by someone we know, for fear of what they’ll say. But if you happen to be one of the fortunate who do, tell honestly what you liked and what you did not like. We’re a long way from perfect, and feedback, both positive and negative, helps shape us. So be honest. Tell your friend they wrote a confusing chapter, a boring character, or that they used too many words (Ha!) . But be tactful. Don’t go saying, “this was so boring,” say, “do you think you could make it more of a attention holder?” Or something, like that. Find the nicest way you can let them know it needs work, even if all you say is, “it needs work.” If you can find that balance between gentle and tough, good for you.

How we’ll grow with critique.

And… to be sure, following all of this won’t assure your friendship with a writer will have you reading their stuff. But we’ll appreciate it. For sure! 😊 If you read all that, thank you! And if you gave up, thanks for trying! 😛 Have a good one.

*waves off*