What To Do & Not To Do To Get On A Writer’s Good Side


How we feel when we write a high action part.

Ooh, first I’m being random about photography, and now I’m being random about writing. XD I wonder if I’ll ever have a normal post for once.



So, anyway, it’s great to be with you all here. As some of you might know, NaNoWriMo, the official event, is coming up in 2ish weeks. Some of you have a head start, some are prepared, and others are frantically reading every article on story plotting they can find. I’ll trust you to figure out where I am. 🤓

But that got me thinking. For almost every writer participating, there’s also a few friends and family member who must surely think they’re crazy.


There’s also gotta be a few friends who still want to be friends despite the request (or lack of it) for alphas every other day. If you’re in the latter group, good! This is for you.

The best Book, ever.

Don’t Ever Ever Ever Try To Read A Draft, A Text, Or Anything On A Writer’s Laptop.

This is probably one of the cruelest things anyone could ever do. It’s like you’ve been violated, hasn’t the closed door, the empty chocolate bars, and the 24/7 music been signs enough? You don’t want anyone to come near! You’re very busy!

So, just don’t. If you even try, or use the “What are you hiding?” gig, you’ll be hated. For life.

The knives we’ll use to stab you if you disregard our privacy.

Do Ask Questions About A New WIP, And Writing In General. But Be Polite.

I dunno know about you, but I was more willing to open up to people who asked thoughtful questions on things they really did care about, rather than people who asked demeaning questions laced with sarcasm and mockery and didn’t care about the answer anyway. And yes, I’ve met both people.

Please. If you have a writer friend, be the former, I beg you! You might not think, but for the most part, we looooove questions about our stories, our thought process, like we’re the creative people we are! 😀 Just expect varying reactions, cause some things you can talk on for hours and  other things are national security level secret.

Don't press this button
The button we’ll all put on our files to discourage YOU from opening them.

 Don’t Discourage Us When We Have Writer’s Block.

Unless you encourage by being sarcastic and gloomy and your writing friend takes it as a challenge and writes, why would you? There’s like… no reason. And please don’t wave it off like, “you have real things to do instead of wasting time.” Ouch! This is as real as it gets buddy. If you wouldn’t like it done to you, don’t do it to us!

How we’ll feel next month.

  Do Be Lovingly Strict With Us.

We’re writers. We’re also (at least I am) weirdos. As such, during peak writing hours, we tend to be distracted and dazed and workaholics. This is where you can help, if you want. If you’re a friend and you see us tired or moping around, make out get some air. If you’re a sibling and you see us (me) scrolling on Pinterest or YouTube and not being productive, make us close the tabs and write! If you’re a parent and we haven’t eaten anything other than snacks, make us eat.

Disclaimer that this is all (this paragraph) is optional and you can also leave us alone to our devices. But like.. if you care to be extra, we’d appreciate it.

What we all wish we could eat for the entire 30 days.

 Don’t Be In Our Faces So Much, Particularly Just When We’re About To Write.

I swear, there are people who just wait til I get to my laptop, then come out and bug me to death. It’s annoying. Then there are the other people who don’t realize that the writer is trying to be productive Andy spam them with chores, texts, or talking. To be  fair, we don’t exactly tell people’s “I’m working now, don’t bother me!” But if you see us on our laptops, looking dead serious, music blaring, take a hint and step away.

How far off our patience will be if you keep interrupting.

Do Give Your Honest Opinion If Your Writer Friend Asks You To Read Over a WIP. But BE TACTFUL.

This will be rare, I’ll warn you, because we hate having our books read by someone we know, for fear of what they’ll say. But if you happen to be one of the fortunate who do, tell honestly what you liked and what you did not like. We’re a long way from perfect, and feedback, both positive and negative, helps shape us. So be honest. Tell your friend they wrote a confusing chapter, a boring character, or that they used too many words (Ha!) . But be tactful. Don’t go saying, “this was so boring,” say, “do you think you could make it more of a attention holder?” Or something, like that. Find the nicest way you can let them know it needs work, even if all you say is, “it needs work.” If you can find that balance between gentle and tough, good for you.

How we’ll grow with critique.

And… to be sure, following all of this won’t assure your friendship with a writer will have you reading their stuff. But we’ll appreciate it. For sure! 😊 If you read all that, thank you! And if you gave up, thanks for trying! 😛 Have a good one.

*waves off*






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  1. Please explain to me what Camp NanoWriMo is…How to get on, because I started another book *forehead slap* *Is sixth book I’m working on* *Needs help but can’t help it* AND I NEED INCENTIVE
    Fern:Never have I been so insulted
    Faye: Be quiet

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