Life Update: Enjoying The Little Blessings- Emphasis on “Little”


I have spent like ten minutes trying to come up with an opening to this ramble, but I’ll just scrap it and go for saying that I, like the general population, am tired and weary and seriously candy- deprived. Reformation Day (or Halloween for you utter heathens) couldn’t come soon enough. But I’m here, just resting. I gotta say it’s a relief.

Along with my cousin Jj who’s as sarcastic as me, I can’t imagine who on earth would even bother to read about my day. Unlike Jj, that little annoy- uh… person, I have decided to go ahead anyway. πŸ˜›

-Enjoyed seeing the sky change from pitch black to a light blue, and not hearing a single soul bother me

-happily watched scenes from movies on YT and somehow wasn’t guilty

-spent some time stretching (i.e splits, dangling off beams, and handstands XD)

-actually made a decent breakfast (not a granola bar or a piece of fruit)

– got to go skating (EEEP!!) for the first time in 7 months, somehow tried skating backwards without stumbling


-listened to The Toy and still have very conflicting opinions on it (on one hand I love how everyone got together JASON HEY MAN, and on the other hand I felt very much made POLEHAUS DON’T YOU KNOW GOING DOWNTOWN CAN BE TRAMATIZING)

-The absolutely best thing ever: I went to the library and got BOOKS. BOOKS. BOOKS!


(Look at that amazing compilation of beauty and man I can’t believe how lovely it is I can’t breathe someone get me more books I got Wonder y’all)

I don’t know why I’m listing all these little things that don’t mean much to anyone except me, but to sum up, these little blessings put a smile on my face, and that goes a long way.

Life doesn’t have to be big huge exciting things. Sometimes God sends you little things to enjoy, to show you He cares.

I hope you find ’em too. πŸ™‚ Happy Saturday!





11 thoughts on “Life Update: Enjoying The Little Blessings- Emphasis on “Little”

  1. YAYAYYYAYAYAY for skating! Just bought some outdoor wheels for my ‘blades so now we’re buds! Even tho ice skating and roller blading must be a bit different. But not too different right?
    YES TO WATCHING MOVIE SCENES ON YT honestly i do that way more than i care to admit
    HANDSTANDSSSS can you teach me how to do them without flipping all the way over and hurting myself because i’ve done that like twice now
    And honestly? Little things are God’s way of talking, I’ve found. He doesn’t have to split open the sky to show you He cares. πŸ˜‰
    Keep going, Jo. Keep going.

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  2. Ooh, ice skating looks like so much fun! My friend (irl) does ice skating (actually two of them do) and they both say it so much fun! Maybe I’ll have to try sometime. πŸ˜€

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