Conflicting Thoughts On Halloween? Join The Semi-Resistance. And The Day That’s Really Worth Celebrating.



Today’s the last day of October. How on earth…. And today is also known as Halloween, which, maybe is a topic you’re not sure about yet? (And I don’t mean ta be offensive, so… sorry!) Some of us love it, some of us are against it, and then there’s us who’re in a different level entirely.

Yeah, I’m going to rant. But you’ll see why.

As a kid, I was taught Halloween was bad, that they celebrate the devil and whatnot, but my church, probably for the sake of the poor kids who didn’t get candy, had a Christianized version of Halloween? So, there was that angle.

But the thing is I liked cosplay, (Using regular clothes to make a costume) and I was a dumb kid who wanted candy. I guess that explains the really cool black jacket and the candied apples we made at home. So my family was having the fun without all the commercialism, and without calling it Halloween? I guess? But we’re also a family that wanted to celebrate things with a point, with a purpose, and my parents also couldn’t eat too much sugar. Heh.


Probably shouldn’t have made brownies. Anyway, if you one of those who want something really worth celebrating, like me, there happens to be an event that changed world history that more kids, more Christians should know about. It wasn’t a counter on Halloween, it was a protest of it and all the darkness of the 1500s.

On October 31,1517, Martin Luther wielded a hammer.

But it’s not the hammer that was important so don’t get your hopes up. What was important was the paper he was nailing to the door of some really fancy church I forgot the name of. Because that paper was the 95 theses. Basically, it was calling the Roman Catholic Church out on every serious flaw they made acceptable. (And if you’re Catholic, I’m really sorry if I offended you! The Catholics back then were vastly different from the Catholics now, so..)

You see, back then, in the Middle Ages through the beginnings of the Renaissance, people were WHACKED. They believed that evil spirits were real and goblins were about to snatch their souls, so they needed to worship them to appease the spirits, that flies came from rotten meat, that the sun revolved around the earth, and that the only way to Heaven was to do strictly what the Catholic Church said. And what did the church do? Not much that was helpful.

They thought it was borderline ungodly for anyone not a clergy to read the Scripture. (And I’m obviously rehashing everything, don’t get mad) so no Bible, no assurance of salvation, none of God’s wisdom for life, and it all leads to chaos.

Martin Luther literally nailed down everything wrong with the system and started some people to be mad. i.e. the system. And everything he got was from studying the Bible. This was the brave, bold thing he did. He based everything, every belief, on the word of God. Which was huge in a time where the pope was infallible and said only truth (TM).


And that’s how Luther and contemporaries started a revolution. And while they weren’t perfect, they were committed to basing everything on the Bible so that families, kids,  future generations wouldn’t be duped with the false lie that the Bible isn’t enough. And I know I’m a bad explainer so go check out Desiring God and search ‘Halloween’ if you wanna know more, but  the long and short of it is that today marked the beginning of something huge. It was for the defense of our faith on the Bible.

Problem is we couldn’t care less. How many Christians know about the Reformation? And teach it to their kids? And how many of us realize it is still our job to fight for our faith to be grounded in the Word? To fight petty motives? To return evil for good?

There is still much darkness in the world. There’s still a lot of senseless activity in the world. But maybe for one day, we can bring some sense back.  So go do your research, find out for yourself, and maybe today, do something good, for someone other than yourself. Give, instead of taking. And if you wanna join the semi resistance against mindless celebrations,


Here. I. Stand.



26 thoughts on “Conflicting Thoughts On Halloween? Join The Semi-Resistance. And The Day That’s Really Worth Celebrating.

  1. I do know some about the Reformation, but I had no idea Oct 31 was the day he nailed them to the church. That’s such a beautiful picture of how God’s light gets though even in darkness! Although my church does do a Fall Festival so people can dress up and get plenty of sugar. 😋

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  2. “oÓf” I was not expecting that. I always thought Halloween was kind of stupid, but it’s origins are really dark. For me, it’s a holiday to eat pumpkin pie and pass out candy to little kids. 😊

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  3. That’s really cool how that’s the reason you celebrate! I asked my mom a similar question a few nights ago: Should Christians celebrate Halloween?
    She replied with something like this: Do you ever interact with your neighbors any other day of the year? The Bible says to love your neighbors, and if you shut your door and ban all of those poor kids from ringing the doorbell, they probably won’t want to become Christians too, right? As Christians, we need to represent God well. I use Halloween as an opportunity to (a dress up, (b get candy :P, and (c represent God to all of my neighbors!
    Well said – I really like the idea of Reformation Day!

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  4. Kind of random question, but what denomination are you? (I totally get if if you don’t want to share.) And don’t worry, I know all about the Reformation – I’m a Lutheran XD

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    1. Ooh, fun! 😀 I go to a Baptist Church, but I’m not sure I’d call myself a Baptist because I’m finding that I agree with other denominations too. (I’m also slightly confused as to all the differences and sharp divides XD ) So I guess until further notice, Baptist by choice of church. XD that’s really cool! 😀 Thanks for asking!

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  5. So glad to read this post! I’m totally in! I also had no idea that the day Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses was October 31! It’s such an important event to remember! It has a lot more meaning and importance than celebrating Halloween. (which I don’t celebrate BTW) Thanks for this awesome post! 🙂

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  6. Soooooooooooooo good!!! I hope one day I’ll actually gather the courage to get out of my house and do something fun like Reformation Day on October 31st! 😛
    Also, I volunteer to join the semi-resistance!!!
    (You get 3.8 billion brownies if you caught the extremely smol fandom reference I made there XD XD)

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  7. YAAYYYY REFORMATION DAY. We’ve never celebrated Halloween, the whole thing to me is just beyond creepy and Satanic. *shudders* HERE I STAND, I CAN DO NO OTHER. GO MARTIN LUTHER.

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