What My Character’s Theme Songs Would Be If They Had One


Hey, I’ve been a good little writer bean for five days! I’m sure I’m allowed to blog about my charries (and go on YouTube while I’m at it 😉 ) Hewwo everyone!

So as NaNo has progressed, I’ve built a pretty good playlist of songs. And I discovered I write my characters best when I’m playing songs that are just… them. I dunno how to explain it. But I figured I’d share the songs cause they’re pretty good. 🙂

Here goes!

Gale Darn, Photograph by Ed Sheeran

This is Gale for so many reasons it’s not funny. First the whole thing is about photographs, which is Gale’s second nature. She loves going back to old times and remembering everything that happened. And she’s been waiting for her dad to come home. Like for a while now. A long while.

Laura Darn, Tightrope from The Greatest Showman

(Okay, I tried to find a video without images so don’t blame me! :P)

Tightrope really represents Laura, who’s.. y’know, doing her best to keep up and literally trusting Joshua with her life. Now unlike Charity Barnum, she would never have to worry about losing her husband to someone else. What she does worry about? Losing him to the war. Which is hard when he’s in it. But, as the song goes, she’d follow him into the great unknown. Cause that’s who she is. And also cause she’s awesome. 🙂

Kate Smith, Better When I’m Dancing by Meghan Trainor

For all Kate’s sarcasm and witty comments, she’s a really laidback, fun-loving kinda gal. More often than not, you’ll see her serving up orders at Frank’s Diner bobbing her head, or tapping her feet, though have mercy on the poor person who dared to comment on it. Kate is one of those, “looks like they could kill you, actually could kill you but is a cinnamon roll while they’re at it.” Which is good for Gale.

Jake Darn, This Uniform’s For You by Easton Shane

Jake’s a quiet soul, mostly studying for the SAT and ACT tests to get further in life… and away from Zeke and Gale (the crazies) While he’d never admit it, he really does miss his dad, and he’s committed to doing exactly what he was told: make sure the others don’t kill each other (i.e. the crazies).

Joshua Darn, Home by Phillip Phillips

Joshua loves his family. There is absolutely no question of that no matter who you ask. He wants to make sure no harm’ll come to them and that he does his job well. That’s why it kills him to be apart from them. But it’s also why he has to- to make sure them, and his country, will be safe.

And one last one before I go back to writing these awesome charries..

Zeke Darn, The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything, from Veggietales

Zeke, I am so sorry not sorry. I know you want your macho tough daredevil look but it ain’t happening XD XD Forgive me! Or not. Anyhoo, for those of you who don’t know who Zeke is, he’s Gale’s bane of existence. But he’s also a really great goofy person. Who likes to think he’s a suave daredevil. Definitely a cinnamon roll. Sorry man. 😛

And that’s a wrap now! I’d do the rest but I better go write. XD Have a great one folks!



28 thoughts on “What My Character’s Theme Songs Would Be If They Had One

  1. Oh ma word LOL this is great!!!! I loooooooveeeeeee coming up with theme songs for my characters!!!
    AND YOU PICKED SUCH GOOD SONGS THO. I haven’t heard of all of these, but awesome picks!!! 👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉👍👍👍
    (Tightrope…….*fangirl squeal*) XD

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I love this! So neat that you found the perfect songs for your characters. Also, I looked at your WIP page, and wow, they both look really great! But after reading that Just Come Home’s MC is a photographer and farm girl…I WANT TO READ IT. When you finish, can I be a beta reader?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Allison and Megan and Clara count, right? XD
        Ooh, good question! I was on a road trip once with a lot of fields and places I wanted to explore, and I wondered, “what if there was a farm kid who loved photography?” And I guess it started from there.


  3. I’m sorry I haven’t been around (ALMOST 20,000 WORDS!!!!!!!!) Am I the only one who will freely admit to being a teen who loves VeggieTales?
    The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything is up there with The Lord of the Rings or The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe or even Mary Poppins. The Rumor Weed is amazing, too. I love it so much, Zeke, I would love to meet you.
    I love VeggieTales because there aren’t inapproprate jokes, but there are jokes a smaller kid wouldn’t get that makes it funny.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. *Bows* Thank you!
        I knew I wasn’t alone…VeggieTales is ruined now😢
        Have you seen What’s in the Bible With Buck Denver? It’s what Phil Vicher did after VeggieTales

        Liked by 1 person

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