So, It’s Almost December



It’s December in 10 days people. 10. days.

*screams at the wall for the next half hour*

I kinda disappeared after  that “go get up” post, and I’m grateful to say that I have got up.

And then got choked with homework so some good that did me.

At current check, I have ten tests, one project, 2 papers, and 3 assignments that are all due before the month is over. Not a lot of time for this procrastinating person. *sighs* Hand me that coffee pot, will you?

I can’t believe November is almost over.


Currently queued up in my playlist is one hour of intense concentration music, followed by one hour of indie music, followed by a Captain America Civil War scene. *guiltily removes that last one from the playlist*  And Christmas music follows that.

It’s time for Christmas music and that is surreal. November has moved way too fast.

I’ve gotten to write and laugh and talk with friends til 11, strummed guitar for a bunch of kids who just poked at the poor guitar and made me re-tune it, sent out emails and read books and died dramatically. No, I’m not saving any of this for the recap post. I’m sure I can dreg up some words for that. XD There’s been so much work and so many things to do and times literally tosses itself out the window.


I admit it. I’m tired! But aren’t we all?

Maybe…. maybe that’s a good thing.

Maybe November is when we realize how tired we are, just in time for Christmas to come and make us silent and rest. Like the whole world is quiet at Christmas time. I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t believe in the Christmas spirit. I know not everyone celebrates Christmas, and that’s great, but to me, the fact that Christians get together on one specific day of the year, to celebrate the birth of Christ and it causes them to give freely to other people, to get gifts for each other, and write hymns all about it- I think that’s kinda special and sweet.

And I’m looking forward to it. If only we could be like that throughout the entire year. 🙂

I’d definitely welcome it, compared to all the homework I have going. *groans*




6 thoughts on “So, It’s Almost December

  1. LOL, I KNOW. I’m sitting in my cold attic typing this and I’m literally so starving (not starving hungry XD XD) and wishing it was Christmas, and everything was warm and cozy….. XD

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  2. I love Christmas as well! 😃 When I was younger, it was all “PRESENTSSSSSS!!!!!” *lots of shrieking* But now, it’s more about that feeling in the air. Just… that magic that comes with December. It makes everyone so much happier, and loving, and life feels amazing, even when at the same time it can feel like we’re drowning in our to-do list. 😛

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    either i have amnesia or time is going by way, way too fast.

    and homework *headdesks* I REMEMBER ALL TOO WELL THE END-OF-SEMESTER TESTS. *sighs loudly* life is so much better after graduation, i 100% recommend. ANNNYYWWAAYYY. I hope you finish up your homework okay and have a great rest of the month! 😄

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