A Wee Chat In The Wee Hours


Happy, happy Friday people! I’m tuckered out, who on earth are you guys?

So far I’ve read a whole book *gasps* finished a chunk of homework and now have a dreadful bunch of tests to take (and most likely flunk!), project to finish, wordcount to hit, late nights to stay up on (such as this lovely one) BIBC to participate in (Megan’s hosting this contest for the sixth time- and I’m so joining!) Life refuses to slow down, which is sad and stressful.

I’m also finding myself thinking harder about my faith, life and the future. Don’t ask why, my poor explanation will come jumbled and broken, and mixed with AIO references. And permanently having my hair held by a jumbo clip. Also don’t ask why.

Therefore onto the point of this whole post.

GASP I actually have a point. *mindblown*

Now, see, whenever I have to do something like listen (think live lecture or something equally boring) I have got to write something. Other people may need to doodle, still others knit, still others practice jiu-jitsu. We all have our quirks. Last night I began writing some poems on an old church program and thought they were worth a rewrite.

Poems are tricky things. They show more of one’s heart than a post such as this ever could. So sharing them is kinda like sharing my heart. But maybe someone will be encouraged by it, realize that they’re not alone. I think that’s worth it then.


There Was A Day

There was a day when people thought

Of others and not just themselves

When they preferred to look you in the eye

Instead of text you on a phone


There was a day when nature was

A common beauty and not

The occasional entertainment we choose

As opposed to dinner or a show


There was a day when people knew

How to converse at suppertime

The worth of doing things yourself

And the value of books down that library shelf


But there was a day

It lives in history books, in the rings of the old oak tree down the street

In the ice blue eyes of a old man, wrinkled hands clutching armrest, 

Mouth wavering as he whispers to the air, saying

“There was a day..”



Bus Window

Raindrops patter down the glass

I look out of as my dry hands

Curl up on the cold leather seat


The man next to me

Is far too eager to tell me of

The wonderful amazing things Above


I’d listen but

I’m alone

It’s dark

And I want to go home




Fear of my uncle tickling me is

good thing to have because I could die from laughter while

My cousins look on in amusement, and after, they and

go to scare our aunts from behind and get scolded. They really do

Love it though- and threaten to 

Yowl like cats, and eat all the rice krispie peanut butter squares.


I’m not very good at poetry, but I do enjoy it. I hope y’all did too- and that you’re not staying up ridiculously late like some blogger typing this right now is. *whistles innocently*

See ya!



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