The Things You Learn At An Ice Rink

Hewwo people! Carol of the day (yes, I know I’m behind but whatever, I won’t die :P) is up, so if you wanna give that a listen while you read this post, be my guest! 🙂 (None of the images are related to skating, my bad. I couldn’t take pictures and skate at the same […]

So Far…

School’s been very mean to me. It drones on and on and on anon and then suddenly, “please prepare for a test on section 4A.” Woah, where did that one come from? To be honest, I’ve paid way more attention to news on A4– Avengers 4, that is… and… The. Trailer. Is. Out. Today. People. […]

An Attempt At Newspaper Article Writing

Dear people of the internet, my sincerest apologies for bombarding you daily with this posts. As it is, here’s another one to bore you to death. A newspaper-y post. *sighs* The things this brain comes up with sometimes…. Also blame Writing & Grammar for making me write a newspaper article. Two attempts down below. Your […]

What You Really Should Know About The Spectrum Because I’m Getting Tired Of The People Who Think They Do And Clearly Don’t

I don’t want to open a can of worms. Okay, you know what? I do. I want to open this can of worms because it’s been too long. This stigma with special needs kids, with “disabilities” needs to end. I know nobody reads this but at least it’s out there. Waiting for maybe someone to […]

A Narrative

There are too many assignments to finish. Wayy too much. *groans* Come winter break and save me! Ahem. Anyway, one of the assignments is to write a narrative about a frightening experience from life… and publish it. O_O By BJU definition, apparently, “publish” is to put it out so people can read it. not just […]

Scribble Scrabble: Snippets, Observations, And A Carol

Monday. Dreadful, dreadful day. If Saturday brings out the best in us, Monday brings the worst. Yet today wasn’t all that bad. If you don’t count the dreary sky, aching everything, tension so thick you could cut it with a knife, and *gasp* participles. In all seriousness though, I’m grateful for the day. One, National […]

Scribble Scrabble: Come Behold The Wonderous Mystery And Comftyness

I have no excuses for this. Zero. Nothing to defend how horrible, utterly horrible this whole thing is.  And just when I thought I was doing pretty good at the whole YouTube thing, the background is a horrible mess. Remind me next time to use a recorder. Anyhoo. Hopefully the audio will be less terrible […]

On The First Day Of Christmas

Happy, happy Saturday people! So I did something crazy. Ahem. So last time I mentioned playing a carol on my violin/fiddle every day til Christmas? And maybe posting it? Um. Well. Here. Aright, aright, I know it’s terrible, and I know it sounds horrible, and I know that I am 99.9% + 1% crazy! I am […]