About the lens

About. How on this earth can 5 letters arranged just so cause people to question everything they think is them?

What am I about?

Wow, was I just philosophical for a second there? XD It’s not like I’d know the answer, even if I wanted to.


Well. Hey, there, new person! Or old- take whichever- I’m so glad you stepped onto my wee little blog! 😀 I’m Jo, a Christian homeschooled writer, photographer, amateur actor and athletic enthusiast, bookdragon, almost master of sarcasm, and professional trouble-maker and unmaker in good ole’ Ontario, Canada, where we say sorry faster than we need the sorry and syrup is water.

Oh, and add fangirl, editor, writer for Welcome to Odyssey (fanblog run by Gracie– check it out) and dreamer to that list.

My story begins as stories usually do. To begin the beginning of my life with the beginning of my life, I recall I was born in a hospital, very obviously on the ground, in the cold of night, to a crazy loving pastoring family of 7, and thus the wildness began.


I started this blog on a random moment to try to branch out in writing and photography, but it’s become more than that now. It’s a little aesthetic dump for me to pour out my thoughts (on literally everything- from Pirates of The Caribbean to prayer), and I’m rather pleased about that. Y’all seem to like it anyway.

But that’s my blog. Me?


I’m a perfectly imperfect sinner saved by the grace of a merciful loving God, who has given me more than I deserve and who I hope to know more every day. I see the world through an obvious tint, it’s not rose colored, it’s not a cotton candy happy filter- but it’s definitely from a different angle.

Is it a bad time to mention I’m just at 5’? A smidget. 😦 Oh well.


I am a hopeless fangirl- I first watched Lord Of The Rings when I was like 5, so if anything, y’all should blame my family for my love of Lord Of The Rings (books and movies!- also Eowyn is EPIC), Marvel Cinematic Universe (How dare they kill Bucky and Loki is a good guy), Adventures In Odyssey (MITCH WAS A GOOD CHARACTER!!), Star Wars (as long as there’s light, we still have a chance), Narnia (*sobs* FOR ASLAN!), the Wingfeather Saga (Maraly is hardcore) and Disney-Pixar/Dreamworks (*hollers Prince Of Egypt*). According to a couple quizzes, I’m like Ent and have a lot of Black Widow in me. Fascinating. Ask me about any of my fandoms and some I haven’t mentioned. I will probably get the reference. Let’s not even mention my favorite books- though the Bible and LOTR are probably on top of that list. 😉

jo-team bear- category 5

My headphones are on almost 24/7- almost always listening to something new. Ask for suggestions sometime- though I’ll probably say the Captain America: The Winter Soldier soundtracks. About the headphones- It’s a thing. If none of my senses are being engaged, I will lose it. I actually have already lost it, so it’s a good thing I have music, don’t I? 🙂 I love playing and listening- guitar, violin, and piano have always been fun to try to play, and I like to think I have a good voice. However, if you listen to my parts on the Audiosmiths dramas- a theater-ish group a couple of friends and I put together after 2 minutes of consideration- then you know it’s squeaky and hopelessly high.


I’m a wanderer- my heart’s on the road, driving or flying or even just plain walking. If I haven’t been there before, or even if I have, I wanna go there. Maybe not all who wander are lost, but this one certainly is. But I’m okay with that. Thankfully, I’ve got a bunch of family and friends to make sure I find my way home eventually. With pictures to boot. And I’ll probably write about it when I’m unlosted. Writing has been in me since I was 7, but it’s only now that I finally started tapping into it and seeing if maybe I can tell a good story. None of my stories are finished yet. Not even with the death months that are NaNoWriMo, an awesome cabin, or death dedication to working past 12 am. Still not finished yet.


But then again, neither is my life story, so I won’t beat myself up over it. 😀

I think that’s the essence of what I’m about? Ish? In the end, nobody can really narrow it down to an exact point. But I do know that none of what I just said matters if God isn’t in the center of it all.

And that’s something I have to re-learn every day. 🙂

So yes, that’s it.

My about.



12 thoughts on “About

      1. Hello 🌸
        Joy is really my middle name. My first name is Rebbeca. But you can call me by my blog name.☺️
        We are on the same team- Team Bear in the BIBPC!!!!

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