Services (1)

Launching a new, crazy, destined-to-fail idea is presenting the services of this here blog. Which is destined to fail because I’m not a perfect blogger. I changed themes once a month, for crying out loud! XD

But I like graphic design. I like editing. I’m not good at it, but I like it. Plus I like to help people. So here goes.

Untitled designBehold. A blog’s design is made up (for the most part) of these elements:





-site icon

-featured images, mock book covers

My theme, thankfully, eliminates the need for any and all of these elements. 😛 But yours might not. If you ever want to revamp a theme or a page, start over, add a button, or can do it but just need some help, I’m more than happy to design something for ya! Just comment or head to the contact page. I can’t promise I’ll be the best one out there, because I’m not, but I can promise I’ll do everything I can to help you design a better blog.



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