If I Knew Then What I Know Now (Plus pic for BIBPC, carol, and linky to more of the blog tour yikes this title is long)


You’re not the only one, kid.

Not by a long shot.

There is only one you you of course, the dorky quirky awkward weird laughing kid who’s just not the same from everyone else, but there are other people with your dreams. Your quirks. And your alarming obsession of Adventures in Odyssey, good gracious.

You’re an annoying little midge of energy, so yes, the haters were right.

But you’re lovable. Sorta. So the haters were wrong.

Also, the haters’ opinions don’t really matter, so keep that in mind.

I don’t know how to tell you, kid. I don’t know how to tell you that people will break your heart and what you thought was right is wrong and that things will change with the snap of a finger and you’re gonna have a lot of curve balls whizzing your way, so please learn to catch, kay?

Your “friends” are shallow, but be nice. Don’t collar the big kids even though you know they’re being jerks. If you do, don’t lie about it. Lying is evil. And don’t think you’re all that smart, why don’t ya? But do learn more. You’ll need it.


Remember how you said you had nothing to live for? Ohhh boy, you be wishing you could take that back. Look around you. Look at the little miracle baby of the C’s, that little tiny thing that everyone thought was a dangerous tumor. Her? She’s gonna grow up to be a sweet little terror, and you’ll be chasing her around a hall more times then you can count. Good on ya for not wearing high heels.

Books are portals to another world. I’m glad you spend your head off in them. Also, pick up a pencil soon- you’ll be writing your own before you know it.

Love your family. Love love love them. They’re broken and not perfect, but still good. Also you’re a part of it.

Bacon crumbles exist. You’ll love them.

Good gracious, stop assuming things are gonna be carved out for you, like an easy puzzle. You gotta start doing things yourself and get it done. People are gonna depend on you whether you like it or not. And if not now, definitely in the future. So get used to it.


You’re gonna meet people in ways you didn’t expect and you’re gonna pour your heart and soul into projects you would never have dreamed of doing. So attack that homework while you still have energy.

It does get worse.

It will. It will hurt so bad you can’t breathe.

But it will get better. I can promise you that. Don’t take my word for it. Take God’s.

Also, never ever ever skimp on the Bible. Ever. You’re gonna need that weapon. You’re gonna need to be armed and dangerous.

Uh, no, no, I didn’t mean to practice knife throwing, especially because that’s our last good knife. Thank you.

Things are gonna change. Not all of it will be good, but there will be good changes. You’re gonna meet people you can’t imagine life without and yet don’t like.

Okay admit it, you like that person.


Write, my friend. You’ll love it. You’ll love making up stories and charries and daydreaming and plotting terrible deaths. Surprising, I know. And it’ll help you. So much.

No, no, screaming because of jogging pants and not jeans isn’t normal, no matter how much everyone thinks it is. Don’t be emotional when you respond. Calm down. count to ten. Punch that meanie in the nose. Don’t do the latter one because it won’t make you feel better. Instead… uh… I haven’t come up with how to handle that guy, but as Jesus says, treat them like you would a tax collector.

Run for your life!

Sorry, wrong context, friend. Speaking of, you do need to understand contest very, very well. But you pick your battles, and you stand up to that guy. To your fears. To that goal. To that line. You got this. Life won’t give you a bowl of opportunities and tell you to pick, so keep your eyes peeled for anything you find, and take it.


Connie and Mitch break up. Tom Riley dies. Old Yeller gets shot. Iron Man gets hurt. The Baudelaires are confusing. The stories and life are similar in a way: they don’t go the way you expect.

Unlike the stories, your life story is being written by the Perfect Author, so never fear.

There is always a reason to laugh. I know there will be days when you’ll feel like drek, but trust me, you can find something to smile about. Care for something other than yourself, and do it a lot. Pray constantly. Pray continually. Don’t get out of touch with God.

Get stronger. Practice your high kick, especially on your right foot. It’s terrible. Push yourself to excellence, but stop for water. take care of yourself, and learn how to braid so nobody objects to your ponytail for the hundredth time in a row.

Observe people. Note their reactions, their fears, their movements, how they think.

Don’t be creepy about it though.

Man, there’s too much I wanna tell ya. Too much. Too much about loving and hurting and living and dying and reading and writing and fighting and resting and the time of day and how the year’s gonna fly by before you know it and Aragorn is brave and courageous but he is broken too and broken pieces can be fixed and people like Blackgaard will be defeated and-

…and you’ll find your way.






Well, another sign of my past is the above picture, friends, ^, which is also my picture for BIBPC. This category was so much easier, thank you Megan, tradition. And here’s mine. See, every Christmas Eve, we go on a marathon of AIO’s Back To Bethlehem, and it’s something I hope to be doing til I’m old and gray (and with those same cassettes XD)

4 days until Christmas Chances, people! Ahhh. You can catch more of Audiosmiths with Hannah and Enni’s lovely posts. Well maybe not Enni’s because she messed up my name. 😛 For now, though, I’ve taken a break from editing the audio drama and worked on a carol. I hope ya enjoy, bad though it may be. 😉


(And if the linky doesn’t work, then uh.. lemme know)



When Swarmed By Homework, Follow Me (Ha!)




So I have no clue why I’m writing this post right now. But oh well. Call this randomness at its finest, cause I have no explanation for whatever you’ll read next. Or do I? 😈

Also, happy almost Thanksgiving! Hope you’re all enjoying a well deserved break, cause I am.. not.

Instead I got a ton of homework to finish last night. Yay. And me, being the weird person I am, thought it would be fun to stay up late and finish a chapter or two of work. Taking it even further, I thought you might like to read my somewhat sensical notes. Somewhat.

And pictures. I took pictures.

(You know what, I really have lost my mind.) So here you have it, me at 11 pm, doing homework. I hope you enjoy.



11:36 PM: In light of the fact that I have like 130 pages of homework to finish, this is a futile attempt to try to knock out a great deal of homework. I shall endeavor to stay up til one am.

Don’t worry, it’ll be great! I’ve made tea, my MP3 is charging, I’ve cleaned my desk. I have to pull all-nighters anyway, why not make it fun? 


Am I gonna regret this? Yes!


Am I gonna enjoy myself? Here’s hoping.

11:44 PM: Math sounds like fun. Why don’t we try that and listen to some epic music? 

*searches for good music* 

AHA. How about some AIO? 

I seem to be making one crazy choice after another. 😂


12:13 AM: This math problem makes zero sense. Like this whole thing. Eh.

What I read in between math. This book is seriously good…

12:19 AM: Math is boring. I finished a lesson. Moving on.


12:35 AM: Climax? Crisis? Inciting Incident? Okay, I get this stuff? Now we’re getting somewhere fun!

What’s with all the papers. Wah. 😑


12:50 AM: Ahh, red ink’s so hard to wash off, argh!

Behold, I did it! Actually, no, I just didn’t change my watch back after Daylight Saving Time.. XD

12:56 AM: 2 chapters done, not shabby! 


1:00 AM: Okay, I finished an entire unit. I’m done, goodnight!


12:13 PM: That was fun, I should try that again.

(*cough cough* Um, please don’t try this without permission and/or counselling, believe it or not, I got both!) Okay, I know pulling all-nighters is a bad idea, very bad. But if you ever were a student at one point in life (as I’m sure we all are/were) it’s necessary. So I figured why not try to make it enjoyable? 😛 That seems to be my default for a lot of things: if you can’t escape doing it, at least have fun while you’re at it.

It’s bound to fail me at some point in life.

But hey, it got me to finish a math lesson and a whole Lit unit. So I’d say I didn’t die in vain.

Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s more homework to be done. Seeya!

*sneakily listens to AIO while figuring out how to measure the long side of a triangle*

*grabs a ruler*

Life Update: Enjoying The Little Blessings- Emphasis on “Little”


I have spent like ten minutes trying to come up with an opening to this ramble, but I’ll just scrap it and go for saying that I, like the general population, am tired and weary and seriously candy- deprived. Reformation Day (or Halloween for you utter heathens) couldn’t come soon enough. But I’m here, just resting. I gotta say it’s a relief.

Along with my cousin Jj who’s as sarcastic as me, I can’t imagine who on earth would even bother to read about my day. Unlike Jj, that little annoy- uh… person, I have decided to go ahead anyway. 😛

-Enjoyed seeing the sky change from pitch black to a light blue, and not hearing a single soul bother me

-happily watched scenes from movies on YT and somehow wasn’t guilty

-spent some time stretching (i.e splits, dangling off beams, and handstands XD)

-actually made a decent breakfast (not a granola bar or a piece of fruit)

– got to go skating (EEEP!!) for the first time in 7 months, somehow tried skating backwards without stumbling


-listened to The Toy and still have very conflicting opinions on it (on one hand I love how everyone got together JASON HEY MAN, and on the other hand I felt very much made POLEHAUS DON’T YOU KNOW GOING DOWNTOWN CAN BE TRAMATIZING)

-The absolutely best thing ever: I went to the library and got BOOKS. BOOKS. BOOKS!


(Look at that amazing compilation of beauty and man I can’t believe how lovely it is I can’t breathe someone get me more books I got Wonder y’all)

I don’t know why I’m listing all these little things that don’t mean much to anyone except me, but to sum up, these little blessings put a smile on my face, and that goes a long way.

Life doesn’t have to be big huge exciting things. Sometimes God sends you little things to enjoy, to show you He cares.

I hope you find ’em too. 🙂 Happy Saturday!




Give Thanks



Cacophony. That’s all I could think about. This huge big blur of noise, people talking and eating and drinking so loud I couldn’t hear myself think.

It was Thanksgiving at a friend’s house, and I didn’t feel the least bit thankful. It was foggy and grey, the beautiful colors that were supposed to be the landscape failed to show, and tensions between people just added to my not thankful list.


You see, where I come from, we celebrate Thanksgiving a month early, for probably the same reason we have bagged milk: we’re Canadians. Yet for many of us, its’ just another day to rest, sleep in, and eat. Sadly, and not rightly, myself included. It’s easy to be jaded by everything, it’s easy to not give thanks.

But that’s just plain wrong. There is so much to give thanks for, even when it doesn’t seem like it. So. Here goes.


1. for the grace of God to make it through each and every day.

2. for music which keeps me tapping my feet and putting a smile on my face.

3. for family, though as broken as it is, is still together and held by God.

4. for people who truly, genuinely, despite all common sense, care. The ones who sit by you on the curb, text you at midnight because they thought of you, and aren’t scared of calling you out on something. It means more then they’ll ever know.

5. for cameras, for devices that can capture memories for life.


6. for the Bible, because thriving without God’s word simply is not possible.

7. for prayer, that we can talk to the Creator of all life.

8. for coffee, because coffee is awesome.

9. for the amazing invention that is writing, for books- I MEAN BOOKS YEET.

10. For fandoms and whole franchises and worlds you can spend hours in.


11. Speaking of franchises for Adventures In Odyssey, because it’s helped me through so many tough times and has just been awesome nuff said.

12. for my violin, for just being there and stringing along.

13. for early mornings that are just havens of silence and thought and leftover chicken.

14. for air conditioning and heating because man it can get reaaally hot.

15. for the blessed blessed gift of sleep.


16. for the end of a long hard week when you can crash and burn.

17. for epic soundtrack music (i.e. Wonder Woman/Avengers) when you absolutely must get back up on your feet.

18. for the Marvel universe, because sometimes you need a hero. Then for the unshakeable fact that God is the ultimate Hero, and nothing can ever bring Him down.

19. for boots, especially cowboy boots. 😛

20. for glasses, because I would go blind without them.


21. for the Internet, because it has just been so helpful, and things would be so different without it.

22. for hugs, cause hugs are hugs.

23. for my sister, because I know I would not be who I am now without her. I love ya!

24. for my amazing Camp NaNo cabinmates, some of whom I’ve been real friends. I’m so grateful for them.

25. for little kiddos who just make your day brighter.


26. Also falling in the make your day brighter category are puppies. Puppies are adorable.

27. for training and exercise, and that you can make yourself stronger from what you are now.

28. for learning new skills, such as changing a tire or painting a wall or deactivating a bomb. You know the kind.

29. for imagination, very strong and well used ones such as mine.

30. and for creativity, which uses imagination and makes interesting things, like washi tape, and books, and avocado lattes.


40. for characters, which are basically imaginary friends, both your own, and both not.

41. for laughter, the kind that’ll make your sides ache but have you feeling better in no time flat.

42. for late night talks under the stars, just enjoying the evening and enjoying the discussion.

43. for that space of time just before your plane leaves the ground.

44. for seeing relatives you haven’t seen in 4 years, and for meeting new friends.

45. for this blog, for blogging in general, for you awesome people who actually read this stuff.


46. for earphones, so you can blast that lovely music to yourself.

47. for late night wordsprinting, racing to finish a deadline.

48. for finishing that deadline, duh.

49. for seeing God throughout your life, even if you don’t notice Him at the time.

50. for the little blessings that make life better.


Well, I guess maybe I do have things to be thankful for. Because God gives good gifts to His children. 🙂 Have a great week, people.

And if you’re wondering where on earth The Ugly Duckling went.. 😉 Wait and see!


Life Update: It’s All Normal, Charlie Brown.



Today is one of those days where everything that’s happened happened exactly the same as it did yesterday, and it’s like it repeats repeats itself and it’s very monotone.

But it’s been good. 😀 So, here’s life lately.


Let’s see, the other week I made some brookies (brownies + cookies).. and got teased for taking professional pictures of it. 😛 Hey, it’s what I do.


       The actual pan of brookies turned out being an epic fail.


 ^ They aren’t round, they’re as square as that formula I had to memorize for my geometry quiz. *fumes* XD It tasted delicious, though, so in the end it was definitely worth it.

  Last week we celebrated a birthday with some chocolate cake (more chocolate! :D) and history homework.


   Speaking of history homework, all I can gather from that was that Louis IV was a cinnamon roll and was a great king that today’s leaders could take a cue from, King John was as much a loser in real life as he was in Robin Hood, and poor kings’ sisters were married off to gain alliances with other countries. Hm. Y’know, this would made a good story, about a princess who DIDN’T get into an arranged marriage… I oughta write that down one day, when I’m not busy.


     The sky is nice and sunny today, which is a nice change from the dreariness of the previous days. If it just rained, it wouldn’t be so bad, but no. No rain. Hmph.


I actually made a WIP page for this here blog! 😀 It’ll take me a while to actually fill it out, you understand. Small Town’s been renamed Just Come Home, and hopefully I can write the next chapter after school.. we’ll see. 😉 I’ve kinda been a bit distracted listening to *cough cough* Something Old, Something New. O_O WAAA- that was unexpected.

As you may guess, yep, I’ve been listening and ranting about AIO again, and with good reason. *nods* Just one more Saturday til Album 65 is out, people! *squeals* *stops squealing* Oh yeah, I may or may not have mentioned that my AIO craziness and I will be showing up regularly on Welcome To Odyssey, Gracie @ Through The Eyes Of Gracie’s fan blog for AIO. So yes, I’m a confirmed fangirl. Beware. But hey, if you’re into AIO, check it out! 😀


Yes, that’s Leo Tolstoy’s War And Peace you see over there… I wonder if I can finish it next year?


I’ve enjoyed a lot of The Piano Guys’ music, because as we all know I am not sane unless I have headphones on or a violin in my hand, and I got the rest of my family to get into it too. Bwhahahaa… Me & My Cello and Rewrite The Stars are quickly becoming favorites.


Snippie Time! Cause y’all like snippies, right?


If you keep walking past the bent elm tree, up the hill, and left of the arrow in the rock (yes, that’s supposedly famous) one way or another, you’ll see the nicest mansion this side of the county line. It’s literally a white house, with giant white columns standing on either side of a sharp black door with what looked like gold handles, black gables, and huge oak trees on the property. It’s beautiful.

Wonderful, keep walking, it’s not my home.


What was the point of this post? To be honest, it was a pointless as Wooton’s Broken Pencil Show, but that my dears, is a recap of my life so far. 😀 Have a great day folks!

I’ve Been Tagged! The Get To Know You Tag

 I guess I better start running faster, hm? xD Hi, y’all, and happy Saturday!

 As you can see, I’ve been tagged.

Link back to the person who created the tag: Savannah
Thank the person that tagged you: Anna & Pearl
Share the tag graphic below: well, above, but hey, it’s there!
Tag 11 other bloggers: *squints at this* Maybe.


Names: Jo
Nicknames: Okay, well guess what? Jo IS my nickname. 😛 I have also been called Jo-Jo, Jin-Jin, Joey, GoJo (*glares at Tess and Madi*) and Jonah. Don’t ask. Oh, and according to a 4 year old, I can’t be Elsa, so I’m Anna. *shrugs*

Hair Color and Length:
Darkish brown hair that glints mahogany and reaches my back. Kinda.

Eye Color: A decidedly brown shade, but I like to think the edges are tinged with grey.

Braces/Piercings/Tattoos: Nope, nada, none.
Righty or Lefty: Both, actually. Mostly lefty, though.
Ethnicity: Primarily Filipino, but there’s more than that, I’m sure. 😀

Novel Written:
My first novel written would be Just Come Home, which has been given so many other names in the past it’s no use to keep track of em all.

Novel Completed: Er, not even close. I’m hoping to finish this year.
Award for Writing: I won tenth place in a poetry contest, but let’s be honest, that’s nothing.

Publication: Nothing so far.
Conference: Nadda, nothing, nope!
Query/Pitch: 😉 Wouldn’t you like to know..


Novel (That You Wrote): How dast you make me choose!! Maybe.. uh…Mirages, probably. 😛
Genre: Hm, I like historical fiction (like Tom Sawyer) and real life (The Mother Daughter Book Club) But I love em all, it’s hard to pick!

Authors: Ahh, okay, the classics. C.S. Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien, Lucy Maude Montgomery, Louisa May Alcott, Mark Twain, Phil Lollar, Kathy Buchanan, and a bunch more. XD

Writing Music:
Most anything The Piano Guys, Simply Three, One Voice Children’s Choir, and movie soundtracks/songs.
Time to Write:
Anytime is a time to write! Like, whenever and where ever. 😛
Writing Snack/Drink:
Bacon crumbles, ice cream, brownies, anything that’s good. XD Ooh, I like slushies while I work.
*rubs hands evilly* The Greatest Showman, Brave, Lord Of The Rings, The Avengers, and Warhorse. MA HEART!! Oh, and Dunkirk. The list can go on and on.
Writing Memory:
I remember first writing a story I have long forgotten the name of about a girl who lives on the streets, tossing the paper away, and my sister finding it, reading it, and telling me for a 7 year old, it was good. 😀
Childhood Books: Abeka Book Readers, Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit, and A Series Of Unfortunate Events.


Currently Reading:
Geography 9, Excursions In Literature, North! Or Be Eaten, K.M Weiland’s stuff, and The Rose And The Balloon
XD XD Just Come Home; Donut Trees, a short story I’m hoping to submit to a local magazine, Skirt Girl & The Hockey Rink, and some fanfiction. 😛

Listening to:

   The Piano Guys, Symphony by Clean Bandit, Something Just Like This by Iforgotwhobutthankyou :P, Tell Me Again by Skye Peterson, and Well Done by The Afters (YES THEY RELEASED A NEW SINGLE EEEP!)

my wonderful desk… that I never write on. 😛

Want to be published?
100 % YES! I’m waiting, and praying, and working toward that.

Indie or Traditional?
Er, Indie for the most part, but I’d be totally fine with traditional.

Wildest goal?

Ohhh boy, you wanna go there? Okay then. I want to publish a book, travel North America cross country with all my earthly possessions in a pickup truck, go to California and see of Adventures In Odyssey need a voice actor, then go to Colorado and see if AIO needs a writer, then visit all my blogger friends and go to Bible Bee.



Now… on who shall I bestow the honor of doing this tag?

Tess @ Steeplechase

Emmie @ Write Away

 Yay! Two! Okay, me done. Me go write. Goodbye.

Actually, no I’m not! XD Keep an eye out for some upcoming things… I’d tell you now, but I’ll be mean and keep my fingers from typing more. 😉




Weekend Ramblings & Random Photography

I’m right on track on my nonexistent schedule! 😀 Hiya, everybody! How has the world been?

*gets distracted by Pinterest and Carrie Underwood’s Temporary Home*

Anyway, school has kinda slowed down for the weekend, thank goodness, because another day of studying the Khans and I’da completely lost my mind. Oh wait, I have already.

Before I begin though,  I’d also like to ask y’all to pray for the Carolinas, and for those of us who are in those states. Right now they’re being slammed by Hurricane Florence, and the damage is serious. Please keep em in your prayers! 

‘Kay, here’s some random photography.


Today I did a lot of what Jay Smouse would call, “my sweet nothing”. While I wish I did some more productive things today, sometimes it’s good to just rest.. and maybe not spend too much time on Pinterest… But I did take some pictures of guitars!

*whispers* Pathetic. Just pathetic.


And of hands…


And of a watch..


I am kinda ashamed of this next picture. My focus is completely off, rats! 😛 Oh well. More practice.



Let me ramble about this next picture okay? So, once at a Christmas party there was a game that got a group of people and made them say “hooray!” after someone said “hip hip!” It was pretty intense, and there were all sorts of variations. My brother somehow managed to win the hour long game and took home this as a prize.



Pure randomness up ahead. –>


Yep. That’s an ancient artifact of Adventures In Odyssey, which you all knew I was gonna bring up one way or another. XD It’s pretty obvious that this is my main fandom, and… I’d link you the guest post Gracie let me do on Welcome to Odyssey, but *gulp* That could mean revealing deep dark secrets.. so go look it for yourself. 😛 Odyssey’s really made things a lot cheerier at the end of a hard day, and one days like today, I do on AIOWiki what normal people do on Netflix: binge.  *quickly deletes The Labyrinth pt. 1, 2, 3, Mistaken For Good, and Fathers And Sons tabs*

Okay, wait though. Father’s and Sons is one of the best episodes I’ve heard in a while. MA HEART MA HEART I NEEDED THIS. AHH

Wait! Don’t leave yet! I promise I’ll stop geeking out about AIO for this post!

Um. I think this is it.

Ooh, I did do some outlining for Mirages, actual outlining. 😀 I feel super proud. Just tell me to write sometime.

Okay, this is actually it. XD Have a great night and a great Sunday! And as Whit told Monty, “rest!” 🙂

(Yeah, but Monty fell out of a falling plane, escaped from the hospti- okay, okay I’m gone!)

How to Die In School Honorably. :P

How to die in school honorably

My fellow citizens, today (for most public schoolers, at least) is the first day of the dreaded plague known as school. For the rest of us,( because it seems homeschoolers are everywhere in WordPress XD) school has started YEARS ago. Precisely last week.

Anyhoo, I figured that there are tips we can take to be crushed with VALOR! And hey, maybe you can crush school, who knows? So, although it’s 4pm and we’re all settling into homework, listen up!

  1. Listen up. 😛

This is so simple, it’s ridiculous. But lemme explain. If you’re a dvd homeschooler, like I am, it is the hardest thing to pay attention. One, because the teacher is on a screen, not live and talking to you in person, and two, because you can always replay. And same if you’re online homeschooling. And public schoolers, man sometimes that teacher is so boring. I feel ya.

But honestly, sometimes your teacher will give info that’s not in your books. That you’ll be tested on. WHAT.WHERE. WHY.  So yeah, actually listen, folks. And sometimes, you’ll actually learn interesting stuff. What kinda stuff? You’ll never know if you don’t listen.

(like that dude who became the leader of the Mongols simply by rescuing his kidnapped wife, how cereal was invented, and that the first computer case was made out of Legos.)

Listening is the first step to dying honorably. *nods*

2. Eat breakfast.


Okay, you may be rushing to complete an assignment, or have a big test in the morning, or you slept in and you’re late. But go and eat breakfast. It’s healthy for you. It’s scientifically proven to aide you in your studies. And by breakfast I mean something healthy, and sustaining, and not a Coke or some crackers or a Larabar. *cough cough*  At least eat a piece of fruit or something.

*shows you picture of fruit*

Except, seriously, if you’re gonna die why try to live? Cause you might get an A while you’re at it, that’s why!


3. Put some color in there!


Black ink gets boring fast. Very fast.

Who wants to read notes in varying shades of black, anyway? Not me.

Therefore, go make your school stuff more lively. *grins* Go get some neat pens in bright colors! Buy notebooks with different designs. Or color on your notebooks.. Or my personal favorite, mark each notebook with a different sticker. Very useful. History is Kylo Ren time, Literature is Finn, and I get to hang out with Rey in Geography. Do what you gotta do! If you’re the creative type, draw ATCs or something for flash cards. Don’t let your creativity get buried under all that homework!

4. Get a planner. Stick to it. 


We’re busy kids. We’re bloggers, we’re writers, we’re photographers, Bible Bee-ers, artists, athletes,  musicians, wannabe voice actors, runaways from the circus, and mad scientists, you get the picture.

Some of us are all of the above.

How do we do it? Time just keeps racing forward and refusing to let us catch up.

Planners let us snatch some of that time. We write down what we have to do when and hopefully we actually do it. XD Using my planner has kinda helped me a little, so who knows what it can do for you? Try a bujo spread if you’re not into planners. At least your days are numbered artistically.

5. Snooze the notifs.


I know, I know, I’m a hypocrite. But I actually did snooze notifs, and I was able to knock out a lout of work by not checking the screen every 2 minutes. Of course, if you’re a public schooler, you’re kinda not supposed to be using your phone in class, but it applies to homework too. So unless you’re doing a study sprint, or texting your long lost grandma, or doing homework online, you should probably mute the notifs.

And plus you’ll get on your mom’s good side and that means dying in school honorably so that’s good. *nods*

6. Google Docs can help you with that. 


Oh joy I just showed you major snippies you just go and enjoy for now.

For a lot of assignments and projects, Google Docs can help you save a ton of stuff. Plus you can collab with somebody else doing the same assignment and work together on the doc. It’s great. Go check it out.

7. Get outta there!


Sometimes sitting at the same old desk every day for a week is a killer. Your homework looks like the boring-est thing ever conceived of. At the rate you’re working, they’ll find your skeleton on your desk chair.

Simple fix? Scram, kiddo!

Go outside, go to another part of the house, or go out on the porch, the swing, a tree.


Go do something! Go do cartwheels, pushups, jump, get moving. Or practice an instrument. Sometimes you have to kickstart your brain to get the creative juices flowing. Get outta your desk!!

And heh, for us homeschoolers, we study anywhere. The car, the table, on top of a tree, 100 feet in the air (no, seriously, I do), so use that to your advantage.

8. R E A D.

Oh, this is simple.

Go read. You have to read your textbooks anyway, and there’s a LOT of info in them textbooks.

Tell you what though. You can read stuff for fun, too.

yep, for fun. Don’t get me started on that loooooong list of amazing books out there that you can read. It helps your comprehension, y’know, and that can make a difference when you’re answering textbook questions. Lord Of The Rings, Narnia, The Wingfeather Saga, Little Men, Anne Of Green Gables, How To Kill a Mockingbird, Kiera, the books go on and on. Reading is a treasure, and ust becase you have to read for school doesn’t mean you can’t read for fun. (It helps with the SAT and ACT tests, too. Just saying.)

Plus you’re practically doing Literature, so score!

Okay. I think that’s it. Using these tips, one can limp their way from the start of the semester to the end and die in peace. Don’t be like me, who put off all her homework and is now buried in papers. Oh, and is missing a folder. Two folders. GO CRUSH IT, Y’ALL.

Oh wait, I’m not done. GO LISTEN TO ADVENTURES IN ODYSSEY CAUSE IT’S AWESOME!!! And you’re training your ears to listen. *thumbs up* Seriously, though, Eugene taught me my grammar and what a hypotenuse is. Win-win!

Now, if you’ll excuse me while I go get my blue coffin.





Summer Went Out With The Sunset (Or, In Which I Post Some Pictures In The Hopes You Can See Them.)

Greetings everybody! Well. It looks like I’m gonna need some audience participation. My pictures haven’t been showing up recently, have they?


Let’s see. If you all can see these pictures of clouds and sunsets and whatnot, yay!


If not… boo.


Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but this is the 25th of August, right?


Summer’s over.



I don’t want summer to end! I like waking up and doing nothing in the mornings except just watching the view outside. I like the lemonades and the barbeques and the air conditioning. Please don’t tell me it’s all gonna end!!


But y’know, I’ve had a great summer, and I’m grateful for that.

Next Saturday is the first of September, the start of a new month, the start of a long haul. And I gotta admit I’m excited for that too.



I’m excited to feel cool air when I step outside, to make a huge dent in the mountain of schoolwork looming in front of me, to have a good reason to wear my boots and kick up leaves.

Not to mention Album 65 of Adventures In Odyssey is gonna air on the 6th, and boy am I excited for that!!

Ok, it’s official. I’m a hopeless fangirl.


I’m glad summer is over and sad at the same time. So many things have happened and I need at least a year to process it all.  xD

But I’ve gotten to make the most outta these months. And I’m content.




Now I’m really hoping you all can see these pictures, because they’re my favorite group of sunsets. I experimented with a lot of filters and effects, and I must say, I’m quite pleased with the results.



Some of the effects make it really vibrant, which I’m still deciding if I like that effect. It\s been pretty interesting.


I kinda like this picture, even though it’s heavily colorized. 😛



I better get back to re-writing. My charries have become quite annoyed with me for leaving them uncompleted for weeks at a time. I guess I’ve been a wee bit too busy staring at the sunset.



 Well, see ya.

In Which We, The Charries, Hack Into Jo’s Blog And Have An Impromptu Interview.


Well, we’ve done it again. We’ve gone and hacked into Jo’s computer. Not to mention her blog, but it doesn’t seem like she’s touching it much, so I’m sure it’s fine.

I dunno, Zeke, the first time was risky enough!

Calm down, Jake, she’s waay too busy hunting for a train station, not to mention spending time with her other stories, running computer programs, and geeking out about some new musical that showed last year. Seriously, she ditched us. This is retaliation!

J: Good grief.

Z: So.. uh… Whaddya we do now?

J: You’re the one who hacked into Jo’s blog, you figure it out! You probably should thank Dareine, though.

Z: And why would I need to do that?

D: Because maybe she taught you some basic hacking systems?

Z: Woah! Hehe, didn’t see you there, Dareine. Hehe, get it? ‘There’ and ‘Dare’-

D: I get it, Durnham. Why did I even decide to help you?

J: *facepalms* As we were saying…Zeke?

Z: Oh yeah. Uh-um-well..

D: First off, Jake and Zeke are from a different book then I am. *glares* And I’m glad of that. These two lumpheads wouldn’t last a day in Illid.

Z: Oh yeah? Well, you wouldn’t last 2 days in Rocky Road!


J: …Zeke, maybe you should shut up.

Z: What did I say- Oh.

D: Anyway, by some strange and super weird fate, we, *sticks thumb at Zeke and Jake* are all in the same universe, world, thing. So..

Z: *interrupts* We thought it would be a great idea to hang out with you guys!

J: Exactly!

D: I’m clearly vetoed out of anything we’re gonna do here.

Z: We’re just gonna see what other stories Jo’s got hanging around, y’know? Other than ours and yours, and Hannah’s, and Casey’s, and.. uh, what’s his name? The new one she just came up with?

J: Tony Emerson.

D: Ugh, don’t remind me.

Z: Yeah, but I feel bad for the real person she-



*crickets, a silence, and an atomic bomb explode*


Z: Uh….

Jo: *sighs* Can’t beat ’em, may as well join ’em.

J: Thought you were out looking for a train station.

Jo: It’s a complicated story, Jake. Maybe even more complicated than Dareine’s.

D: I doubt it.

Z: well, now that’s you’re not planning to straight away kill us, we may as well interview ya!

D: I thought we were gonna see the other stories?

Z: *grabs paper and pen* Kill two birds with one bullet!

D: Stone.

Z: Whatever. Ok, Jo-

Jo: Nope. No. Uh-uh, I got work to do.

J: You mean more fanfiction to read?

Jo: Exactly, so no interviews, please.

D: Why not? I didn’t hack into this computer for nothing.

Jo: *glares* I don’t wanna know why you’re using your hacking skills on my stuff, but-

Z: Pleaaaase?

Jo: Fine. But make it ten questions straight or I’m writing every single one of you out of your books.

D: As long as you write Emerson out too. He’s weird.

Jo: Hey, Zeke is weird too, and I haven’t written him out- yet.

Z: What?? Am not!

J: Ok, ok. So.. Jo. How are you doing?

D: *snickers*

Jo: Just fine. C’mon, I even wrote a post about this!

J: *looks at list* Oh… right. *tosses that one out* How’s writing going on?

Z: Obviously not too well, cause I’d finally get the book I deserve…

Jo: Writing? Hm. Not too bad, I guess. I’ve been rewriting your book, Jake, What Goes On In A Small Town, and Dareine’s book, Mirages. My brain kinda hurts with all the story ideas, actually.

D: But, let’s be honest. You haven’t done much writing this week.

Jo: I’ll have you know that time was put to good use.

Z: Watching YouTube videos…

Jo: Hey, call it writer research. 8 more questions, Jake.

J: Argh.. Zeke, these are the dumbest questions ever!

Z: I only had a few minutes! Gimme a break!

D: I can do that… to his arm…

Jo: *groans* It’s like herding cats.

J: Ok, ok I found a decent one! So, what’s this fresh new story you’re writing?

Jo: Which one? There’s 3 so far, Jake.

Z: *mutters* At this rate, I’ll never get my own book.

J: Uh, all of them?

Jo: Hm. Well, first we got this latest plot bunny, which I’m tentatively titling, Skirt Girl and The Hockey Rink. This has got to be the latest one. I just thought of it at church.

Z: Skirt Girl? What?

Jo: You’ll get it when I’m done with it. Shouldn’t be a very long story.

D: Yeah.. and the first character you came up with was that awkward Emerson.

Jo: Hey, to be fair, he’s supposed to be awkward.

J: Speaking of that, is it true you base characters of real life people, and, is Tony one of them?

Jo: Is that one or two questions?

J: One.

Jo: Rats, I wanted to get outta here sooner.

D: So just answer the question.

Jo: *glares at Dareine* Yep, that’s VERY true. Where do ya think I get inspiration to write? That’s probably one of the neatest revenge things you can do for your bullies: write them in as one. If they’re especially moronic, add their real first name in!

Z: Wait. I’m based on a bully?

Jo: Nope, you’re loosely based off my brother- which may or may not mean the same thing at times…

Z: WHAT???

Jo: Just kidding! And Tony is based on a real person. But I can talk about that guy- and Skirt Girl- later.

D: Or not at all. Emerson gives me the creeps. Ok, my turn. Wait, how many questions do we have so far?

Jo: *calculates* 6, so 4 left to go.

Z: That went by quicker then it should have.

D: Hush, Zeke. Anyway, Jo. Besides the countless stories that you haven’t finished yet, you’re also working on a fan fiction, training, and getting ready to start school. How do you do it all?

Jo: God’s grace, first and foremost. Lemme tell ya, you can’t do anything without Him.  And a truckload of candy. Smarties/Rockets are my favorite. Music helps, and listening to Adventures in Odyssey, of course.

Z: Speaking of Adventures In Odyssey, do you ship Jason and Connie??

J: *whacks Zeke with list of questions* We had 3 more questions left, and you HAD to waste one with that??

Jo: Am I seriously supposed to answer that?? You guys know I hate mush!

Z: Hey, I ship Jason and Connie!


Z: *realizes something* I did not just say that..

D: AW. You’re so busted, Durnham! *dies laughing* Wait til I tell Gale- you’re dead!

Z: You wouldn’t.

D: I would.

J: She would.

Z: …well, uh.. do you ship Jason and Connie or not, Jo?

Jo: I could answer that, and reveal my deepest, darkest secrets, and my deepest, darkest plans, but since I’m not that dumb, I won’t say anything. And now you got just one more question.

Z:. Aw, man.

J: uh.. Dareine, you wanna ask this one?

D: *takes paper* Ok.. if you could visit any fictional setting for a day, what would it be?


Ahem. 1800s, New York, and see P.T. Barnum’s circus. That’d be so cool.

J: And that’s a wrap folks! Thanks for being super patient with us, Jo!

Jo: You’re actually welcome. Though next time, you can ask me instead of getting Dareine to hijack my blog?

Z and D: ….. he, he.

(Every plot bunny mentioned is a real one. Don’t steal. More info to come..)