If I Knew Then What I Know Now (Plus pic for BIBPC, carol, and linky to more of the blog tour yikes this title is long)

You’re not the only one, kid. Not by a long shot. There is only one you you of course, the dorky quirky awkward weird laughing kid who’s just not the same from everyone else, but there are other people with your dreams. Your quirks. And your alarming obsession of Adventures in Odyssey, good gracious. You’re an […]

When Swarmed By Homework, Follow Me (Ha!)

  Hello. So I have no clue why I’m writing this post right now. But oh well. Call this randomness at its finest, cause I have no explanation for whatever you’ll read next. Or do I? 😈 Also, happy almost Thanksgiving! Hope you’re all enjoying a well deserved break, cause I am.. not. Instead I […]

Life Update: Enjoying The Little Blessings- Emphasis on “Little”

I have spent like ten minutes trying to come up with an opening to this ramble, but I’ll just scrap it and go for saying that I, like the general population, am tired and weary and seriously candy- deprived. Reformation Day (or Halloween for you utter heathens) couldn’t come soon enough. But I’m here, just […]

Give Thanks

  Cacophony. That’s all I could think about. This huge big blur of noise, people talking and eating and drinking so loud I couldn’t hear myself think. It was Thanksgiving at a friend’s house, and I didn’t feel the least bit thankful. It was foggy and grey, the beautiful colors that were supposed to be […]

Life Update: It’s All Normal, Charlie Brown.

  Today is one of those days where everything that’s happened happened exactly the same as it did yesterday, and it’s like it repeats repeats itself and it’s very monotone. But it’s been good. 😀 So, here’s life lately.  ~~~~~~~~~~~ Let’s see, the other week I made some brookies (brownies + cookies).. and got teased […]

I’ve Been Tagged! The Get To Know You Tag

 I guess I better start running faster, hm? xD Hi, y’all, and happy Saturday!  As you can see, I’ve been tagged. Rules: Link back to the person who created the tag: Savannah Thank the person that tagged you: Anna & Pearl Share the tag graphic below: well, above, but hey, it’s there! Tag 11 other […]

Weekend Ramblings & Random Photography

I’m right on track on my nonexistent schedule! 😀 Hiya, everybody! How has the world been? *gets distracted by Pinterest and Carrie Underwood’s Temporary Home* Anyway, school has kinda slowed down for the weekend, thank goodness, because another day of studying the Khans and I’da completely lost my mind. Oh wait, I have already. Before […]

How to Die In School Honorably. :P

My fellow citizens, today (for most public schoolers, at least) is the first day of the dreaded plague known as school. For the rest of us,( because it seems homeschoolers are everywhere in WordPress XD) school has started YEARS ago. Precisely last week. Anyhoo, I figured that there are tips we can take to be […]

Summer Went Out With The Sunset (Or, In Which I Post Some Pictures In The Hopes You Can See Them.)

Greetings everybody! Well. It looks like I’m gonna need some audience participation. My pictures haven’t been showing up recently, have they? Let’s see. If you all can see these pictures of clouds and sunsets and whatnot, yay!   If not… boo. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but this is the 25th of August, right? *sobs* […]

In Which We, The Charries, Hack Into Jo’s Blog And Have An Impromptu Interview.

(So, I’m having picture problems. Please lemme know if this works!) Hehehee… Well, we’ve done it again. We’ve gone and hacked into Jo’s computer. Not to mention her blog, but it doesn’t seem like she’s touching it much, so I’m sure it’s fine. I dunno, Zeke, the first time was risky enough! Calm down, Jake, […]