Stop Tagging Me Y’all, I Can’t Run That Fast!


So, I didn’t know that Faith also started blogging on the 19th, and also did a celebratory post on it, which happened to be the Liebster Award, and that she tagged me until I scrolled through my comments. XD (Happy blogsiversary by the way, Faith!) So here we are. *rubs hands together*  This should be…. fun? maybe?


What is a way in which you are really passionate about serving God? I.e. a career, a hobby, a ministry.

Hmmmm, probably the “work” I do with the kids at church, if you can call it that? I mean, as a pastor’s kid, you kinda hafta be passionate… about practically everything in church, but if you’re talking about specifically me, then 100% helping out with the kids and praise and worship. They’re the fun parts. XD


What is your favorite post of all the posts you’ve ever written?

Guess what, I didn’t even write it. *jabs thumb at Zeke and Jake* These whackos did.

And aren’t you glad we saved the state of your blog when we did?

Zeke, shut up or I really will make Gale an only child.


Who in your life was most instrumental in showing you the WAY in Christ?

My sister. Which, considering everything that’s happened so far, is kinda interesting, but I’d have to say my sister regardless. She’s always lived out Christ and she’s always took the time to talk to me about faith and everything that comes with being a Christian. ❤


What book other than the Bible do you read or have you been reading regularly?

*cough cough* Weeell, *pulls out giant book of favorite books* I’M GLAD YOU ASKED! *flips to recent page* Love to Everyone right now, and a few comics.

Yes. Comics.


Who is your favorite non-Bible author?

Can’t really answer, because I have so many? XD J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Andrew Peterson, N.D. Wilson, Penny Wood, Rebekah C, Julia Rose, Kellyn Roth, Tess Richardson, tell me when to stop…


Who is your favorite Old Testament character?

OOOOH. Deborah. And Esther. And Ruth. And Jael too. (*launches into a funny story in which I went to Sunday School and we learned this song about Jael that included words such as “she took a tent peg/ and slammed it right into his heaaad/ and the king didn’t ride no fancy iron cherry bomb no moreeeeeeeee”*)


What time of day do you usually go to bed?

Bold of you to assume it’s the day… Or that I go to bed… >:)


Do you wear glasses or contact lenses at all?

*waves blatantly obviously glasses right in front of you* Cursed for life!


Favorite Christian music artist?

Again, don’t make me answer thissss! *sobs* I beg you by the fine guidelines of WordPress dot org, PLEAAASE don’t make my answer!

Fine then. Andrew Peterson, Skye Peterson, MercyMe, the Gettys, All Sons And Daughters, For King And Country, and a few more.


Do you like spicy food?

I can’t even handle spicy food, so, no. XD


How long does it typically take you to write a post?

Hmm, it depends. for a real post *glares at all the tags I’ve been tagged with* like an hour if I really concentrate? if I don’t and work on it on the side while reading a book and/or watching….. YT, then the greater part of a couple days. If it’s something like this, I can finish one in around a half hour.

Which I just did. *rejoices*

*slumps over dramatically, skips the 11 facts and the 11 bloggers, and gratefully gets offline*

life is a highway, Jo



Even The Sky Cries


She couldn’t stop herself, and truth be told, she was glad for it. Even if they looked at the one tear rolling down her cheek with disdain. “You can cry all you want, but it doesn’t really matter,” they said.

Her eyes narrowed, and the light from above glinted  like fire. “One tear is all I want? really? You underestimate me. I don’t cry. ” she replied, her voice both steely and breaking.

Even if she wanted to. Even if she felt her heart being stabbed over and over by a mindless sword that didn’t care if it was beating and feeling still. 

Well. It would feel no more. 

Excuse her for breathing. 

Storytime: Once upon a time, a long long time ago, my siblings and I watched this movie called Song of The Sea.

See the source imageThis amazing beautiful sweet story, which I’d love to talk about another time, is about a great many things. But in it, the MC meets an old owl (the bad guy) who takes away emotions so that they don’t feel. Consequently turning the people whose emotions are suddenly drained, into rocks.

Bad right? But it turns out the bird’s just trying to help. See, her son lost a lover (or something like that, don’t ask me) and he cried so much he filled an ocean with his tears. (Again, don’t ask me, it’s animation, anything’s possible.) So to relieve his pain, his mom, who happens to be the weird owl, took away his ability to feel. She offers that same choice to the MC, saying that feelings are baggage and they hurt and stuff like that. But the obvious problem is that when you don’t feel, you become hard and well, very similar to a rock. Dead. Cold. Unfeeling. You know the type.


Next case in point:

If you’ve ever watched Inside Out, and seen those very confusing little animated emotions try to manage their human, there’s always one who’s trying to manage everyone else, isn’t there? And that would be.. Joy.

See the source image
This bean. 


She’s kinda a lot like the owl from the first movie, except instead of locking up all emotions and bottling it away, Joy (the sweet naïve personified emotion) tries to make sure her human only feels happiness. All of her coworkers agree- except maybe Sadness. Because she’s too busy being sad. And in Joy’s little head, NOBODY needs Sadness. Sadness is a burden, the emotion you need to push away. Right?

Mm…no. Just no.

I know Song Of The Sea and Inside Out are only movies, but the thing is they kinda have a point. The same point this post has (*gasp* it actually does!): Happiness is not the only emotion you have to feel, and you can’t just bottle up your emotions, neither.

You need to let yourself feel Sadness sometimes. Or Fear. Or Anger. And hey, this isn’t just movie characters- (going preachy, sorry about that) a ton of people from the Bible are recorded to have more emotions that just happiness.


Read the Psalms. Some of David’s writings are brimming with sadness and pain and guilt.

Elijah had to run for his life from Jezebel and wanted to die on a number of occasions.

Paul mentions the Corinthians being in sorrow because of what he said.

Jesus was so mad at the priests turning the temple into a marketplace, He overthrew the tables.

Also, Jesus wept at Lazarus’ tomb.

Want me to say it again?

The Son of Man, the Son of God, the Savior of the world, the KING, wept at the tomb of his friend.


Down with that “big boys don’t cry” now, okay? It’s wrong and not true. Thanky ‘ou.

Why did Jesus cry? Weep? Even though he knew that he would raise Lazarus from the grave? I don’t really know. And if anyone does know, please tell me. XD My point is, Jesus Himself felt sadness.

Which is weird, considering Paul (at least I think it was, those NT writers sometimes sound similar) told us, “Rejoice, and again I say rejoice!”

How can you have joy when you feel sadness?


Maybe…  because joy does not equal happiness.

People have written books about it, and songs and plays and have spent their whole lives trying to find it, but the actual working definition seems to be elusive. Sometimes you can find joy even in the hardest circumstances. Sometimes it’s easy to find it. Sometimes you can’t be brought down because you have it, and sometimes the world comes crashing down and you can still have it.

Joy comes from the only true and lasting source: God. Everything else fades eventually. And God isn’t just there for your joy, He comforts in sorrow and in grief, He forgives you and helps your guilt, it’s not like once you’re a Christian you’ll be a hundred percent happy. Just that whatever you’re going through, you can draw your strength from Him. 🙂

I could be wrong (well, not about where joy comes from). Don’t ask me for advice on anything, and don’t take whatever you read here as truth. But that’s what it seems to be like. And I’d know.

See, I’m one of those rock people. Many times I’ve wished that I couldn’t feel, it hurt too much and I didn’t like it. I forced myself to be dead to anything remotely sad, just because I couldn’t handle it.


Still kinda struggling with it, to be honest. By the time my wish came true, I’d already had a thick shell I didn’t want anyone to touch. A tough face. A comeback for every insult.

Yeah, don’t try that.. it’s just… kinda..don’t.

What I eventually learned? Those walls only keep you in. Sadness hurts. And sometimes letting it out can help. If you keep it in, it’ll fester.. kinda like a nasty blister. It hurts to feel. But it hurts more to not feel. Even if it’s only joy you’re trying to feel.

Why did I take almost a thousands words to say this, I don’t know. But I guess what I’m trying to say is: It’s okay to cry. No, you shouldn’t be driven by your emotions and have a sobbing party every other Wednesday afterevening because someone hurt your feelings, but you can’t go to the other extreme and bottle all those feelings up and toss ’em away.  Reach out to someone who might really need a friend. Let your heart beat again. Let go of the idea that you’re not strong if you cry. It takes great strength for a person to share their feelings. Even Jesus cried.

Even the sky cries.

life is a highway, Jo



How I’m Trying To Get Out Of An Unproductive Rut (Tips from a total newbie)


Is… it bad that I spent like an hour listening to YouTube working on Algebra? I guess. Especially considering what I’m gonna give my two cents on? Perhaps. Oh well.

Hello people!

As you can guess, I really need to have some structure in my day. Really. School’s oppressive, I vowed to finish my book before the year’s out, and I’m just at a rut in, well, my faith. Which is the most important one in this list and really should NOT be in a rut.

Is it also bad I’m even talking about this? On my blog? On a public space? Hm. Not sure. Oh well.

So.. I’m gonna try to challenge myself, and… see what happens from there? Why am I even telling you guys all this? Oh yeah, cause I’m kinda hoping I’m not the only one struggling to prioritize stuff and maybe someone out there can use the tips too? Anyway, here goes.


Today I tried do more meaningful devotions than those three minute devos. Which didn’t work see, cause chores, insistent people, and annoying loud sounds bothered me and didn’t exactly leave me really charitable.

Which led me to the conclusion that if I’m gonna be serious about this, I’m gonna have to wake up earlier for more time spent in the Word. Early mornings are a killer. But if I’m serious, I have to do it.

Note to self: If you want to spend more quality time with God, make time. Get up earlier.


And if I’m gonna wake up early from now on, well, I’m gonna have to sleep earlier, because it’s not possible to wake up early if you’re awake at unhealthy hours. Like 3 am. Well, actually it is but you usually end up sluggish and drowsy. *looks ashamedly at floor* *blames the Kindle app* *but knows it’s own fault* To be fair, there’s also homework (that took me til 12 to finish) and writing and whatnot, but sleep’s necessary. In general.

Note to self: Don’t stay up late doing stuff if you wanna wake up early. Like Pinterest and YouTube *cough cough*


And yeah, I think you know where I’m taking this.

When I was doing Camp NaNo in July, one of the things that cut my word goal from 50k to 25k was spending time scrolling on Pinterest. It was good, it was fun, I reasoned to myself. I’m taking a well deserved break. And I knew I should cut back on it, but I didn’t. By the time I changed that, it was too late to go for 50k.

I’ve realized that the same thing can happen in life. There are things we love doing, books we love to read, music, YouTube, they’re good, but used without a limit, well, it slows me down on a lot of things. And the content of what I’m filling my mind with makes me disinterested in God’s word. Which is baaad.

And I really want to change things before it’s too late.

Note to self: Remove the unnecessary stuff from your life, to have your mind focused on the important stuff.


So now that I’m cutting web scrolling off, what should I do with all that free time? Good question. Homework! Cause man, do I need to finish it. Extra studying, extra writing, doing non-internet stuff is healthy. And productive.

I’m gonna try to brush up on my memorizing game, because hiding God’s word in my heart is worth more than a meme anytime. Unless that meme is a funny meme. Then well, I need those. But you get my point.

Note to self: Fill up that free time with things you know are going to enrich and are good for you. A good rule of thumb is “whatever is pure, noble, Godly, think on these things,” from Philippians 4. As you can see, I really need to memorize more, because I plumb forgot the exact verse and reference. 


And well, that’s really it. Anything else I might say would just branch off from those main points. It’s not really rocket science.

But you’d just have to do it.

Correction: I have to do it. XD

I’m still not sure why I thought blogging about this was a good idea. But I hope that.. well, maybe it can encourage you. Who knows?

Have a great week folks.


I’m Doing Just Fine


Hey everyone. Don’t worry, I’m alive.

And I’m not doing *that* fine. I’m struggling with a lot of questions, and thoughts, and trying to make sense of things I don’t understand. Writing these days are filled with questions, and wondering what’s going on. But, I’m not down, thankfully. I know that whatever happens, God is in control, and I just have to trust Him. 🙂

So, yes, I am fine. Busy, but fine.


Days now are spent studying, and to be honest: it’s. so. fun.

I know, I know, you’re giving me that weird look. Studying is fun? Well, I’ll have to show you what I mean.


I’ve been studying God’s word more than I have before, and it’s– wonderful. Which is strange, coming from a kid who never really liked long Bible studies and always talking about the Bible too much. Now, I can’t believe I actually thought like that. Can you talk about the Bible too much?

But it’s… more that just that. I’m finding that you can study and study the Bible all you want, but if you’re not gonna live it out, what use is that? And…I’m finding that God’s changing my heart, and making me want to learn His word. Which may sound weird, but if  you were to ask how I’m doing, this is what I’d say.

Not that you asked.. 😛


Anyway, that’s how I’m doing. I’m growing.. kinda slow, but I’m growing. And speaking of..


May I present Julie. My bell pepper.

I’m also kinda stressed. When I’m stressed, I knit. It’s very relaxing.


I’m also geeking out because The Green Ring Conspiracy is on the air and I LOVE IT!!!!! It’s almost as good as Novacom, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about go search up AIOWiki. XD I mean.. come on! Monty and Jason and Penny AND Buck??? Awesomeness.

Ok, I’m done ranting.

Have a great weekend, y’all. You know where to find me.


(Seriously, this is where 95% of my day is spent. 😉 )

I’m done.




A Very,Very,Very,Very Long Photoshoot Of Flowers, And Other Things. (Did I mention it’s very long?)

Hey everyone! Greetings and salutations! I hope you’re all having a great day, and that you’re really comfortable, ’cause this is going to be a long stretch.

Over the weekend, I took some (i.e. A LOT) of flower pictures, and I thought that maybe you’d want to see them! Be forewarned: this is a lot. As in 100+ pictures.

Oh, and this post is dedicated to the people who even read this. It’s very long!!!


Last Friday we went to a friend’s house for Bible study, and the traffic took a while.

“I dare you to move,
I dare you to move”- (Dare You To Move, Switchfoot) <— everyone stuck in traffic


A very… excited balloon thingy.


Got to take some interesting pictures of the sun’s rays hitting the window. Is it called solar flare?



A sparrow right before takeoff.

Coffee! Or in my case, hot chocolate. 🙂



After probably an hour or so of driving in the traffic, we made it there. There was a lot of flowers there, and I just got out my camera and began to wander around the garden. (I can’t help it! It’s an automatic reflex thing.)


A nice mini waterfall.


There were a lot of neat flowers there.. as well as some mean bugs.


I think the majority of pictures there were pansies, although there were a few that I didn’t know the name of.


Some blurry-ness that I thought was interesting.

In the garden there was an old tree on which grew a big ole’ mushroom. I wonder how it would taste if it was edible?

IMG_2770          A cool mushroom growing off an old tree!



I also had a nice little impromptu photoshoot with a little roly-poly.

A littlw wittle roly poly bug.





These leaves are of several tomato plants that were growing there, I think.


And these are of more pansies.


Not these, though. These are of trees.



Another mushroom.


Why was this blurry???

I did a poor attempt at getting some pictures of silhouettes as well.




And there was a swarm of ants on the ground too.



I’m pretty irked at how so many of these ended up being blurry!


I don’t know if you can see it, but there’s a spider web between the pots’ sides. And a little spider on the web!


I got some pictures of tomato plant pictures, if they were tomato plants…


If you look carefully at the pictures of just dirt, you can see a few worms and other roly-polies here and there.




I got some pictures inside the house as well.

Can y’all see the focus I was going for here?


I took some pictures of the really cool window inside, that was kinda like the sunroof of a car, except on a house. It would awesome if there was a floor and a rope ladder, and it turned into a tiny little attic room. I can dream, can’t I?

The house we visited had this cool window, I would’ve liked to crawl out of.


Then, late at night, there were some twinkle lights plugged in. What’s it called when you have blurry pictures? Bokeh?


The little wittle waterfall at night.
Some blurry lights.
Some clear lights.
Some blurry lights again.
Waterfall at night.
A blue blur.
And another blue blur.

That was rather lengthy, wasn’t it? There’s some more, but we’re almost done!  Today I got to take some pictures of even more flowers, please forgive me. 0F88AA7B-31AA-49F9-993F-9FD9C6024DA9E524AFE7-CA07-47D2-9E64-412CC02F23A5

Thanks to my brother for holding the flower out for me!


Aw, poor tree, afflicted with some orange.. is that some type of tree disease?


Wow! That was really long!

If you’re one of the few who looked at each and every single picture, you, my friend, have determination!

Oh, and one of many reasons why this was so long was for Starling’s Happy And Random Posts Contest. We’re in the final round, so everything counts. (Yes, I am owning Free Topic. XD)


And point system…

  1.  (3 points per post related to the HARPs Contest)- 3 points
  2.  (2 points per photo)- 160(2)= 320 points
  3. (2 points)- 4(2)= 8 points
  4. Total: 331 points!


Thank you all so very much for reading this really long post!

I’ve Been Tagged! Who Is God To You?



Greetings and salutations!

I logged on to my reader today to find out that – gasp! I’ve been tagged! By Gracie too. Thanks girl! 🙂

1) Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their blog or website.
2) Nominate five bloggers to do the who is God to you? tag.
3) Answer the five questions and give five new questions for the people you nominated to answer. if you want, you can use the same five questions as the last person.
4) Display the who is God to you? logo in your blog post.

1) Who is God to you?

God is my friend, my Father, the One who rules my life.
2) Which book of the Bible is your favourite?
It switches, but I love Romans! I’m memorizing Romans 8 right now actually!
3) What was a defining moment in your life as a Christian?
There have been many defining moments, but I think the one that impacted me the most was when I was struggling with guilt even though I had been forgiven; Romans 8 helped me a lot in that area.
4) Who is your favourite Bible character and why?
Do I have to pick?? I love them all! But if it comes to just one, I would probably pick Deborah, because she was an amazing woman for the Lord.
5) What is your favourite worship song and why?

Hm… That would have to be His Heart Beats by Andrew Peterson. It talks about Christ’s resurrection in an amazing way!


I tag:




Mary E.


I hope y’all don’t mind being tagged! No pressure if you can’t do it. 🙂


And my questions for you:

  1. How did you come to accept Christ?
  2. What’s your favourite hymn?
  3. How did you like Sunday- school?

You can add this to the questions above, if you like!

Thanks for reading!