Scribble Scrabble- The First In A Long Time


I haven’t done an official real Scribble Scrabble in forever. Maybe cause I haven’t been random enough for one. Life and all. But now I am! *cheers* Don’t blame me. Blame my very slow laptop. It’s a little long, so get comfy.


Last Sunday it wasn’t too cold to take a walk, so I dragged my brother to the park and thought I could take a few pictures of it.


Thankfully it was sunny, despite the cold. Which kinda makes it better. 😛


It was unusually quiet and empty, which was a little bit sad, but probably for the best, cause my poor camera wouldn’t survive. 😛

Huh, now this slide reminds me of the time I fell off on and scratched my face. I was five and at church camp. Good times.



Fall really became fall recently. All those colors everyone keeps talking about burst into view.



And then the weather froze over, it snowed. *nod nod* Yes, there was white stuff on the roofs. It melted though, so I couldn’t cop a plea for a snow day. Moving on.


Early this week, I did something pretty stereotypical I guess I probably should be ashamed. XD But I’m not.

I took pictures of my dessert.

Okay, but to be fair, it’s not every day one gets a full on glass of halo-halo.

What is halo-halo?


In Tagalog, “halo halo” literally means “mix mix.”

I prefer to think of it as pure goodness.


Basically, it’s like bubble tea. Sorta. There’s some strange things in it. Mungo beans, shaved ice, ube paste, coconut gel, and lecheflan, not to mentioned condensed milk. It’s weird, but it tastes so good.


I guess it’s kinda silly, but hey. It’s beautiful. XD



*sighs happily* That stuff is good.


What else? Well, I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but Megan makes inchworms out of polymer clay. And they’re really sweet too! So I thought I’d try making them. The thing is, I didn’t have polymer clay. I had homemade dough with green food coloring. So… you can see for yourself what happened.




It looks like such a messed up pair of inchworms XD XD But I guess they’ll do fine? There’s also a snake to this odd group of salt dough animals.


And then there’s this.


*dies laughing* This is me, trying to be creative at 10 pm on a school night. Good heavens what on earth is this weird creature??? Guess for me, will ya please?


Ehm. So that was more of a photo dump. I hope ya enjoyed that.

Update on the trying to get out of an unproductive rut: I’ve found that cutting off the unnecessary stuff has really helped me! 😀

Also, you might be wondering where on earth is the next part of The Ugly Ducky. (Actually you’re not, you’re glad it hasn’t appeared since because it’s so loooong) Weel, I have to admit that I’ve put it on pause. Why?

😉 There’s something I’m working on that’s much better.. I hope. Stay tuned. This one, I’m dead serious about.

And that wraps up Scribble Scrabble for today! Have a great rest of the day. 😛 Tune in next time for How To Befriend A Writer.. or something like that.



Life Update: It’s All Normal, Charlie Brown.



Today is one of those days where everything that’s happened happened exactly the same as it did yesterday, and it’s like it repeats repeats itself and it’s very monotone.

But it’s been good. 😀 So, here’s life lately.


Let’s see, the other week I made some brookies (brownies + cookies).. and got teased for taking professional pictures of it. 😛 Hey, it’s what I do.


       The actual pan of brookies turned out being an epic fail.


 ^ They aren’t round, they’re as square as that formula I had to memorize for my geometry quiz. *fumes* XD It tasted delicious, though, so in the end it was definitely worth it.

  Last week we celebrated a birthday with some chocolate cake (more chocolate! :D) and history homework.


   Speaking of history homework, all I can gather from that was that Louis IV was a cinnamon roll and was a great king that today’s leaders could take a cue from, King John was as much a loser in real life as he was in Robin Hood, and poor kings’ sisters were married off to gain alliances with other countries. Hm. Y’know, this would made a good story, about a princess who DIDN’T get into an arranged marriage… I oughta write that down one day, when I’m not busy.


     The sky is nice and sunny today, which is a nice change from the dreariness of the previous days. If it just rained, it wouldn’t be so bad, but no. No rain. Hmph.


I actually made a WIP page for this here blog! 😀 It’ll take me a while to actually fill it out, you understand. Small Town’s been renamed Just Come Home, and hopefully I can write the next chapter after school.. we’ll see. 😉 I’ve kinda been a bit distracted listening to *cough cough* Something Old, Something New. O_O WAAA- that was unexpected.

As you may guess, yep, I’ve been listening and ranting about AIO again, and with good reason. *nods* Just one more Saturday til Album 65 is out, people! *squeals* *stops squealing* Oh yeah, I may or may not have mentioned that my AIO craziness and I will be showing up regularly on Welcome To Odyssey, Gracie @ Through The Eyes Of Gracie’s fan blog for AIO. So yes, I’m a confirmed fangirl. Beware. But hey, if you’re into AIO, check it out! 😀


Yes, that’s Leo Tolstoy’s War And Peace you see over there… I wonder if I can finish it next year?


I’ve enjoyed a lot of The Piano Guys’ music, because as we all know I am not sane unless I have headphones on or a violin in my hand, and I got the rest of my family to get into it too. Bwhahahaa… Me & My Cello and Rewrite The Stars are quickly becoming favorites.


Snippie Time! Cause y’all like snippies, right?


If you keep walking past the bent elm tree, up the hill, and left of the arrow in the rock (yes, that’s supposedly famous) one way or another, you’ll see the nicest mansion this side of the county line. It’s literally a white house, with giant white columns standing on either side of a sharp black door with what looked like gold handles, black gables, and huge oak trees on the property. It’s beautiful.

Wonderful, keep walking, it’s not my home.


What was the point of this post? To be honest, it was a pointless as Wooton’s Broken Pencil Show, but that my dears, is a recap of my life so far. 😀 Have a great day folks!

HARPS Round 5 # 2! What Makes You Valuable

HARPs Featured Image


Hi everyone! I’m back for my second entry of HARPS round 5, and because the topic is to type up encouraging posts for others to read, I think this next entry is important: what makes you valuable.


A couple days ago, I was scrolling through pictures I had taken over the past few days. If you’re a wannabe amateur photographer like me, your camera’s SD card is full with various pictures. I skipped over the pictures with my face in them. As a rule, I like being on the other side of the lens; taking the picture, instead of being taken a picture of.


If I’m honest with myself, I don’t think I’m pretty. Ha, me? The kid with the tangled hair and oily face, with broomsticks for arms and giant glasses? Nah. Leave that to the beautiful, cute as a ladybug kind of people, of which I am not a part of.  Definitely not picture material.

And I’ve told myself more than once that I’m fine with that.

So I have tried, and tried, and try to prove that I’m something in other ways; by what I do, by how strong I am or how smart, by good grades or a different style. I tell myself that maybe I’m not pretty, but if I’m _________ (fill in the blank) or I can do ________, that I will be valuable nonetheless.

Really, I need to stop all that.

Because what I do or how I look doesn’t define my value, my worth.



Well, if my appearance and my skills and what little brainpower I have isn’t a measure of my value, what is?

Read carefully, friends: it all comes down to Jesus.


Maybe you’re scoffing at those words, and maybe you’re confused, and most likely you’re both, but think on this, that Jesus gave His life to save you. To save all of us. Did Jesus save just the good-looking, the brainy, or all the “special people”?


Jesus came to save each and every person in the world. Including you. You’re so valuable in God’s eyes that He sent Jesus to save you. That’s a deep, deep measure of worth.

And to me, far more important and far more precious than the world’s measures, which change with the flip of a switch.


Trust me, this is a truth I must be reminded of daily, because if I keep my eyes off Jesus, and worry about myself instead, I will be lost.

And as for my camera’s pictures?

They’re still worth something.


Points Calculator! 

  1. (3 points per post related to the HARPs Contest)  3 points!
  2.  (2 points per photo)  6 pictures, so 6(2)= 12 points!
  3. Completing Little Challenges (2 points)  If you caught the cute as a ladybug part, 2 points!
  4. Total: 3+ 12+ 2 = 17 points! Lookee! I just did some math!


Thanks for reading, and please, know that you are precious in God’s sight.





A Trip Out Of Town

It's _NewKicks Friday!

Greetings and salutations! I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.

Earlier today, (6 in the morning to be precise) my family and I drove to Buffalo for a quick jaunt. It was quite the fun time!


The sky was clear, the air fresh, the sun up, it was beautiful! Especially since yesterday we had a bad storm, and some power lines and trees were knocked over.

On our way, I spotted an office building called Nova Steel Production… *wide eyes* Is this a sign? (AIO fans, this is for you. If you don’t get it just keep on scrolling!)




These are pictures of the big bridges we crossed. I love crossing bridges. It’s kind of scary, but thrilling at the same time!

We also got to see the great Niagara Falls while we were driving!  


Why was this blurry??
Horseshoe Falls, so named because of its horseshoe shape.


  Fun Facts About the Falls

  •   the name Niagara was taken and adapted from the Mohawks.
  • Niagara Falls is separated into three falls: Horseshoe, American, and the Bridal Veil falls.
  • The biggest falls, Horseshoe, is on the Canadian side. (Yipee! 🙂 )
  • More than 6 million cubic feet of water goes over every minute. That’s a lot of water! Think of all the swimming pools it’d fill.
  • in 1901, Michigan school teacher Anne Edson Taylor went over the falls in nothing but a barrel. What’s shocking? She was only 63 years old!


Alright, time to take off the tour guide hat now. Wikipedia has such useful information, doesn’t it?

We entered New York through Niagara Falls, and passing by the streets in the early morning was so fun!


One pretty interesting thing about morning driving is that you get to see all the big stores and businesses closed, and empty. We passed by a store dedicated to Hershey’s chocolate (yum) and displayed old ads from the 1900s featuring Hershey’s. I also saw this tiny, tiny ice cream shop shaped like a giant cone. It reminded me a lot of Whit’s End! Sadly however, I couldn’t get any good pictures of both shops.

We stayed around for a bit, saw some places, then headed back. And thus concludes our mini road trip! I hope you’ve enjoyed! Do you like road trips? Have you ever seen the Falls? Let me know, won’t you?

And here to reward you for bearing with me is a picture of a Hershey’s kiss! Thanks for reading!