Mountains, Gandalf. Mountains!

There are things in life that make you go, “wow.” It can be anything from a cake that plops out of the pan perfectly, to the Grand Canyon, finding out Mitch came back,  a really cool science experiment, a sunset, the ending of Infinity War, and a perfectly executed skate move. Take your pick. My […]

Scribble Scrabble- The First In A Long Time

I haven’t done an official real Scribble Scrabble in forever. Maybe cause I haven’t been random enough for one. Life and all. But now I am! *cheers* Don’t blame me. Blame my very slow laptop. It’s a little long, so get comfy. *********** Last Sunday it wasn’t too cold to take a walk, so I […]

Life Update: It’s All Normal, Charlie Brown.

  Today is one of those days where everything that’s happened happened exactly the same as it did yesterday, and it’s like it repeats repeats itself and it’s very monotone. But it’s been good. 😀 So, here’s life lately.  ~~~~~~~~~~~ Let’s see, the other week I made some brookies (brownies + cookies).. and got teased […]

Labor Day (What I did, where I went, and why the name is deceptive)

Heyo. It’s 11:01 pm. I should be asleep. I could use more sleep. In fact, I am dead. From school of course. Why am I writing a blog post? *glares* Cause I can. Don’t judge. Labor Day is deceptive.  YOU DON’T DO LABOR ON LABOR DAY. Why. It should be renamed. ‘Appreciation Of Labor Day’, […]

Takeaways From August (Scribble Scrabble)

*eyes gleam evilly* I have waited very long for this. My fingers have missed the clickety clackety of the keyboard. And ha, you thought I milked every drop outta August? Not yet! 😛 It’s Friday. It’s the last Friday of August 2018. BAAAAAAAAAWWWHHH. Anyway.. I’da waited til September, but I have enough pictures to make […]

Summer Went Out With The Sunset (Or, In Which I Post Some Pictures In The Hopes You Can See Them.)

Greetings everybody! Well. It looks like I’m gonna need some audience participation. My pictures haven’t been showing up recently, have they? Let’s see. If you all can see these pictures of clouds and sunsets and whatnot, yay!   If not… boo. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but this is the 25th of August, right? *sobs* […]

After A Long And Most Interesting Week, Yours Truly Is Back!

Hey y’all! Greetings and salutations! I have returned! *blows trumpets and beats drums at the same time* Missed me? 🙂 The past days of my hiatus were filled with, well, stuff to do, so if you’re interested, keep reading! Where do I start? The early days of the week were all on my novel prep. […]

A Trip Out Of Town

Greetings and salutations! I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. Earlier today, (6 in the morning to be precise) my family and I drove to Buffalo for a quick jaunt. It was quite the fun time! The sky was clear, the air fresh, the sun up, it was beautiful! Especially since yesterday we had a […]

A Rant On The Hardship That Is Spring Cleaning (Or, It’s May!!!!!!)

Where did the time go? It’s May already? Yesterday was New Year’s!
And yet the time keeps ticking away, til it’s New Year’s all over again.
I’m not really a big fan of change. I like things to stay the same. I don’t like it when unexpected things happen, or when people leave. But as Wooton says, “Change can help you change, and sometimes that can be a good thing.”