Hard Stuff: Don’t Call Yourself Dumb

My dad and I were driving around yesterday and we were just talking about the weird things that are normal in the here and now: speaking with emojis instead of words, looking at your phone instead of talking to people, little kids spending their entire days on YouTube videos *cough cough heh guilty during NaNo*,Continue reading “Hard Stuff: Don’t Call Yourself Dumb”

Scribble Scrabble: BIBPC Cat. 5, Slgiht Life Update, And Drabble

Hello there, I’m tired. Who on earth are you? Well, whoever you may be, thanks for coming over here. This won’t take too much of your time. So for the fifth category of BIBPC, which has the ridiculously tricky category “disguise”, here’s my lame attempt and showing that in a picture. It’s terrible. But IContinue reading “Scribble Scrabble: BIBPC Cat. 5, Slgiht Life Update, And Drabble”

When You’re About To Give Up

It’s Monday. Another week of school begins. Another hard, tiring wrestle with projects,  another week’s worth of blank stares at the screen begins. So, without further ado…   Y’all definitely remember when I was trying to start a garden right? It was a beautiful sunny day. I had such big hopes, and was so proudContinue reading “When You’re About To Give Up”