Scrolling Through The Pictures + A Goodbye.

Hey y’all! Happy Sunday! Greeting and salutations! I hope you’re all well.

As a farewell, because I’ll not be posting for the rest of the week (unless I have a brilliant idea) I have gotten my pictures for you and I’ll be saying adieu. This shall pretty much have me wander through various topics of discussion, so as an automatic warning, brace yourself!


“We were picking out notes and learning the parts
To different radios we were singing along
It was the same song” (Andrew Peterson, Same Song)IMG_2941

And now til next week, this probably shall be my last post because of school, life, and some NaNo preparation. I’ll still read all your latest posts and comment!

And now the collective sigh of relief at the fact that my random self shall not clutter your Reader with my posts should be going up anytime now. Yes, you can breathe and relax, knowing that I won’t be around to make you scroll through dozens of pictures of books or skies or flowers- you know the rest.


But if you find that you miss the randomness of reading about life through these lens, rest assured: I shall return! With more pictures of actually interesting things, more stories, and more slightly fascinating things! So stop by once in a while, will ya?

For some reason I thought this was interesting. I turned my camera upside down and came up with this…. very strange picture. 


Starling nominated me for the Awesome Blogger Award, so I shall do that as part of my goodbye post! Thanks, Starling!


The Awesome Blogger award was originally created by Maggie @ Dreaming of Guatemala. This is an award for the absolutely wonderful writers all across the blogging world. They have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add happiness and laughter to the lives of their readers. That is what truly defines an awesome blogger.


1) How long have you been blogging for? (feel free to be specific right down to the minutes and seconds if you like! XD)

I’ve been blogging since February, so almost 4 months!



2) What are some of your favourite YouTube Channels?

Um.. I like AndrewPetersonVEVO, Adventures In Editing, and some more that I forgot the name of. XD




3) What time is it now?

8:38 PM.



4) Cats or dogs?




5) Who was your most recent follower?

Um… *checks stats* Emily, at Em In The Sun. Go check out her blog!



6) How many blogs are you currently following?

8, but I check a lot of blogs frequently!



7) What is one thing you MUST do everyday? (besides eating, drinking, bathing, etc.)


Read my Bible. That’s important to me. 




8) What makes you unique?

A lot of things! *grins cheekily*


9) How often do you floss?

Uh, when I remember? That works, right?




10) What is your favourite subject?

I have more than one favorite! Science, history, and grammar (cause of all the writing projects.)


And… sadly… I have no nominations… *sobs* but, if you want to do this tag, go right ahead! And you can answer the questions I answered.

Yes, I’m being rather lazy today… XD I hope you enjoyed reading all those answers!


News! News! New News!

Lydia is holding a writing contest after how well her photography contest went! Go check it out!

And if you would like to win scrapbook paper and washi tape, Hannah is holding a great giveaway in celebration of 400 followers!



This post is dedicated to my great family, who rallied together to help me mash a whole bag’s worth of potatoes, and to my sister, who stayed to the end and cheered me up when I wanted to drop from tiredness. I love you all so much!

Today is my last day to post for HARPs, Starling’s competitive and fun contest! Thanks, Starling, I’ve had a blast trying to earn points! I’m going to miss the competition, but I’m glad that I was able to join!


The Last Points Calculator

  1.  (3 points per post related to the HARPs Contest) -3 points
  2.  (2 points per photo) – 16(2)= 32 points
  3. Completing Little Challenges (2 points) – 4(2)= 8
  4. 43 points!

I hope you’ve had a great Sunday, and will have a great week! Thanks for reading!


Scribble Scrabble The.. 5th? (I have lost count)

Dedicated to Charles, my good friend. 

Greetings and salutations, people! A very merry Friday to all! It’s time for another Scribble Scrabble, in which I do a lot of random things, take a look back, and get tagged. Lots of fun stuff.

Random Thing 1! Beautiful Sunsets

Over the week, I got to take pictures of various gorgeous sunsets. They were all beautiful. You never know the things you’ll see if you just look out your window. That being said, go get off your device and go look out your window! Even better, go outside!!! What is the fresh air for if not to be enjoyed?


One of my favorite pictures!




Random Thing 2!

I know I have bored you all to death with endless pictures of my bell pepper plants, but you’ll have to deal with it again, because they grew! My preciouses!!! I need names for them, so please let me know in the comments, ok?


Anyway, enough of plants..

Random Thing 3! More sky!

So we went for a drive, and I came home with some pictures! Hee hee, it’s pretty automatic that I’ll take at least one picture. We also got a pretty cool thing that I will tell y’all about in another post. XD I’ll let you know, it’s big and so cool!!


The Domino’s sign of a delivery car. They sure make good pizza.



Random Thing 4! Lydia is holding a writing contest!

The lovely Lydia, who held the photography contest known by the original name of MOOP, invites all bloggers and writers to join her new contest, known as ITWC. What is this strange acronymated contest?

Go check it out for yourself!

I’d love to join, but the challenge known as Camp NaNo is coming, and I’ve been planning to join that since April. I’m looking forward to it!! In April I was pretty casual with my first story, figuring out the characters as I wrote them in. Which has fun, but I ended up with a mystery that I’m too afraid to write! 😛 So now, I’m doing serious character charts and world building and all that writing stuff (very accurate phrase!) and premise thingys. I think I’m prepared?

Random Thing 5! I got tagged!!

Yep, yours truly got tagged by a lot of people, so I better start getting them all down. One of the tags I was tagged for was the Liebtster Award,  by Clara! Go check her blog out! It’s great!

Ask a family member to describe you in 3 words. What did they say?

Crazy, smart, and short. All of which my brother said I was.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

To be really honest, I don’t know what’ll happen in 10 months, let alone 10 years! I look forward to seeing what God wants me to do for Him. Um, maybe working, getting a DSLR, and hearing the next albums of AIO. I don’t know! Oh, and serving at church.  I’d love to road trip through all of Canada and the US, but I have no way of knowing if it will be in the next 10 years. 

Can you whistle, snap your fingers, and go cross-eyed all at the same time?

Um, let’s see. I can whistle and snap my fingers at the same time, but not go cross-eyed. How’s does one do that, anyway?

What is an irrational fear that you have?

The dark. I can’t help it, the dark is kinda, very creepy. But I only get scared of the dark when I’m thinking of or up mystery stories. XD

Do you have a nickname? If so, how did you get it?

A girl I take care of at church couldn’t say my name right, and it ended up being Jonah. Yes, Jonah.

Favorite band and favorite song by that band?

Does Andrew Peterson’s band count? Cause that’s my favorite. And I have a lot of favorite songs! His Heart Beats, World Traveler, and Is He Worthy.

Sunny or rainy days? Why?

Both! Sunny, because of sun, and rainy because of the rain. 😛

What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever visited?

Um…I don’t know.. the mall?

Favorite smell?

Apple pie, fried chicken, and a bunch of flowers.

Without looking it up, can you pronounce “Worcestershire” correctly?

Nope. Nuff said.

Do you play any instruments? If not, what instrument would you like to learn?

Yes! The violin, piano, and guitar. Still need lots of practice though.

11 Random Facts-

I like the color blue

I love reading Romans

my first pair of glasses were crushed by a Bible commentary

I once won a contest but got disqualified because I was from Canada

it’s cloudy today

I once hit a bullseye at camp

Also love camping

I joined a writing challenge 3 days before it ended

And pickles are a good snack

No nominees this time, but feel free to do this tag if you want! I tagged you!

And to the good bloggers who tagged me: I haven’t forgotten your nominations! I’ll do your tags for sure!


Random Thing 6! Scribble Scrabble presents… A Look Back!

I  like to wander, and I like road trips. I like to take pictures of road trips on road trips. These were from returning home after watching the great eclipse in South Carolina. Enjoy! (Yes, I took all these pictures, in case you were wondering.)

“Well, soon enough I had my way
I saw the world the Lord has made
Mostly from the interstate..” (Andrew Peterson, World Traveler)


Passin’ through a small town.




Random Thing 7!

Oh yes! The announcement! I have an announcement! *clears throat* *drumroll*













. Hey! This is cool! I never got to do this before!!!








. Ok, that’s enough. The news is…. that I am going on hiatus!!!






||Hiatus| noun. To cease being on WordPress for an indefinite period of time.|

Hee hee….. um… actually..

I’m not. XD I’m just being mean and wanted to make you all sad. I am not going on hiatus, but I will be gone all day next Saturday and Sunday and most likely for the rest of my life. *sobs dramatically* I won’t leave y’all forever! Well, I might, but… anyway, so now you know that I will be gone next Saturday. Where will I go?

You can guess!!

And fine folks, that’s all of Scribble Scrabble! So glad you could stop by!

This also happened to be a post for Starling’s Happy And Random Posts Contest. My team is up against some really good bloggers, whom I am happy to compete against!


And point system…

  1.  (3 points per post related to the HARPs Contest)- 3 points
  2.  (2 points per photo)- 30(2)= 60 points
  3. Completing Little Challenges (2 points)- 4(2)= 8 points
  4. 71 points! Hope that helps boost us to victory somewhat!


Thanks for reading! Have a lovely weekend!



An Excursion Through Old Pictures + What you could call something of an update on life

Hey y’all. Greetings and salutations!

It still surprises me how fast the year has gone already. It seems like January was really yesterday, and already the time’s gone and it’s summer.

I was on a wander through old pictures on here (that I conveniently haven’t put up for HARPs, hee hee- or have I?) and thought that you might be interested in looking through- if you haven’t already, that is.

So, without further ado…


The Year So Far

January in a nutshell: Slowly getting used to the new year; snow (new year in Canada= automatic one big snowfall in the month); and a giant super moon that was definitely worth getting up at 4 to watch.




 February in a nutshell: I first started blogging, I got interested in photography; my church had a dinner, and it snowed a lot. 

Boy, that was short.





March in a nutshell: My sister flying home unexpectedly for spring break; Swiss Chalet; snow; maple syrup; old Victorian Houses, and flowers that sadly died. I also writing up the crazy stories in my head, and still have to write ending for them!

I also really enjoyed listening to Andrew Peterson’s Is He Worthy. Go and give it a listen!

“Is He worthy? Is He worthy?
Of all blessing and honor and glory
Is He worthy? Is He worthy?
Is He worthy of this?
He is!” – (Andrew Peterson, Is He Worthy)




April in a nutshell- school, school, more school, oh and don’t forget school! I got into Camp NaNo, started writing seriously, and word sprinted with Rebekah! I started designing pins, it snowed (again) just when I was planting my bell peppers, some more snow, and school. The fiercest wind blew, it snowed, and I made my blog button.




May in a nutshell- The torture known as spring cleaning was inflicted on me. For weeks my room was full of bags full of old stuff to give away. My sister came home for summer, the sun was shining, our air conditioning died, we saw the cherry blossoms,  and with the help of a friend I tackled a big history paper I should’ve done but kinda put off… Anyway, I handed it in on time! (3 extensions, but still, on time!) Also, I fiddled with featured images (which didn’t last long, but they were nice while it lasted!)


It's _NewKicks Friday!


IMG_2312The Sad Ending Of An OrchidMorning!!Today,I choose tobe happy!IMG_2580IMG_2406



June in a nutshell- I have no idea exactly just what this month will bring! The month has only really started, and I look forward to what is coming ahead. So far, I took a LOT of flower pictures, caught up in Grammar, and joined National Bible Bee. I am really looking forward to that! For sure, you’ll be getting a closer look at life through these lens.. as soon as I get my homework finished.




Dedicated to my big brother, who helped me wash the dishes. Love ya!

Oh, and Starling? In case you’re wondering I got… *calculates quickly*

(3 points per post related to the HARPs Contest) 3 points

(2 points per photo) 60(2) 120 points

Completing Little Challenges (2 points) 4(2) 8 points

…… 131 points.

 Thanks for reading, and I hope y’all have a great day as this month flies by!

A Very,Very,Very,Very Long Photoshoot Of Flowers, And Other Things. (Did I mention it’s very long?)

Hey everyone! Greetings and salutations! I hope you’re all having a great day, and that you’re really comfortable, ’cause this is going to be a long stretch.

Over the weekend, I took some (i.e. A LOT) of flower pictures, and I thought that maybe you’d want to see them! Be forewarned: this is a lot. As in 100+ pictures.

Oh, and this post is dedicated to the people who even read this. It’s very long!!!


Last Friday we went to a friend’s house for Bible study, and the traffic took a while.

“I dare you to move,
I dare you to move”- (Dare You To Move, Switchfoot) <— everyone stuck in traffic


A very… excited balloon thingy.


Got to take some interesting pictures of the sun’s rays hitting the window. Is it called solar flare?



A sparrow right before takeoff.

Coffee! Or in my case, hot chocolate. 🙂



After probably an hour or so of driving in the traffic, we made it there. There was a lot of flowers there, and I just got out my camera and began to wander around the garden. (I can’t help it! It’s an automatic reflex thing.)


A nice mini waterfall.


There were a lot of neat flowers there.. as well as some mean bugs.


I think the majority of pictures there were pansies, although there were a few that I didn’t know the name of.


Some blurry-ness that I thought was interesting.

In the garden there was an old tree on which grew a big ole’ mushroom. I wonder how it would taste if it was edible?

IMG_2770          A cool mushroom growing off an old tree!



I also had a nice little impromptu photoshoot with a little roly-poly.

A littlw wittle roly poly bug.





These leaves are of several tomato plants that were growing there, I think.


And these are of more pansies.


Not these, though. These are of trees.



Another mushroom.


Why was this blurry???

I did a poor attempt at getting some pictures of silhouettes as well.




And there was a swarm of ants on the ground too.



I’m pretty irked at how so many of these ended up being blurry!


I don’t know if you can see it, but there’s a spider web between the pots’ sides. And a little spider on the web!


I got some pictures of tomato plant pictures, if they were tomato plants…


If you look carefully at the pictures of just dirt, you can see a few worms and other roly-polies here and there.




I got some pictures inside the house as well.

Can y’all see the focus I was going for here?


I took some pictures of the really cool window inside, that was kinda like the sunroof of a car, except on a house. It would awesome if there was a floor and a rope ladder, and it turned into a tiny little attic room. I can dream, can’t I?

The house we visited had this cool window, I would’ve liked to crawl out of.


Then, late at night, there were some twinkle lights plugged in. What’s it called when you have blurry pictures? Bokeh?


The little wittle waterfall at night.
Some blurry lights.
Some clear lights.
Some blurry lights again.
Waterfall at night.
A blue blur.
And another blue blur.

That was rather lengthy, wasn’t it? There’s some more, but we’re almost done!  Today I got to take some pictures of even more flowers, please forgive me. 0F88AA7B-31AA-49F9-993F-9FD9C6024DA9E524AFE7-CA07-47D2-9E64-412CC02F23A5

Thanks to my brother for holding the flower out for me!


Aw, poor tree, afflicted with some orange.. is that some type of tree disease?


Wow! That was really long!

If you’re one of the few who looked at each and every single picture, you, my friend, have determination!

Oh, and one of many reasons why this was so long was for Starling’s Happy And Random Posts Contest. We’re in the final round, so everything counts. (Yes, I am owning Free Topic. XD)


And point system…

  1.  (3 points per post related to the HARPs Contest)- 3 points
  2.  (2 points per photo)- 160(2)= 320 points
  3. (2 points)- 4(2)= 8 points
  4. Total: 331 points!


Thank you all so very much for reading this really long post!

Everyday Thanks

This post is dedicated to my mom, who has taught me that every day is a day to give thanks. I love you Mom!

Greeting and Salutations! Happy Wednesday, y’all.

Y’know, Thanksgiving is a day we give thanks to God for all our blessings. But should it really be on just one day of the year that we give thanks? Why can’t we give thanks everyday, like on really random days like today?

So today, I’m launching off on a list of things I’m thankful for. Maybe you’ll find that you’re thankful for them too!


What I’m Thankful For Today!

Air Conditioning!

I’m really thankful this wonder of AC! A few days ago, our unit broke down, and we had to bake in the heat until today. It’s only when things are taken from us that we realize how we depend on them.

Adventures In Odyssey!


I’ve already said probably a few times that I’m a big fan of Adventures In Odyssey, or AIO for short! For those of you who don’t know what this show is, it’s a Christian radio program that touches on life in this little town of Odyssey. I am really thankful for this because it’s clean and wholesome entertainment, it’s something to listen to when doing chores, and how could you not love this show?

Automatic Bubble Dispensers!

Bubbles! Bubbles! I’m grateful for these because boom, fast and easy entertainment for kids, and also seeing the bubbles automatically come out and just wander into the sky is really enjoyable. And just plain fun to pop!



Blogging is a fairly new hobby that I’m grateful for. I’ve always wanted a place to say what I think, to share my photos, and showing you all how I see life through my lens. But that’s not just why I’m grateful for blogging. It’s the people. It’s the community. And I’m so glad to be able to talk to other kids out there!



Alrighty, you all know by now that I am a bookworm of the acutest kind! I’m thankful for books that spark my imagination, challenge my brain, and help me with homework. (Textbooks definitely count! We should be grateful for textbooks, right?)



While nobody should be on their laptop all the time (*cough cough*) I am grateful that I can use one, not just for blogging, but to finish papers for school, designing, writing, sending emails. Laptops are a useful tool, that if used correctly, can help a lot!



Y’all should’ve seen this coming. My blog is named The Lens & The Hard Drive, after all.

I’m thankful for cameras. For the person who invented the camera, and the person who made the digital camera, and I’m thankful for my camera. It has taken so many pictures, so many memories, and I’m glad God gave me a knack for photography.


D: The Sunshine Vitamin!

This may sound weird to you, but I am thankful for Vitamin D. It (the vitamin) can be gotten when the sun is up and shining, but in Canada, where the sun shows up less than in other places, kids don’t get as much. Which causes them to get soft bones.

All that to say, I’m glad the sun’s up and shining, and I’m grateful for Vitamin D. I would’ve said doughnuts, but that’s probably not as healthy.



“Eggses! Grandmother taught us to suck them!” Gollum cried. 

Um, I know Gollum, that poor, really starved once- a- Hobbit said something like that. It may not be verbatim, though.  I’m just as happy for eggs- I just don’t suck them. (Ugh.)  Eggs are my favorite breakfast food and when paired with pancakes? *sighs happily* Yes, I’m thankful for eggs.



I’d be dead of heat if it wasn’t for fans! They’re really helpful, and two days ago, they were the only way of cooling down that we got! Actually, in many other neighborhoods around the world, people really rely on fans to cool them down. Hm, they’re more useful then we realize.


“You’re the apple of my eye, ooh darlin’!” (written by Will Ryan, Let’s Put On A Show!)

My family is the apple (or is it a barrel of apples?) of my eyes, although without the “darlin'” part. Something that I am grateful for fiercely is family. Even if I get into fights with my cousins over Dutch Blitz (no, I did NOT look at your hand, or pile of cards, or whatever you call it!) or my uncles burst into songs from a bygone era (i.e. yesterday) those are little things that make my family who we are. I’m so grateful to God for giving me my family, because they have helped make me who I am today.


I’m thankful for flowers that make the scenery much more beautiful, and for the lovely portraits they make!




I may have listed this before, but I am really grateful that I can actually grow things!


Seeing Green!

I love snow, but after that long winter, I was really glad to see so much green pop up! This is definitely something I’m grateful for.






I’ll admit: there was a time when I wished I wasn’t homeschooled. I wanted what I thought (and what I heard) was a “normal life”: riding a bus, having friends your own age, going on field trips, and eating sandwiches for lunch. At least, that’s what I thought everybody else did; that’s what  should be doing too, right?

Oh, I was a fickle, silly child back then. Still am now!

I’ve learned to be grateful for being taught, not just at home, but wherever! And I thank God that I am homeschooled; it’s given me lots of opportunities to learn and explore, and hey! Even blog!

Ice cubes! And ice cream! And anything iced!


*sighs happily* Ice cubes! I’m really thankful for ice cubes. What would we put into lemonade and iced tea if not ice? (Disclaimer: I am not a fan of Chikfila sweet tea. Ooh! More like sugar water flavored with tea. But that’s just me.)  

Anyhoo, I’m glad we can have big huge freezers to make ice, chill ice cream, and make all sorts of frozen treats!

Jam Sessions!

No, not making jam sessions. Making music sessions! My brothers and I all play instruments of some kind. So when we all get together, we pretty much play songs from memory, since none of us can read music. It’s a great time that I’m thankful for!

Kites, Kids, and Kittens!

Yep! I loved flying kites as an eager, small 5 year old. And now, I help take care of 5 year olds at church. I’m thankful for both, plus for kittens! I met a really cute small white one a while back.

 Little Acts Of Love!

This are things that  my family does that I’m thankful for. Like.. unexpected hugs, or help with homework, or doing a chore that I hate. And it’s been fun to give back, like getting a pack of pens I know my brother wants, or just being there to listen. I’m grateful for these small things that mean a lot.


I’m not going to give you all a list of what I’m thankful for and not put this important person! I’m thankful for my mom. She’s always cared for me since day 1 of my life, taught me about God growing up, and encouraged me to start writing and taking pictures. I’m so grateful to God for my mom.

Night Lights!

I’m grateful for these city lights when we have to do night driving. Without the lights, we’d crash! And I’m grateful for night driving, too. It’s a fascinating experience!


Oreos, Ovens, and Omelettes!

You may be laughing at these things I’m thankful for that begin with O, but, nonetheless, I am thankful for them. Why? Oreos. No explanation! Ovens. Without them we can’t cook! And omelettes? They’re really tasty.


Yes, I won’t deny that I am very thankful for pizza. ‘Nuff said.

Questions Solved!

I am no Einstein, and thus the simplest of questions I can not answer in the blink of eye. The important questions, like “what is a squared + b squared, and, do you want cookie dough or cookies and cream”?

Thus, I’m thankful for when I finally finish a homework question!



   Road Trips!

I’m thankful for road trips. 1) That’s family time, and 2) you can see the world!! Well, the highway, but still! Seeing all the mountains and lakes and everything God made, it’s something worth seeing.



And with R, we must end this nice long list of things I’m thankful for, because.. it’s kinda long! I hope you enjoyed seeing all this! And if you didn’t, well, thanks for being so patient!

Oh, and by the way, this thanksgiving list was for Starling’s Happy and Random Posts Contest, so… the points!


Points Calculator!

  1.  (3 points per post related to the HARPs Contest) – 3 points
  2. (2 points per photo)- 38(2)-  76 points
  3. (2 points per LC)-  4(2) – 8 points
  4. Total: 87 points!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day! Oh, and American Ninja Warrior is premiering in 45 minutes!!





HARPs 7 Finale #1! Sky’s The Limit

This post is dedicated to my favorite pencil, which was lost a day ago. May it rest in piece, until I hopefully find it before my test tomorrow.  

Good morning people everywhere! Greetings and salutations!

I’m back again for Starling’s Happy and Random Posts Contest, and this happens to be the last round. Yay! Aren’t you glad I won’t be showing you 100+ pictures of books anymore?

Well, for this last topic:

1. Free Topic

I am going to show you guys…. wait for it…

“I will fly, I will fly,
Chase the wind and touch the sky.” – (Touch The Sky, Brave)
Yep, this free topic is all about the brilliant blue expanse.


Contrails are always fun to photograph. Just seeing that nice long streak of white slowly wander across the sky is kinda.. satisfying, for some strange reason.




One of my favorite things to do in the evenings is watch the sun go down. It’s gorgeous. The hues of the clouds, the rays of the sun, golden hour, it all is an amazing picture to capture.


These two I took way back in winter, back when it was nice and cold and air-conditioned.  Yeah, that was back in the day when dinosaurs roamed the earth.




This was just taken yesterday! Ain’t it lovely?




Sunrises are just as beautiful to see as sunsets. Today I actually got to wake up early to see today’s sunrise. It was beautiful. (Sad to say, I have no pictures from this morning’s masterpiece.)



Unless there is no sun to rise, and all you have are clouds. *points below*

weather meme


Goodnight cow jumping over the moon”- (Goodnight Moon, written by Margaret Wise Brown, arranged by Nina Stone)

Ah, the moon. I can’t take pictures of stars too well, but the moon, that I can see easily. Like a lone light that… automatically turns on in a really dark closet.

So much for trying to sound poetic.

It’s fascinating to think that it’s so bright, and yet it just reflects off the sun.




Now, the sun is pretty neat to take a picture of too! But also really tricky to take pictures of. See for yourself.



Last August, my family and I were able to see this amazing spectacle known as… an eclipse! For many of you, you probably were able to see it as well. A really great friend of ours got these special eclipse glasses for us (if you’re reading this, thanks a lot, by the way!), and we witnessed history.

Now, did I get a picture of this? Yes! Did I get a good picture of this? Sadly.. *hangs head* I, at the time, was even worse at photography than I am now, and.. well, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

Image may contain: skyImage may contain: sky

Ah, the sky is something wonderful to gaze at, that’s for sure. I could stare at it for days… of course, one algebra lesson can feel like a week, am I right?

And now, *drumroll*…


Points Calculator!

  1.  (3 points per post related to the HARPs Contest) – 3 points!
  2.  (2 points per photo) – 28(2)= 56 points! (Well, if you count the meme as another picture I took, that makes 29 pictures and 58 points)
  3. Completing Little Challenges (2 points) 4(2)= 8 points!
  4. Starling, you did say that to make and put your own meme up is worth some points, right? Update: Your own made meme is worth 2 points, so yay!
  5. Total: 69 points!

Hope you all have a great day, and thanks for scrolling!


HARPs 6 #3! And Lastly, My Favorite Season

HARPs Featured Image

Happy Friday everyone!

Get real comfortable, because I’m about to launch off into another long-winded narrative of my favorites for Starling’s Happy and Random Posts Contest, this time, my favorite season!

As you may know, my team, the Ladybugs, kinda need some more points to shift up into at least second place. And as you may know I’m ultra- competitive. And as you may know, I can talk about something forever, so I apologize in advance!

Let’s get on with it, shall we?





I love winter. First because I was born in it, and second because it’s so nice and cold. Living in a snow covered world is like living in a snow cone.. You can actually eat snow, you know! It’s delicious.

I love snowfall. Taking pictures during a blizzard is really one of my favorite things to do, because- well, you’d have to try it to know what I’m talking about. 🙂


There’s a stone bench in my neighborhood, and whenever the snow falls, seeing that nice big thick layer of snow just makes me happy for some reason.


Any thick layer of snow on anything makes me happy, even on railings!

IMG_0470 - Copy

There are two words that will make me happy during winter: sledding and skating. I just love them like the proud Canadian I am. 😛 Every year that the Winter Olympics comes on (like this year) I’m always watching two things: the bobsledding, and the figure skating. AHH!!  Rink time is my favorite time in the winter. (Man, don’t I wish I had some pictures!)

Another thing in the long long list of winter things is hiking. Yeah, I know. It’s too cold, too hard, too tiring. Trust me to choose the hard things to enjoy!


Winter photography, though, is beautiful. And my favorite kind.  (My most favorite!)


“The fog settles across the moor..” Hey! That sounds pretty good.
Not only is this blurry, it’s kinda creepy..


*sighs happily* Well, that’s me for you. Daydreaming about winter when it’s hot and summer outside.


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I guess we all know by now that I’m really competitive. XD I hope that helps us Ladybugs!

Tune in next time to read, umm… you’ll see!

Thanks for reading!

HARPs 6! My Favorite Things… To Do, That Is!

Hey y’all! It’s Jo, and I’m back for the 6th round of HARPs, hosted by Starling! Happy Monday to ya!

HARPs Featured Image


Anyway, the topic is to list my favorite ___________ (fill in the blank)! So let’s start, with:

My Favorite Things To Do!

Designing Pins!

We Plant And We Water

28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been ca

Ah, Pinterest. The ultimate place to dream about what you want to do, but never do. A place where you can search up great Bible verses and quotes like these! I’ve only got into designing things like these recently, and it’s been a fascinating hobby. Mostly though, I’ve just made Adventures In Odyssey quotes. XD



I may sound old before my time, but knitting is a fun hobby. Since I picked up the needles last year, I have been able to make a scarf, covers, a cute wittle little hat, mug sleeves, and these arm warmers! I was working on socks before I- uh- lost a needle.




Making Music!

I love making music.

I should, I do play the violin, after all!

But it’s not just playing music, per say. It’s listening to music, and playing it, and creating it, you know? I also like writing songs. Maybe I’ll never publish, but it’s still something I enjoy doing.




Well, I wouldn’t say I am a gardener.. my garden consists of old lettuce stumps and two bell pepper seeds. But I love digging in good ole dirt and watering and seeing life grow on my windowsill. So I’ll just say I have a micro garden and leave it at that.





I’m the kind of person who always loves to take the road less taken. If I’ve never walked it, never been there, never have taken a picture of it with my camera, I want to be there. And I love long long hikes! Be it in spring, summer, or winter, I will nag and force everybody to hike with me.




I won’t deny it: I am a bookworm, in every sense of the word.

Since I was 5, I’ve loved books like Alice In Wonderland, Old Yeller, LOTR, Chronicles Of Narnia, The Mother- Daughter Book Club.  The list goes on and on anon…



Taking Close-up Pictures!

Some might argue that taking closeups doesn’t make you a photographer. Well, I’ve always been fascinated by pictures that are so painstakingly detailed and small. It’s amazing to see how God has so precisely made little things like flowers.

And of course, it’s always fun to zoom in and catch the little details!


Wait, that’s not a flower!





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Come on Ladybugs! We can do it!

Thanks for reading, and log in next time for the second entry: My Favorite Books!


HARPS Round 5 # 2! What Makes You Valuable

HARPs Featured Image


Hi everyone! I’m back for my second entry of HARPS round 5, and because the topic is to type up encouraging posts for others to read, I think this next entry is important: what makes you valuable.


A couple days ago, I was scrolling through pictures I had taken over the past few days. If you’re a wannabe amateur photographer like me, your camera’s SD card is full with various pictures. I skipped over the pictures with my face in them. As a rule, I like being on the other side of the lens; taking the picture, instead of being taken a picture of.


If I’m honest with myself, I don’t think I’m pretty. Ha, me? The kid with the tangled hair and oily face, with broomsticks for arms and giant glasses? Nah. Leave that to the beautiful, cute as a ladybug kind of people, of which I am not a part of.  Definitely not picture material.

And I’ve told myself more than once that I’m fine with that.

So I have tried, and tried, and try to prove that I’m something in other ways; by what I do, by how strong I am or how smart, by good grades or a different style. I tell myself that maybe I’m not pretty, but if I’m _________ (fill in the blank) or I can do ________, that I will be valuable nonetheless.

Really, I need to stop all that.

Because what I do or how I look doesn’t define my value, my worth.



Well, if my appearance and my skills and what little brainpower I have isn’t a measure of my value, what is?

Read carefully, friends: it all comes down to Jesus.


Maybe you’re scoffing at those words, and maybe you’re confused, and most likely you’re both, but think on this, that Jesus gave His life to save you. To save all of us. Did Jesus save just the good-looking, the brainy, or all the “special people”?


Jesus came to save each and every person in the world. Including you. You’re so valuable in God’s eyes that He sent Jesus to save you. That’s a deep, deep measure of worth.

And to me, far more important and far more precious than the world’s measures, which change with the flip of a switch.


Trust me, this is a truth I must be reminded of daily, because if I keep my eyes off Jesus, and worry about myself instead, I will be lost.

And as for my camera’s pictures?

They’re still worth something.


Points Calculator! 

  1. (3 points per post related to the HARPs Contest)  3 points!
  2.  (2 points per photo)  6 pictures, so 6(2)= 12 points!
  3. Completing Little Challenges (2 points)  If you caught the cute as a ladybug part, 2 points!
  4. Total: 3+ 12+ 2 = 17 points! Lookee! I just did some math!


Thanks for reading, and please, know that you are precious in God’s sight.





HARPs #5! On Discouragement, And The Overall Feeling Of Failure

HARPs Featured Image

Hey y’all! I’m posting for The Happy And Random Posts Contest hosted by Starling! ( By the way, go check out her blog because it is awesome.) The topic is:

Type up encouraging posts for others to read 

*gulps* Ok, I can see that I’m not off to a good start thanks to my title, but oh well. Here goes.


Have you ever been down in the dumps?

I’m sure we all have, at some point.

You’re tired and frustrated and it’s pretty  much hopeless. Discouragement stings like a slap in the face.

And boy, does it hurt! Like when you’ve worked for something so hard, only to be rejected because of something so trivial. You get an unfounded, hurtful statement that has no other purpose but to leave you mad. And hurt too, if you’re honest.

And sometimes, you have to wonder if you should just give up. What’s there to lose if you do?

But oh, my friend, what is there to gain?

I get easily discouraged. Maybe it’s a project gone terribly wrong, or maybe it’s a cloudy sky to ruin my plans, or a mean comment driven deep inside, it discourages me.


I’m pretty sure the prophet Elijah knew exactly what I’ve been going through. He had just proved to Israel that Baal wasn’t any god, and the queen was after him.

Ahab told Jezebel all that Elijah had done, and how he had killed all the prophets with the sword.  Then Jezebel sent a messenger to Elijah, saying, “So may the gods do to me and more also, if I do not make your life as the life of one of them by this time tomorrow.” – I Kings 19: 1-2 

As you can imagine, Elijah was scared and ran away. He was more than discouraged, too.

But he himself went a day’s journey into the wilderness and came and sat down under a broom tree. And he asked that he might die, saying, “It is enough; now, O Lord, take away my life, for I am no better than my fathers.” 1 Kings 19: 4

Yep, you read that right. Elijah asked to die. Like a ladybug with a crushed wing, he truly believed he lost all hope.

It may have only been a really long test and all these little troubles for me, but I truly believed I lost all hope. Were we right?



Because the sun breaks through the clouds! And the light comes out from the storm. And God is in it all.


Sometimes, life is hard. Sometimes, life is good. God in there in the good and in the bad, the little things and the big things. And as Christians, we have not lost all hope, because our hope is in God. We just have to trust Him.

Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.  But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is alive and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will he not much more clothe you, O you of little faith? – Matthew 6: 28-30


Life may not be going well for you, or maybe it is.  Either way, God is there. And He will always take care of you.

My God, my God, be near me
There’s nowhere else to go
And Lord, if You can hear me
Please help Your child to know

That You’re always good, always good
As we try to believe what is not meant to be understood
Will You help us to trust Your intentions for us are still good
‘Cause You laid down Your life
And You suffered like I never could – Andrew Peterson, Always Good


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  4. Total= 13 points! 


Thanks for reading!