A Quicky Q&A and Random Updates

I had a post coming on, but it wasn’t ready and I wasn’t ready and Enni, the brilliant genius she is, messaged me and asked for a post idea since she was a little low on creativity and since I was low on energy, I suggested a collab interview since those are fun and I […]

A Scribble Scrabble On Life: Laughed At A License Plate (And Other Mundane Things)

Well this one time we were driving and some black sedan whizzed by and the license plate read something along the lines of GANDALF. You won’t believe how disappointed I was. There was no pointy gray hat. SACRILEGE. I’ve always been interested in license plates. I even had a collection of the weirdest ones. I […]

Why Willabeth is a power couple, mostly according to Enni :P

  Is this post late? Yes. Am I sorry? No. Should I be? Probably. But uh, I just finished watching Incredibles 2 with my family, and as I always try to say “life before blogging,” I don’t regret a thing. And trust me, I’ll be talking about that soon. TRUST me. But for now.. da […]

A Collab With Enni About The 101’s of Captain Jack Sparrow-ing

  Surprised to see a title like that from a blog like this? Me too, to be honest. Me too. In all honesty, the idea of talking about a film series I haven’t watched in ages never crossed my mind until a few days ago, when Enni and I thought it be a good idea […]

Invincible (BIBPC Cat. 7, A Wee Post, And An Explanation)

I’ve committed the unforgiveable sin of posting twice a day and for that, I must apologize. XD But since technically this is a BIBPC post, it doesn’t count, right? 😀 Well, sorry anyway. 😛 And now for my final picture for Megan’s awesome contest! It’s weird, I know. For the prompt invincible… An.. ant. And not in […]

An Cringey Interview With An Unusually Calm Child, Plus Aesthetic Snow Pictures (not)

For a second there I thought I was on the new editor and I panicked a bit. I HATE the new editor. 😛 Happy Sunday fellow friends, countryfolks, and bloggers and nonbloggers! Anyway, last night I couldn’t sleep, so I used the surefire way to make anyone sleepy: brainstorming blogging ideas. You can guess how […]

Wanted: Help For My Book Addiction (Or, how I keep adding to my TBR list without even trying)

I swear, just like moths are attracted to candles, I am unnaturally attracted to books. I can’t walk into a library and leave without a novel or something, anything.  It doesn’t help that the skate rink’s right next to the library, or that I’m walking distance of both fine establishments. *sighs* So anyway, you know […]

A Confession (Or OH MAN I MESSED UP)

  *facepalms repeatedly* I am so extremely sorry you guys. It was bound to happen, me messing up on a post and not noticing til the day after. So for the book of the month. Um, it wasn’t Anne Of Ingleside. I mean, most of you guessed but I really think I should clear that […]