Just A Review: The Rose And The Balloon


Hey everyone! I finally got around to getting that review I promised y’all. I did mention it was about roses, right?

And it is. See?


In a kingdom where fauna and flora are held in higher esteem than breakfast, Dmitri is a prince who yearns for change and plans it in a single daring act that will alter his life forever. However, when his demented mother accidentally causes the destruction of a prized garden of roses, Dmitri is horrified when she proposes his hand in marriage to make up for it. Not only will a wife hamper his glorious plans, he doesn’t even want one. Janelle has spent her whole life on her father’s rose farm, tending the roses and staying simple. But she really yearns for something greater than the flower beds. But now there’s a wrench thrown in the works ā€“ the crazy Queen Maeva wants her to marry the prince, and all for ruining her father’s beloved roses. This is Beauty and the Beast with a twist like you’ve never seen it before.


Da Actual Review You Probably Came To Read-

I had no idea crazy queens, hot air balloons, and twins that try to kill each other any chance they get would be such a delightful combination. But it was.

The whole story gets off quite nicely. Queen Maeva is intent on flying a balloon, and everyone in the kingdom is sick of it. But she launches one anyway, and due to unfortunate circumstances, the balloon crashes into Janelle’s father’s rose garden. (Also neat twist, everyone is obsessed with roses. Who knew?) Everyone on both sides of the matter are properly disturbed. It’s going normal.

And then the Queen suggests something absolutely absurd. Marriage??? For her son, to the girl whose father’s livelihood was just destroyed and who doesn’t look keen on being just friends with the prince, let alone *gasp* married to him? Is she absolutely crazy???

Oh wait, she is. Heh. But she’s also the queen. Which means whatever she says goes. Rats. What are they gonna do.

To be honest, I thought Dmitri and Janelle’s obvious tension (helped along with sarcasm, wit, and the fact that they just don’t get along) was kinda funny, and I liked that there was a lot more to their characters than you usually see in re-tellings. Janelle is just as fiery, hot- tempered, and witty as Dmitri, and Dmitri is this cold, proper, aloof prince. (Which makes for the best dialogue!) It takes the twins to tell Janelle that their older brother was once a great person to be around.

Speaking of the twins, Nicolas and Nicoline are two of the wildest charming twins I have ever read. Their very serious goal to out-prank the other had me laughing. And in the end, they really– uh, you’ll have to read the book to find out. šŸ˜‰

The plot was concise and very well written, and moved just a smidge too fast, but at a pace perfect for a novella. And the plot twist! You could kinda guess what was coming, but when it actually hit you, bam!

When the book description said it was with a twist you’ve never seen before, it wasn’t joking. There is no living china, angry townspeople, or a pompous annoying twit who wears hunter red, and there’s no magic. But there’s a glowing rose, there’s this reluctant love, and there’s hot air balloons. How much better can it get? All in all, I enjoyed this quick and just delightful read, and my only comment is that there should be more of Nicolas and Nicoline. They’re ridiculously sweet.