Flipping Burgers Is A Noble Profession


We were talking about this article, my brother and dad and I, that talked about this lady who had been working on McDonald’s for over like… 20+ years? Don’t really remember- but she was in her late 90s, and she’d been one of McDonalds’ longest workers- which is really impressive.

But I’m ashamed to say that after reading the article, my dad and brother laughed. As if working at McDonald’s was an easy job that shouldn’t even be considered a job, and that that lady (who kinda really deserved that recognition?) musta been bored outta her brain.

I’m even more ashamed to say I laughed with them. Just like an ignorant kid who didn’t really know.


(Gah, sometimes I wanna slap past me. That extends to from 2 years ago to 20 minutes.)

The thing is, I was so, wonderfully, hugely wrong.

Really wrong.

I wish I could find that lady and apologize. For thinking so little of that hard earned role I didn’t think to remember her name.

Fast food workers. Homemaking. Maintenance crews. Bus drivers. School bus drivers. The janitors who clean up the big city stores. Window washers.  These are jobs people need done but don’t think it worth doing. “see this? You don’t do your homework, you’ll end up here.” Like the people who do these jobs are on some bottom rung, and everyone who doesn’t is on one higher. 


See, last summer my sister starting working in the fast food world- at the ultimate (and superior, tbh) fast food place, Tim Hortons. A few weeks in was all it took to know it wasn’t a walk in the park- and I wasn’t even the one working. It was hard and it was tiring, and ya know what- it was work. Actual. hard. work. It wasn’t like waiting at a lemonade stand waiting for people to show up.

So here’s why flipping burgers is a noble profession. Actually, scratch that. Here’s why the professions we deem “what happens if you don’t study in high school” are noble.

God says so. 

HA. And yes, I can prove that.

1 Corinthians 10:31 31So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

Notice the words, “whatever you do, do it all”? It didn’t say “whatever you do that’s in a nice office with plushy swivel chairs, do it all” or “whatever you do that’s in a comfortable work setting, do it all” ” or even, “whatever you do that pays well and has a lotta people seeing the good stuff you’ll do, do it all”. No, it’s whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

That’s a tall order, ‘kay? And yet, that’s what we should strive for in whatever we do. Peter and James and John were fishermen. Paul was a literal tentmaker. Jesus was a carpenter. Dorcas was a tailor- they and many more people, not just from the Bible, but from the rest of history proved that it was indeed possible to do everything to the glory of God. So why people all looking down on these jobs like “seriously, that’s the best you can do?”


A similar thing kinda happened, but about people in the ministry and everyone who wasn’t in it, that somehow pastors were the ones God deemed saints and regular common people weren’t- that’s messed up and also, not true. *nods head like I know what I’m talking about*

Society needs these jobs, but they’ll never admit it, because society is a weird thing that likes to admit it’s all that when it’s really not.

Imagine a world where the garbage wasn’t taken away from your house every day and you had to get rid of it yourselves. Or imagine a mall you walked into and the halls were muddy from the feet of whoever walked there last night. Or imagine the whole fast food thing never existing. Or imagine going to take a bus, but there wasn’t anyone behind the wheel. Chaotic. Why? Because there aren’t any workers doing the jobs. I mean, don’t get me started on if your mom wasn’t there managing things- and we’re homeschoolers, for the most part, so we should know what that looks like. Oh, and should I even mention moms who work part time? They manage two jobs AND their kids. That’s hard.


The fact is, we depend so much on the people we deem have “lesser” jobs without even knowing. They’re the engine that keeps things running but isn’t heard if you don’t think about it. These people aren’t paid much to make sure that everyone else has a comfortable time. The least you could do is respect ’em a bit and not talk trash about their job while they’re doing it.

Serving is one of the greatest things you can do, and one of the hardest.

Hey, this can come in all sorts of ways, but how come the commonest ones are hardly ever appreciated?  Garbage truck drivers, bus drivers, teachers, fast food workers- could use a little more appreciation and respect. They’re doing the work so you don’t have to.

They’re people too, y’know. 

My sister and a couple friends I know all ending up working in different places because college is ridiculously expensive here and because experience is a lot and because money is tight. But nobody really cares about that though. Nobody cares that behind the counter is another person trying to make ends meet, just like you. But for you, as soon as you get your burger, you’re outta there. For them, they have to do the same thing all over again for the next person in line. Also, to be honest, some people are really just jerks. A person can only handle so many jerks, y’know?


Okay, okay, we get the point, whadya want us to do now?

Maybe just to realize this:

I’m not saying just stick with your job, whatever kind of job you have, because it helps society or whatever. If you wanna quit working at a diner to start up a company- go for it! If you think you would rather create music than be an engineer or a welder, do it. if you wanna work at McDonald’s just to save up money to buy a truck and travel cross country around North America taking pictures of everything and falling off cliffs so you can send your pictures to National Geographic, go for it! (Don’t fall off a cliff, but yeah!)

Just don’t look on people who do these jobs. Or who’ve struck a cool balance between them. Fo’ example, there was this infuriating poster once which read, “why be a scientist when you can raise scientists?” and it showed a mom with a couple kids.


That’s just broke.

Stay woke, you guys. Why not do both? *gasp* Is it entirely impossible for a mom to *gasps even more* actually do something not kid-raising related while raising kids?


Uh, no. *shoves Hidden Figures in your face*

*mini rant about moms over*

So here’s to the ones that aren’t in the spotlight. Here’s to the ones who have to clean up even after everyone’s gone. Here’s to the janitors, the late night crews, the bus drivers who have to put up with people and traffic, the moms who stay home and run things, the moms who manage both, the kids who need some money for a future, that lady who worked at McDonald’s for longer than most kids have been alive.

Cause even flipping burgers is a noble profession, whether we realize it or not.

life is a highway, Jo


Everyday Thanks

This post is dedicated to my mom, who has taught me that every day is a day to give thanks. I love you Mom!

Greeting and Salutations! Happy Wednesday, y’all.

Y’know, Thanksgiving is a day we give thanks to God for all our blessings. But should it really be on just one day of the year that we give thanks? Why can’t we give thanks everyday, like on really random days like today?

So today, I’m launching off on a list of things I’m thankful for. Maybe you’ll find that you’re thankful for them too!


What I’m Thankful For Today!

Air Conditioning!

I’m really thankful this wonder of AC! A few days ago, our unit broke down, and we had to bake in the heat until today. It’s only when things are taken from us that we realize how we depend on them.

Adventures In Odyssey!


I’ve already said probably a few times that I’m a big fan of Adventures In Odyssey, or AIO for short! For those of you who don’t know what this show is, it’s a Christian radio program that touches on life in this little town of Odyssey. I am really thankful for this because it’s clean and wholesome entertainment, it’s something to listen to when doing chores, and how could you not love this show?

Automatic Bubble Dispensers!

Bubbles! Bubbles! I’m grateful for these because boom, fast and easy entertainment for kids, and also seeing the bubbles automatically come out and just wander into the sky is really enjoyable. And just plain fun to pop!



Blogging is a fairly new hobby that I’m grateful for. I’ve always wanted a place to say what I think, to share my photos, and showing you all how I see life through my lens. But that’s not just why I’m grateful for blogging. It’s the people. It’s the community. And I’m so glad to be able to talk to other kids out there!



Alrighty, you all know by now that I am a bookworm of the acutest kind! I’m thankful for books that spark my imagination, challenge my brain, and help me with homework. (Textbooks definitely count! We should be grateful for textbooks, right?)



While nobody should be on their laptop all the time (*cough cough*) I am grateful that I can use one, not just for blogging, but to finish papers for school, designing, writing, sending emails. Laptops are a useful tool, that if used correctly, can help a lot!



Y’all should’ve seen this coming. My blog is named The Lens & The Hard Drive, after all.

I’m thankful for cameras. For the person who invented the camera, and the person who made the digital camera, and I’m thankful for my camera. It has taken so many pictures, so many memories, and I’m glad God gave me a knack for photography.


D: The Sunshine Vitamin!

This may sound weird to you, but I am thankful for Vitamin D. It (the vitamin) can be gotten when the sun is up and shining, but in Canada, where the sun shows up less than in other places, kids don’t get as much. Which causes them to get soft bones.

All that to say, I’m glad the sun’s up and shining, and I’m grateful for Vitamin D. I would’ve said doughnuts, but that’s probably not as healthy.



“Eggses! Grandmother taught us to suck them!” Gollum cried. 

Um, I know Gollum, that poor, really starved once- a- Hobbit said something like that. It may not be verbatim, though.  I’m just as happy for eggs- I just don’t suck them. (Ugh.)  Eggs are my favorite breakfast food and when paired with pancakes? *sighs happily* Yes, I’m thankful for eggs.



I’d be dead of heat if it wasn’t for fans! They’re really helpful, and two days ago, they were the only way of cooling down that we got! Actually, in many other neighborhoods around the world, people really rely on fans to cool them down. Hm, they’re more useful then we realize.


“You’re the apple of my eye, ooh darlin’!” (written by Will Ryan, Let’s Put On A Show!)

My family is the apple (or is it a barrel of apples?) of my eyes, although without the “darlin'” part. Something that I am grateful for fiercely is family. Even if I get into fights with my cousins over Dutch Blitz (no, I did NOT look at your hand, or pile of cards, or whatever you call it!) or my uncles burst into songs from a bygone era (i.e. yesterday) those are little things that make my family who we are. I’m so grateful to God for giving me my family, because they have helped make me who I am today.


I’m thankful for flowers that make the scenery much more beautiful, and for the lovely portraits they make!




I may have listed this before, but I am really grateful that I can actually grow things!


Seeing Green!

I love snow, but after that long winter, I was really glad to see so much green pop up! This is definitely something I’m grateful for.






I’ll admit: there was a time when I wished I wasn’t homeschooled. I wanted what I thought (and what I heard) was a “normal life”: riding a bus, having friends your own age, going on field trips, and eating sandwiches for lunch. At least, that’s what I thought everybody else did; that’s what  should be doing too, right?

Oh, I was a fickle, silly child back then. Still am now!

I’ve learned to be grateful for being taught, not just at home, but wherever! And I thank God that I am homeschooled; it’s given me lots of opportunities to learn and explore, and hey! Even blog!

Ice cubes! And ice cream! And anything iced!


*sighs happily* Ice cubes! I’m really thankful for ice cubes. What would we put into lemonade and iced tea if not ice? (Disclaimer: I am not a fan of Chikfila sweet tea. Ooh! More like sugar water flavored with tea. But that’s just me.)  

Anyhoo, I’m glad we can have big huge freezers to make ice, chill ice cream, and make all sorts of frozen treats!

Jam Sessions!

No, not making jam sessions. Making music sessions! My brothers and I all play instruments of some kind. So when we all get together, we pretty much play songs from memory, since none of us can read music. It’s a great time that I’m thankful for!

Kites, Kids, and Kittens!

Yep! I loved flying kites as an eager, small 5 year old. And now, I help take care of 5 year olds at church. I’m thankful for both, plus for kittens! I met a really cute small white one a while back.

 Little Acts Of Love!

This are things that  my family does that I’m thankful for. Like.. unexpected hugs, or help with homework, or doing a chore that I hate. And it’s been fun to give back, like getting a pack of pens I know my brother wants, or just being there to listen. I’m grateful for these small things that mean a lot.


I’m not going to give you all a list of what I’m thankful for and not put this important person! I’m thankful for my mom. She’s always cared for me since day 1 of my life, taught me about God growing up, and encouraged me to start writing and taking pictures. I’m so grateful to God for my mom.

Night Lights!

I’m grateful for these city lights when we have to do night driving. Without the lights, we’d crash! And I’m grateful for night driving, too. It’s a fascinating experience!


Oreos, Ovens, and Omelettes!

You may be laughing at these things I’m thankful for that begin with O, but, nonetheless, I am thankful for them. Why? Oreos. No explanation! Ovens. Without them we can’t cook! And omelettes? They’re really tasty.


Yes, I won’t deny that I am very thankful for pizza. ‘Nuff said.

Questions Solved!

I am no Einstein, and thus the simplest of questions I can not answer in the blink of eye. The important questions, like “what is a squared + b squared, and, do you want cookie dough or cookies and cream”?

Thus, I’m thankful for when I finally finish a homework question!



   Road Trips!

I’m thankful for road trips. 1) That’s family time, and 2) you can see the world!! Well, the highway, but still! Seeing all the mountains and lakes and everything God made, it’s something worth seeing.



And with R, we must end this nice long list of things I’m thankful for, because.. it’s kinda long! I hope you enjoyed seeing all this! And if you didn’t, well, thanks for being so patient!

Oh, and by the way, this thanksgiving list was for Starling’s Happy and Random Posts Contest, so… the points!


Points Calculator!

  1.  (3 points per post related to the HARPs Contest) – 3 points
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  4. Total: 87 points!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day! Oh, and American Ninja Warrior is premiering in 45 minutes!!