MOOP the Third: Beauty

Hi there everyone!

If you are one of the brave who survived my crazy book dump yesterday, I really admire your perseverance!

So, to make up for the length, this post will just have one photo: my submission for Lydia’s MOOP contest!

Really, Lydia? MOOP? Oh well.

This week’s topic is: beauty.

Thanks a lot, Lydia, for picking the hardest things to take pictures of! (I’m being sarcastic.) You really are making us take original pictures.

So without anymore ado (ado ado ado – I can’t help it) here’s my picture.

I chose this because people turn to how your skin looks for beauty- and while’s that not a bad thing, real beauty is in your heart.

Fun Fact: Early makeups were laced with lead, to make you look more light. The lead would seep through the wearer’s face, eating away the tissue, making you more light, but sickening you. 

Ok, that’s just gross, but whatever! Thanks for reading!



My Submission For Lydia’s *gulps* MOOP

Greetings and salutations everyone! I promised myself I’d put up my submission for Lydia’s contest and here it is! (Just don’t ask me why it ended up as MOOP just click this ok?)

Category: Comfort!

Fun Fact: Thomas Edison, inventor of the phonograph, developer of the lightbulb and genius was homeschooled! Yup! He also struggled with dyslexia. 

Thanks for reading!