MOOP the Third: Beauty

Hi there everyone! If you are one of the brave who survived my crazy book dump yesterday, I really admire your perseverance! So, to make up for the length, this post will just have one photo: my submission for Lydia’s MOOP contest! Really, Lydia? MOOP? Oh well. This week’s topic is: beauty. Thanks a lot,Continue reading “MOOP the Third: Beauty”

My Submission For Lydia’s *gulps* MOOP

Greetings and salutations everyone! I promised myself I’d put up my submission for Lydia’s contest and here it is! (Just don’t ask me why it ended up as MOOP just click this ok?) Category: Comfort! Fun Fact: Thomas Edison, inventor of the phonograph, developer of the lightbulb and genius was homeschooled! Yup! He also struggledContinue reading “My Submission For Lydia’s *gulps* MOOP”