Artifacts, Animals, And Chickens, Oh My!

*kicks door open with very cool karate move* *winces and hollers in pain*

After much fighting and wrestling, I have managed to get out of my characters’ trap. Zeke and Jake, if you noticed, are brothers in They Called It A Mystery, a mystery novel I’m working on. Zeke, especially, is a bad, bad charrie!! That means character, by the way.

Zeke: I’m not bad! I’m exciting!

Oh, be quiet or I will make sure you fall off a cliff!

Anyway, how am I?

Good question. Here I must launch into what my cousin hates in blogs: just talking about myself. Which I’m not gonna do for the entire post! Just… yeah, let’s go.

I’m tired. There’s so much going on and so much to do and so much to think about and I just would really like to rest.

UPDATE: Just did rest. Sure was great! 

It’s a good tired, I guess. Writer’s block isn’t being very cooperative, so my wordcount hasn’t really gone up. My goal actually went down, to be frank. But it’s ok. Life isn’t measured by the number of words someone writes, right? (hey that rhymed!)

Currently, the summer has gone great. Got to spend time with loved ones, see a few places, and made some really awesome discoveries!


One of the few places I got to see was the Royal Ontario Museum. Boy, it was fascinating! I’m sure you want to see some more pictures, oui? XD Don’t worry, I won’t go into a crazy photo dump like last time!


At the entrance was a frosty blast of air conditioning. There also was a huge model of a dinosaur, and the inside hall showed paintings from ancient times.


 The first exhibit we happened to see was the Chinese exhibit. It was full of old paintings, idols, and old pottery. I couldn’t help but think of Mulan, like the Disney movie. *cues Mushu voice*

Dishonor on you!

Dishonor on your family!

Dishonor on your cow!

In all seriousness though, *clears throat*, back then they were really strict on showing honor. Anything they considered abominable that someone did, boom, big dishonor. I’ve always wondered if kids back then showed more respect then we do today.


There were a bunch more statues out in the hall, and this old rickshaw. And more idols with weird faces, pottery, and the like.


This was one of my favorite parts. If you looked up at the ceiling, you can see these words: that all men may know His work.


The next part was the Native American exhibit. This was so interesting, seeing how people lived back then.  There was some intricate beadwork on clothes, moccasins, and as you can see here, hats! And this was only a small portion of the massive displays they had.


This next part was…cool and morbid and plain said at the same time. This was the animal exhibit, with-  get this- real animals. Dead, of course. And stuffed.


Look at that. They positioned the animals in dramatic ways sometimes. This looks like the bigger bird is attacking the littler one, and they’re both dead.


See this? See this tragic, horrible, fascinating exhibit?? Every animal in them glass case was real!

At least I think it was, I could be exaggerating.

I guess we don’t really get it when we read that sin brought death; we don’t understand the value of life. And this is just animal life. Imagine human lives.

Although they did stuff rats and mice and pigeons, and I am sorry to admit that those little pests deserved it!!

They even put a chicken in there too, poor guy. We coulda eaten her in a Chikfila sandwich. 😛  They also put a turkey, a rooster, and a skeleton of a dodo bird. Fancy that!



The kids exhibit was really fun! My brother and I wanted to hang out there a little more, but sadly, they didn’t consider us kids. *sobs* The rest of the museum was fascinating, though, so that sorta mad up for it.



This was the entrance to the Middle Ages/ Britain exhibits. There was some really cool old armor they had back then, and some interesting weaponry. I and my brother spent some time staring at the swords, for design purposes for our stories, of course. It was  great research, though I did get some strange looks for trying to get the guns memorized in my head.

Being a writer sometimes means being eccentric. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious eccentric. It was just for research you understand!!

Ahem. Moving on.


This was the inside of a Victorian living room. The tea set was fancy. In caps. ‘Nuff said.


Arguably the most sobering exhibit at the museum was the evidence room, a room devoted to the evidence that the Holocaust, the biggest mass murder in history, really happened.

Like I said earlier, we don’t really think about the value of life, at least until something forces us to think about it.

In my case, it was history that forced me to realize how valuable life is, and how depraved we are without Christ.


The last exhibits we saw before the museum closed was the Egyptian exhibits. The walls had.. hieroglyphics? drawings? on them. One of the strangest things we saw was an urn for holding ashes. It wasn’t the urn as much as the chicken on the urn lid. What on earth what it doing there???


I actually took a LOT more, but those will have to suffice. Now, I better get back to wordsprinting, but do tell me how you’re doing, won’t you? As always, thanks for reading!