A Response To A Hard Prompt.

It’s a well known (okay not but pfft, we can ignore that) fact that I am a competitive person. Very. Really. So when Megan gave us category two, which was a myriad of different things we need to take a picture of, I wanted to get as much as I could. And here it is. […]

Gotcha There, Didn’t I? ;) Another Edition Of Scribble Scrabble

If you were thinking the last post was all I was going to do, then you, my friend have been sorely terribly horribly very mistaken! *chuckles evilly* XD   Anyway, at the time of writing, it’s Sunday afternoon. Sunday afternoons are good for naps, and rest, and enjoying the sunlight. And replotting, rewriting, and deleting […]

Day 1 of Photography Challenge: Coffee Shop

Hey! Just randomly popping back in for Day 1 of the photography challenge, which I totally missed yesterday. *winces* Here it is!  And can someone please tell me how to get those annoyingly large icons at the bottom of these posts?? It’s driving me crazy. Thank you.    

Yippee-Kai-Yay-Hoo It Is JULY!!!

It’s July. It’s July. IT’S JULY!!!!!!!!!! Where does the time go, people??? I need more of it! I’ve: -been in the air -spent time with loved ones -upgraded these lens – watching my bell pepper plants grow! -worked on a lil’ prank (that was successful) –I’ve even got to do some graphic design for different […]

Scrolling Through The Pictures + A Goodbye.

Hey y’all! Happy Sunday! Greeting and salutations! I hope you’re all well. As a farewell, because I’ll not be posting for the rest of the week (unless I have a brilliant idea) I have gotten my pictures for you and I’ll be saying adieu. This shall pretty much have me wander through various topics of […]

An Excursion Through Old Pictures + What you could call something of an update on life

Hey y’all. Greetings and salutations! It still surprises me how fast the year has gone already. It seems like January was really yesterday, and already the time’s gone and it’s summer. I was on a wander through old pictures on here (that I conveniently haven’t put up for HARPs, hee hee- or have I?) and thought […]

A Very,Very,Very,Very Long Photoshoot Of Flowers, And Other Things. (Did I mention it’s very long?)

Hey everyone! Greetings and salutations! I hope you’re all having a great day, and that you’re really comfortable, ’cause this is going to be a long stretch. Over the weekend, I took some (i.e. A LOT) of flower pictures, and I thought that maybe you’d want to see them! Be forewarned: this is a lot. […]