I Call Myself A Writer

Today, or at least this month, marks an entire year I started to write seriously. One year of looking at screens and seeing my story come to life. One year of playlists. One year of bacon crumbles. One full year since Gale Darn became Gale Darn. One year of hopelessly wanting to meet characters. One […]

Letters Arranged Into Words Arranged Into Sentences Arranged Into Lines

  Or in other words, a post of poems. XD Hope you enjoy this drabble of words! ********************* Ice Cream Too sweet Tastes like summer and winter and spring all in one Too cold A heap of freshly fallen snow Too soon It gets smaller and smaller until All gone A cone to remember ********************* […]

Hopes, Dreams, and Unrealistic Aspirations

WARNING LONG POST AHEAD PROCEED AT OWN CAUTION Hi again, lovely people of the internet! By the time you read this (since I was waay too verbose last time) it’ll be January. 1. 2019. *screams* “I wasn’t prepared for this. We can’t let them know anything.”- Kira Truer words have never been spoken, Kira. But […]

When I Can’t Even, I Can’t Even- The Year Is Almost Done, My Friends//Recap + All That Lovely Stuff

Okay, I’m really trying not to go into excited squealing panicking nervous wreck mode, but the struggle is real: Today is the last Sunday of 2018 AND the second to the last day of 2018. I just have one question. WHERE DID THE TIME AGO?!?!? This year has been one of the most craziest in… […]

A Wee Chat In The Wee Hours

Happy, happy Friday people! I’m tuckered out, who on earth are you guys? So far I’ve read a whole book *gasps* finished a chunk of homework and now have a dreadful bunch of tests to take (and most likely flunk!), project to finish, wordcount to hit, late nights to stay up on (such as this […]