Letter to my future self

So a while back, I saw Bayance do a post like this, and I thought it was a really great idea. Since I’m young and impressionable (I’m being sarcastic) and the idea of writing something that I’ll answer later on seems pretty neat. Because the truth is, I’m terrified, yet eager for the future. I’m […]

I Got Lost On A Retreat (But I survived! :D) And I Have Pictures To Tell The Tale

Well, this is gonna be a random typical post with a random typical person and random typical pictures, glad you could stop by! 😀 Heya everyone! Happy Monday and the start of a long painful slow death. I don’t know if you guys like travel posts, but I sure do! So, here goes before my […]

If I Knew Then What I Know Now (Plus pic for BIBPC, carol, and linky to more of the blog tour yikes this title is long)

You’re not the only one, kid. Not by a long shot. There is only one you you of course, the dorky quirky awkward weird laughing kid who’s just not the same from everyone else, but there are other people with your dreams. Your quirks. And your alarming obsession of Adventures in Odyssey, good gracious. You’re an […]

Hard Stuff: Prayer Problems

WARNING: If you don’t care for things of Christ, STOP FOLLOWING. NOW. Because I do.  Okay, first off, I’m not saying prayer is a problem. Second off, please don’t kill me! Okay, we good? I don’t wanna offend anybody, but, this is something maybe we should talk about. And it’s prayer. Prayer isn’t a problem. […]