January’s Over And I Dunno How


Yup, I’m still trying to figure how that happened too. But 31 days have passed with the blink of an eye and we’re fully stuck in 2019.

It’s been an interesting month, that’s for sure.


We welcomed the New Year the proper way: getting two big bags of popcorn and watching Lord Of The Rings.

I got to go on a retreat- and that was pretty relaxing. Fun. Peaceful. Plus I got to photograph the stars. 😀


School started and we all collectively died.

Started working on secret project that’s pretty fun/death inducing.

The Long End aired and I DIED. BUCK- JULES- THE MELTSNERS- SKINT- WOW. Like wow. Mindblown. Mom wondered why I was screaming after the first part aired.

Started reading through the New Testament- and I’m in 1 Corinthians now! I think. Ish. Wait, maybe that was another translation.. huh..

Speaking of the New Testament, really enjoyed having Bible studies over videochat. 😉

A couple times I was sitting down to write posts but ending up watching something with my family instead. The posts can wait. But not my family, Incredibles 2, The Last Jedi, Antman & The Wasp, or Black Panther. Incredibles 2 was AWESOME. Also, if you haven’t checked out the short Bao DO IT. *dies* It’s so good. I’m watching that whenever I can, it’s just really really nice to have some non-stereotypical representation you know? 😀

There were 2 gigantic snowstorms and thus, two snow days. Which means freezing cold and beautiful pictures.

It also means getting to go sledding… even though.. uh… technically..


I’m pretty sure that sign’s décor. Right? I mean, you can’t be a Canadian and not sled. Sorry. No can do. It’s like taking away Tim Hortons. As a citizen of this fine country, I was exercising my right-

Okay. Okay. Still, it was fun though. Hanging on for dear life as the elements attack you? *thumbs up*


Had a bunch of people ask me why I was wandering around the premises in the dead of winter, wind blowing, camera out, in a skirt (as if that’s a bad thing) no less, taking random pictures. I guess I did look kinda weird- but honestly, I’m past caring. XD besides, I got good pictures. B)

Interviewed a bunch of kids and failed dramatically.

Released a new audio drama! 😀 Which you can check out on the Audiosmiths page here.

I guess this month has been about finding a balance. Some stability. I’ve had a hard time figuring out school, and as you know, blogging has been random, and there’s just been so much to process and sometimes, taking that one step is tricky. Y’know?


But I think I’m getting there. Over time. 🙂

Anyway, it’s February now. Also the month I started blogging. *hollers and shrieks* how has it been one year since I started into this vast and crazy and wonderful and strange thing called blogging? I don’t know.

So I’m looking forward to that. As well as secret project 1 and secret project 2. And yes I have two. And no, I’m not telling you what they are. Yet. 😛

I think this post is done.

Oh wait, I still have to pick faves. Right. XD

Favorite Book

See the source image

I borrowed this way back in December and only now got around to reading it. smh I wish I read it sooner- it’s an sweet story about a girl who has OCD, and honestly, I really connected with her, even though we couldn’t be anymore different. I’d love to write this kind of book one day. 😀



Favorite Song

Do I honestly have to pick? You know as well as I do that I caaaaan’t XD- I actually have three.

Rend Collective’s Life Is Beautiful is beautiful. I think after like, the 20th time listening to it, I got my brother to use it for praise & worship- it’s that good.

And uh…. this is mushy, but I really liked Falling Slowly from Once the musical..

and  38 Planes/Somewhere In The Middle Of Nowhere from another musical, Come From Away. But I’m not linking that, too much mush for the day. XD (Actually, you probably shouldn’t check out anything from either of these musicals except The North Strand from Once. That one’s catchy. XD)

Favorite Quote

I think I like musicals more than I care to admit. XD

Text placeholder.png

Now this post is done. XD Seeya on the next one!

Life is a highway,



When Swarmed By Homework, Follow Me (Ha!)




So I have no clue why I’m writing this post right now. But oh well. Call this randomness at its finest, cause I have no explanation for whatever you’ll read next. Or do I? 😈

Also, happy almost Thanksgiving! Hope you’re all enjoying a well deserved break, cause I am.. not.

Instead I got a ton of homework to finish last night. Yay. And me, being the weird person I am, thought it would be fun to stay up late and finish a chapter or two of work. Taking it even further, I thought you might like to read my somewhat sensical notes. Somewhat.

And pictures. I took pictures.

(You know what, I really have lost my mind.) So here you have it, me at 11 pm, doing homework. I hope you enjoy.



11:36 PM: In light of the fact that I have like 130 pages of homework to finish, this is a futile attempt to try to knock out a great deal of homework. I shall endeavor to stay up til one am.

Don’t worry, it’ll be great! I’ve made tea, my MP3 is charging, I’ve cleaned my desk. I have to pull all-nighters anyway, why not make it fun? 


Am I gonna regret this? Yes!


Am I gonna enjoy myself? Here’s hoping.

11:44 PM: Math sounds like fun. Why don’t we try that and listen to some epic music? 

*searches for good music* 

AHA. How about some AIO? 

I seem to be making one crazy choice after another. 😂


12:13 AM: This math problem makes zero sense. Like this whole thing. Eh.

What I read in between math. This book is seriously good…

12:19 AM: Math is boring. I finished a lesson. Moving on.


12:35 AM: Climax? Crisis? Inciting Incident? Okay, I get this stuff? Now we’re getting somewhere fun!

What’s with all the papers. Wah. 😑


12:50 AM: Ahh, red ink’s so hard to wash off, argh!

Behold, I did it! Actually, no, I just didn’t change my watch back after Daylight Saving Time.. XD

12:56 AM: 2 chapters done, not shabby! 


1:00 AM: Okay, I finished an entire unit. I’m done, goodnight!


12:13 PM: That was fun, I should try that again.

(*cough cough* Um, please don’t try this without permission and/or counselling, believe it or not, I got both!) Okay, I know pulling all-nighters is a bad idea, very bad. But if you ever were a student at one point in life (as I’m sure we all are/were) it’s necessary. So I figured why not try to make it enjoyable? 😛 That seems to be my default for a lot of things: if you can’t escape doing it, at least have fun while you’re at it.

It’s bound to fail me at some point in life.

But hey, it got me to finish a math lesson and a whole Lit unit. So I’d say I didn’t die in vain.

Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s more homework to be done. Seeya!

*sneakily listens to AIO while figuring out how to measure the long side of a triangle*

*grabs a ruler*

How I’m Trying To Get Out Of An Unproductive Rut (Tips from a total newbie)


Is… it bad that I spent like an hour listening to YouTube working on Algebra? I guess. Especially considering what I’m gonna give my two cents on? Perhaps. Oh well.

Hello people!

As you can guess, I really need to have some structure in my day. Really. School’s oppressive, I vowed to finish my book before the year’s out, and I’m just at a rut in, well, my faith. Which is the most important one in this list and really should NOT be in a rut.

Is it also bad I’m even talking about this? On my blog? On a public space? Hm. Not sure. Oh well.

So.. I’m gonna try to challenge myself, and… see what happens from there? Why am I even telling you guys all this? Oh yeah, cause I’m kinda hoping I’m not the only one struggling to prioritize stuff and maybe someone out there can use the tips too? Anyway, here goes.


Today I tried do more meaningful devotions than those three minute devos. Which didn’t work see, cause chores, insistent people, and annoying loud sounds bothered me and didn’t exactly leave me really charitable.

Which led me to the conclusion that if I’m gonna be serious about this, I’m gonna have to wake up earlier for more time spent in the Word. Early mornings are a killer. But if I’m serious, I have to do it.

Note to self: If you want to spend more quality time with God, make time. Get up earlier.


And if I’m gonna wake up early from now on, well, I’m gonna have to sleep earlier, because it’s not possible to wake up early if you’re awake at unhealthy hours. Like 3 am. Well, actually it is but you usually end up sluggish and drowsy. *looks ashamedly at floor* *blames the Kindle app* *but knows it’s own fault* To be fair, there’s also homework (that took me til 12 to finish) and writing and whatnot, but sleep’s necessary. In general.

Note to self: Don’t stay up late doing stuff if you wanna wake up early. Like Pinterest and YouTube *cough cough*


And yeah, I think you know where I’m taking this.

When I was doing Camp NaNo in July, one of the things that cut my word goal from 50k to 25k was spending time scrolling on Pinterest. It was good, it was fun, I reasoned to myself. I’m taking a well deserved break. And I knew I should cut back on it, but I didn’t. By the time I changed that, it was too late to go for 50k.

I’ve realized that the same thing can happen in life. There are things we love doing, books we love to read, music, YouTube, they’re good, but used without a limit, well, it slows me down on a lot of things. And the content of what I’m filling my mind with makes me disinterested in God’s word. Which is baaad.

And I really want to change things before it’s too late.

Note to self: Remove the unnecessary stuff from your life, to have your mind focused on the important stuff.


So now that I’m cutting web scrolling off, what should I do with all that free time? Good question. Homework! Cause man, do I need to finish it. Extra studying, extra writing, doing non-internet stuff is healthy. And productive.

I’m gonna try to brush up on my memorizing game, because hiding God’s word in my heart is worth more than a meme anytime. Unless that meme is a funny meme. Then well, I need those. But you get my point.

Note to self: Fill up that free time with things you know are going to enrich and are good for you. A good rule of thumb is “whatever is pure, noble, Godly, think on these things,” from Philippians 4. As you can see, I really need to memorize more, because I plumb forgot the exact verse and reference. 


And well, that’s really it. Anything else I might say would just branch off from those main points. It’s not really rocket science.

But you’d just have to do it.

Correction: I have to do it. XD

I’m still not sure why I thought blogging about this was a good idea. But I hope that.. well, maybe it can encourage you. Who knows?

Have a great week folks.