January’s Over And I Dunno How

Yup, I’m still trying to figure how that happened too. But 31 days have passed with the blink of an eye and we’re fully stuck in 2019. It’s been an interesting month, that’s for sure. We welcomed the New Year the proper way: getting two big bags of popcorn and watching Lord Of The Rings. I […]

If I Knew Then What I Know Now (Plus pic for BIBPC, carol, and linky to more of the blog tour yikes this title is long)

You’re not the only one, kid. Not by a long shot. There is only one you you of course, the dorky quirky awkward weird laughing kid who’s just not the same from everyone else, but there are other people with your dreams. Your quirks. And your alarming obsession of Adventures in Odyssey, good gracious. You’re an […]

A Narrative

There are too many assignments to finish. Wayy too much. *groans* Come winter break and save me! Ahem. Anyway, one of the assignments is to write a narrative about a frightening experience from life… and publish it. O_O By BJU definition, apparently, “publish” is to put it out so people can read it. not just […]

When Swarmed By Homework, Follow Me (Ha!)

  Hello. So I have no clue why I’m writing this post right now. But oh well. Call this randomness at its finest, cause I have no explanation for whatever you’ll read next. Or do I? 😈 Also, happy almost Thanksgiving! Hope you’re all enjoying a well deserved break, cause I am.. not. Instead I […]

A New Month- Torture, Suffering, Pain, Brownies

  And just like that it’s November. Which I refuse to believe, because I swear it was just New Year’s. Where on this earth did the time go? Someone explain. Please. Am I suppose to recap this month? Probably. So here goes. I have 10 crazy assignments and half of them are due tomorrow and […]

Mountains, Gandalf. Mountains!

There are things in life that make you go, “wow.” It can be anything from a cake that plops out of the pan perfectly, to the Grand Canyon, finding out Mitch came back,  a really cool science experiment, a sunset, the ending of Infinity War, and a perfectly executed skate move. Take your pick. My […]