The Secret’s Out. Done. Revealed. (Or, in which I talk about Audiosmiths)

Happy Monday people! Why did I even say that. It’s Monday, for crying out loud. *sighs* It’s time I came clean about something I have been waiting to come clean about in…. forever, really. Destiny’s here, my friends. Or rather, the Audiosmiths are here. But what are the Audiosmiths? I’ve been hinting at this for quite […]

The Secret Thing I Was Working On, Pt. 1

Heyo people of the earth. *waves* So you know how I’ve tossed put The Ugly Duckling reimagining on the shelf in exchange for this new, secret project I’ve kept under wraps? It’s finished now. 😀 And what is this secret project, and why am I so excited? Lemme explain. One of the many assignments I […]