Scribble Scrabble

Afternoon, y’all. Welcome to the first Scribble Scrabble. *tips cowboy hat*

You might be wondering why I am calling it Scribble Scrabble.

Well, it all started when I was knee high to a grasshopper, and started my day with crayons in my hand. (Not anymore now, though!)

A flash of inspiration came to me one day: why not start my own newspaper? I thought it was a wonderful idea, so with a page ripped from my drawing notebook and all the crayons I had, I scribbled some words here and drew this there.

I was so pleased- my own creation! My brother, however, thought it was scribbling. I, like the good child I am, ignored him and went off to play Scrabble with my dad.

 I lost.

Later, after mourning my loss, I dreamt up the perfect name for my newspaper: Scribble Scrabble!

Naturally, production of my newspaper stopped after the first page. Scribble Scrabble was no more.

But I’m older now. And have a blog. So, Scribble Scrabble is back! Basically pretty much whatever comes to my head will be typed.

Ready? Here goes!

First up: Jo’s Snowy Sunday!

It was early Sunday morning, and the snow was thick and slippery. Could we make it to church safely without getting the car stuck in the snowdrifts?


Aw, piece of cake! However, it really was dangerous, and a few cars somehow managed to get stuck on the highway. Thankfully we made it safe and on time!


Then on the way home ice stuck to the windows and snow on my shoes. I don’t really mind, though. Winter is my favorite season! (Except when I’m planning to join a spring photography contest…)


(Also, if you didn’t notice, the title sounds a lot like Sir Buddy’s Snowy Day, the next AIO episode! Hee hee!)

Next up!

Abstract Streetlights!

I always thought it would be neat if I could take pictures of streetlights, and here they are! However, if you noticed, they’re a bit abstract.


My blog button!

WordPress Logo

Y’know, it ain’t easy to come by these! Treasure ’em! Many many thanks to Clara from Clara & Co. for making this beautiful clipart and for letting new aspiring bloggers like me use it! Clara, like me, plays the fiddle (different from a violin).

And lastly:

A Word Of Thanks

Y’know, a blog isn’t much without people reading it, and my blog wouldn’t be much without you all reading it! Thank you for your likes, your comments (both short and sweet and long and varied), and your follows! It all puts a smile on my face, and I hope my blog does the same for you.

Thanks for reading.



A much more subdued Pictures Of The Day

The flag proudly waves.
The road yet to be taken.
A gate to.. where ever it goes.
A blue sky against some shaky trees.
Some more sky.
A plane takes off.
Another flag proudly waves.
Clouds take over the sky.
The sun in the clouds.
The sun playing Where’s Waldo?
The steering wheel in the car goes left and right, left and right..
Canada’s form of cheer and goodwill.