Stop Tagging Me Y’all, I Can’t Run That Fast!

So, I didn’t know that Faith also started blogging on the 19th, and also did a celebratory post on it, which happened to be the Liebster Award, and that she tagged me until I scrolled through my comments. XD (Happy blogsiversary by the way, Faith!) So here we are. *rubs hands together*  This should be…. […]


The Avengers 4 Endgame trailer. For reluctant family asking me about it because I’m the “expert.” XD For overall anticipation because that up there? That’s the endgame. Scary. For my mom refusing to believe Loki really died. For being able to find (as a writing critic, what’s new XD) the good and bad elements of these movies. […]

Scribble Scrabble: It’s Not Even A Month And I Get Tagged

So yesterday the lovely Tess had posted about a bunch of stuff, and in that post was a Liebster Award, which she tagged yours truly for. Goodness, I haven’t had this tag in a while. This should be fun! 🙂   **********Liebster Awardy************** I know the rules. Thanks Tess, I’ll answer the questions, say 11 […]

My Charries Are Voted Most Likely.. But For What?

Okay, we’re jumping from serious to random and humorous in 3 days, cause hey, why not? XD Hiya everyone! So today I have been tagged. For a writer tag. Ooh! Well, let’s go before I get lost. 😛 Oh, also this is kinda long, so get comfy. ************************************************************************************** Rule One . . . Thank the […]

I’ve Been Tagged! The Get To Know You Tag

 I guess I better start running faster, hm? xD Hi, y’all, and happy Saturday!  As you can see, I’ve been tagged. Rules: Link back to the person who created the tag: Savannah Thank the person that tagged you: Anna & Pearl Share the tag graphic below: well, above, but hey, it’s there! Tag 11 other […]

Autobiographical Information And Timbits (Or was it tidbits??)

Good day, all y’alls. XD I’ve always wondered how that sounds. How’s everyone today? Anyhoo, we’re talking today about- please tell me you’ve read the title. Ok, good. Cause I’ve been tagged for the 25 Weird and Random Facts About You, by Starling! Uh, basically I’m gonna tell you about myself some more, which might […]

Scrolling Through The Pictures + A Goodbye.

Hey y’all! Happy Sunday! Greeting and salutations! I hope you’re all well. As a farewell, because I’ll not be posting for the rest of the week (unless I have a brilliant idea) I have gotten my pictures for you and I’ll be saying adieu. This shall pretty much have me wander through various topics of […]