Stop Tagging Me Y’all, I Can’t Run That Fast!


So, I didn’t know that Faith also started blogging on the 19th, and also did a celebratory post on it, which happened to be the Liebster Award, and that she tagged me until I scrolled through my comments. XD (Happy blogsiversary by the way, Faith!) So here we are. *rubs hands together*  This should be…. fun? maybe?


What is a way in which you are really passionate about serving God? I.e. a career, a hobby, a ministry.

Hmmmm, probably the “work” I do with the kids at church, if you can call it that? I mean, as a pastor’s kid, you kinda hafta be passionate… about practically everything in church, but if you’re talking about specifically me, then 100% helping out with the kids and praise and worship. They’re the fun parts. XD


What is your favorite post of all the posts you’ve ever written?

Guess what, I didn’t even write it. *jabs thumb at Zeke and Jake* These whackos did.

And aren’t you glad we saved the state of your blog when we did?

Zeke, shut up or I really will make Gale an only child.


Who in your life was most instrumental in showing you the WAY in Christ?

My sister. Which, considering everything that’s happened so far, is kinda interesting, but I’d have to say my sister regardless. She’s always lived out Christ and she’s always took the time to talk to me about faith and everything that comes with being a Christian. ❤


What book other than the Bible do you read or have you been reading regularly?

*cough cough* Weeell, *pulls out giant book of favorite books* I’M GLAD YOU ASKED! *flips to recent page* Love to Everyone right now, and a few comics.

Yes. Comics.


Who is your favorite non-Bible author?

Can’t really answer, because I have so many? XD J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Andrew Peterson, N.D. Wilson, Penny Wood, Rebekah C, Julia Rose, Kellyn Roth, Tess Richardson, tell me when to stop…


Who is your favorite Old Testament character?

OOOOH. Deborah. And Esther. And Ruth. And Jael too. (*launches into a funny story in which I went to Sunday School and we learned this song about Jael that included words such as “she took a tent peg/ and slammed it right into his heaaad/ and the king didn’t ride no fancy iron cherry bomb no moreeeeeeeee”*)


What time of day do you usually go to bed?

Bold of you to assume it’s the day… Or that I go to bed… >:)


Do you wear glasses or contact lenses at all?

*waves blatantly obviously glasses right in front of you* Cursed for life!


Favorite Christian music artist?

Again, don’t make me answer thissss! *sobs* I beg you by the fine guidelines of WordPress dot org, PLEAAASE don’t make my answer!

Fine then. Andrew Peterson, Skye Peterson, MercyMe, the Gettys, All Sons And Daughters, For King And Country, and a few more.


Do you like spicy food?

I can’t even handle spicy food, so, no. XD


How long does it typically take you to write a post?

Hmm, it depends. for a real post *glares at all the tags I’ve been tagged with* like an hour if I really concentrate? if I don’t and work on it on the side while reading a book and/or watching….. YT, then the greater part of a couple days. If it’s something like this, I can finish one in around a half hour.

Which I just did. *rejoices*

*slumps over dramatically, skips the 11 facts and the 11 bloggers, and gratefully gets offline*

life is a highway, Jo



Scribble Scrabble: It’s Not Even A Month And I Get Tagged


So yesterday the lovely Tess had posted about a bunch of stuff, and in that post was a Liebster Award, which she tagged yours truly for.

Goodness, I haven’t had this tag in a while. This should be fun! 🙂

  **********Liebster Awardy**************

I know the rules. Thanks Tess, I’ll answer the questions, say 11 things about myself (boring I’ll warrant) and tag 11 poor people who never saw it coming >:)


What was your favorite TV show/movie when you were a kid?

Oooh, boy. That depends. I loved Dennis The Menace, Leave It To Beaver, Father Knows Best, and Walker, Texas Ranger. Movies? Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Brave, um… Prince Of Egypt. The list goes on.

What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?

I think everyone should get away from the city into the wilderness for at least a day and a night, to get back into nature. Having just from a retreat, I supposed I’m biased, but I sincerely believe fresh air and no traffic noises can help almost anyone


What do you think is the best way to start the day?

Your favorite comfort drink and the Bible! Getting God’s Word first thing in the morning really helps get the rest of your day down pat.

What is one of your favorite smells?

This is gonna sound ridiculous, but I will have to say the smell of a hug. Not explaining any further because I don’t quite understand it myself. 😛

If you were suddenly put on a stage and told to deliver a speech, what would you talk about?

I would talk about how one life can change so many others simply by being, thanks to the ultimate life (*cough cough* The One Life *cough cough* Jesus’s life).

Do you think Wikipedia is a reliable source?

Like the general Wiki? I dunno. But for fandom wikis, they haven’t let me down yet. I’ve spent hours on AIOWiki and none of their info has proven to be false!

What’s the worst advice you’ve ever received?

Oh word Tess, you ask good questions. Um, I’d say “you need to be the example for your friends.” Honestly, why pick one kid to have to suffer being the role model, simply because their dad’s in the ministry? Also when said kid is just the same as the others? Do ya know how stuck up I had to feel, and I didn’t like it? Bleah.

What age would you like to live to?

Bold of you to assume I actually get to pick. XD I don’t know. 21. Because then I’m old enough to vote and join American Ninja Warrior.


What do you want carved on your gravestone?

Huh.. umm… “Here lies Jo, seeker of truth. The bacon crumbles were never hidden long because of this.”

Or, or: “Jo: Professional awkward dork, lover of God. That’s all you need to know. Besides that Mitch was a good character. And Buck is a victim. And that God really does save.”

Have you ever saved someone’s life?


Have I WHAT now??

Boy, don’t I wish! I think I came close when one of the kids I babysit ran into traffic and I yanked her away from an incoming car? It all happened so fast, I can’t really remember.
Opinion on chow mein?

IT’S LIFE. My family always gets a tray on Sunday afternoons when we’re so tired and our blood sugars are unhealthily low. It’s so good. I could eat that forever. At least I wanna try.


Well, that was easy. 11 facts however? Pfft…

I’m… 1) working on splicing Hastrman, so expect that coming anytime now, 2) going to read 100 books this year (including books of the NT so that takes away 27 books) 3) reading through the New Testament til April (hopefully!) 4) panicking because to move up a grade this year, I have to study twice as hard as I did last year, 5) writing to pen pals because they’re fun and my old one moved and I haven’t gotten the address yet. 6) My mom and I have a tradition every year. She cuts my hair, and we listen to AIO. 7) It takes 2 1/2 episodes for a full haircut. I checked. 8) I whole heartedly support the “give Luis his own superhero movie” movement, 9) am looking forward to Thursday because NEW EPISODE, 10) have an uncle whose parrot was mysteriously plucked bald and 11) have taken a bottle of maple syrup and drunk a little. I’m Canadian, what can you say? 😛

Sa wakas, I did it!

Now for the 11 people… goodness, who on earth picked 11? Did they just go trigger happy on the “1” key?

Gracie M









Penny Wood


P H E W. Me is done. No pressure to do the award, you guys! Also, y’all should check out their blogs- they’re awesome, and it’s a pleasure to have met them via the blogsphere.

Now, I better go take a crack at that homework- see you later!


EDIT: I forgot, but you can do the questions I did XD Here:

What was your favorite TV show/movie when you were a kid?

What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?

What do you think is the best way to start the day?

What is one of your favorite smells?

If you were suddenly put on a stage and told to deliver a speech, what would you talk about?

Do you think Wikipedia is a reliable source?

What’s the worst advice you’ve ever received?

What age would you like to live to?

Have you ever saved someone’s life?

Opinion on chow mein?


Autobiographical Information And Timbits (Or was it tidbits??)

Good day, all y’alls. XD I’ve always wondered how that sounds. How’s everyone today?

Anyhoo, we’re talking today about- please tell me you’ve read the title. Ok, good. Cause I’ve been tagged for the 25 Weird and Random Facts About You, by Starling!

Uh, basically I’m gonna tell you about myself some more, which might be helpful if I was a Baudelaire, and Lemony Snicket needed information, or a centaur and C.S. Lewis needed the research, or a person of interest and the NSA was after me. But, since I am neither of those things, this isn’t as helpful. Unless you need a good laugh. Then you’ve come to the right place.

*coughs* *clears throat* *begins*

Jo is an aspiring writer, blogger, photographer, violinist, and professional dreamer and/or multitasker. She has been known to ram into couches, or to do handstands in random places of her house, not to mention hiding Timbits from landscapers. 😉 Besides from this, she will eat dark chocolate in the middle of the night, scroll on Pinterest for hours, and leave her earphones in her ears for hours, if it can get people to leave her alone. Consequently, if anyone takes off her earphones to talk to her, she will instantly unfriend them in real life. You have been warned.

Currently, she is happily enjoying the rewards of finishing Camp NaNo, learning a new tune on the violin, and climbing trees at Niagara-On-The-Lake. In addition, failing the practice test. These, besides watching lighting, have kept this person quite occupied. 

    If wishing to contact Jo, go ahead and comment on her blog-it will make her day! If wishing to spam Jo, be warned- she will delete your comments and block you and karate chop you once she tracks you down. (Well, maybe not that severe.) She may be too busy squealing about the latest album of Adventures in Odyssey, willing the Mets to win, taking random pictures of her siblings, searching up sign language, eating pickles, or skating, but she’ll answer you. 


*sniffs* I really liked that. One of my good pieces of writing.  Anyway, the next one happens to be the Liebster Award, which Liberty tagged me for. 🙂 Thanks! I don’t normally do this many, but these questions look like fun.

1. What’s your favorite movie?

  ..oh boy, this is a hard one. I grew up watching the Lord Of The Rings and The Chronicles Of Narnia, and How To Train Your Dragon, and Brave, so.. any one of those.

2. What is the name of your favorite  character (one you wrote or one you’ve read)

       For the read, it would have to be.. Bumps, from Jill’s Red Bag. XD That book is an ancient, kiddy read, but it’s actually really good. And Bumps “isht so adowable.” And Leeli Wingfeather. *nods* 

     😛 For the written character * rubs hands evilly* Dareine Penner, from Mirages, which I’m still working on. She’s… really hardcore cool. I mean, how many 14 year old can hack computers, train in the martial arts, and escape from prison?

O_O I’m not saying you should try that. At all.

Uh, move along.

3. If you could bring one character to life(from something you’ve written or you’ve read) which one would you?

Dareine. Just cause. Or Leeli. 

4. Have you read C.S Lewis’s Narnia series? What did you think?

Yep, twice! I love his writing, it’s inspired me to write too. 🙂

5. Do you listen to music a lot?

*chuckles* A lot? More like every day. 

6. How many siblings do you have?

A bother, another bother, and a bot- oh.. hehehe. I forgot the “r”. Brothers. And a sister. I have a lot of siblings.

7. What do you think of penguins?

They were my favorite animal growing up, and I think they do tolerable. 

8. What’s your favorite animal?

^Read the last question! Or dogs. Dogs are great. 

9. Have you ever published a book?

Nope, but I’d like to!

10. What was the last word you said?

To. XD (Well, this is random..)

11. Do you have any pets? If so how many?

Nope! I once had a caterpillar, but my mother made my throw him away. And I once claimed a squirrel as a pet and called him Blackie, but I couldn’t tell him apart from the other squirrels. 


Wow. That’s a long post. If you survived that, you must be very patient. *hands you box of Timbits as a reward* *takes the chocolate ones*  *slowly backs away*


I’ve Been Tagged! The Liebster Award!

Liebster3-500x500.pngHey y’all! Well, lookee here, I’ve been tagged for the Liebster Award! Thanks Gracie for nominating me.


The Rules:

  • Acknowledge the blog that nominated you for the award
  • Answer the questions they gave you
  • Give 11 fun facts about yourself
  • Give them 11 questions to answer
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers for the award


The Questions and my answers:

What is your biggest fear?

Aw, do I have to answer this one? Fine, fine! It would probably being lost in a giant city with no clue where I am or how to get home, and there’s somebody stalking me. It has happened! (Well, not the stalker part.)

What is the weather like?

As of right now? Cloudy, but not too hot. And I don’t mind that at all.

What is your favorite hobby?

Like I only have one favorite! Therefore, I will list 3: blogging, designing pins, and baking. I got a lot more, we could do this all day!

Do you like being nominated for tags/awards?

Well, this being only my second one, I have to say I quite enjoy the tags! Mostly because these are questions I won’t get wrong. XD

What are you most looking forward to this Summer?

Spending time with family and friends, being up in the air, capturing life through my lens, American Ninja Warrior of course!! And July Camp NaNo, to name a few.

Rain or Snow?

Snow. All the way. I am from the North, after all. Besides, can you make rainballs? Or sled in the rain? Me no think so.

What time do you wake up on the weekend?

Um… anywhere between 6 am to 9! Although sometimes I get up at 10 but let’s keep that to ourselves, shall we?

Is your bedroom usually clean or dirty?

Aha! I see what you’re trying to do! You’re trying to glean info off me and use it against me! Not telling you that! (But hey, points for trying!)


What is one of your pet peeves?

Guys who insist on opening the door for me, or trying to carry my stuff, or not letting me carry heavy things. I know it’s an etiquette thing, but I can open my door myself thank you very much. And see that box? Yeah, I can pick it up in nothing flat.


How long is your hair?

Long enough! Well, it reached my back and we’ll leave it at that.

What is your favorite thing on your desk?

My laptop!! How could I blog without it?

But, in all seriousness, it’s my Bible. It has more value than any electronic device. Laptops come second. And third is my mug of coco!


11 Facts about me:

  1. I play violin by ear! I can’t read notes.
  2. I almost got hit by a car (but don’t worry, I lived!)
  3. I eat rice at every meal (doesn’t everybody?)
  4. I honestly think facts about me are boring
  5. I am ultra competitive. I want to win, WIN I tell you!
  6. I can and will read long past my bedtime
  7. I enjoy beating my brothers at arm wrestling (but win very seldom)
  8. American Ninja Warrior is one of my favorites
  9. I listen to Adventures In Odyssey doing chores or anything boring, which will cause me to wash the same dish or chop carrots slowly, so that I can end with the ending.
  10. We almost had a tornado, and I picked up some hail that came from the storm, but it melted.
  11. I am NOT a fan of Harry Potter, or the Jeffie ship. Sorry!

My Questions:

You can answer the questions I answered!

My Nominees:

I don’t know that many people! Um.. let’s see.

  1. Lydia
  2. Rebekah
  3. Hannah
  4. Blake
  5. Maggie

I really think that’s it.

As always guys, *points below*

Have fun!! And no pressure to do it! ❤


Thanks for reading!