Back Again, An Explanation


I saw Jo stab the ancient 1994 modem with her usb, eyes flashing. She blew the dust off the old keyboard and started typing. I grinned. Jo was back! Doing her whole torturing of my poor sis-


But JOOOOOO I haven’t been on here since like, October!

And I would like to KEEP it that way Zeke!

*huffs* I’m older than you, by, like, 2 years, so you really should cut me some slack.

Shut up and go. Shoo! This isn’t your blog!

Fine, but don’t come crying to me when everyone demands my triumphant return!

Nobody will demand any return from you, and I don’t cry. Shoo. You’re bothering me.

*slinks away from laptop* *muttering* *accidentally tripped on laptop charger*

Well, now that Zeke has ceased and desisted (phew) I guess you’re left with me. And *maybe* just maybe you’re wondering, “why did you leave for almost a week Jo?” Aw, how kind. To be honest, I bet zero people have asked that. And I wouldn’t expect them too. It’s normal to leave. And that’s what I did. Not by choice, however.

This week has possibly taken the world record in hardest weeks. I’m sure it will be topped, eventually, but it was hard. And dark. And even, well, hopeless. To paraphrase Maggie from Dreaming Of Guatemala, it was so dark I almost forgot the light.

Thankfully, God didn’t forget me. And neither did the people He put around me. 🙂 I’ll explain… Sometime. If I remember to. 😛 I tend to forget, y’know, I’m a Jo of very little brain. And a middling sized heart. *thumbs up*

But again, we’re not here to talk about that. It’s with a happy (really, extremely, all the “ly” words) pair of hands that I type the words I AM GLAD TO BE BACK HERE AND WHAT DID I MISS? XD

Let’s see.. where do I pick up after I left off?

Oh. I discovered cookie and ice cream sandwiches. Behold.


So that was a plus. A tiny and delicious reason to smile. Anyway.

Zeke was right about one thing. And that would be that I’ve been writing. Like a lot of writing. Which may probably lead to burnout with NaNo and all, but hey, I got a chapter down- and a little something that I keep hinting at, but am actually close to mentioning. 😉 I will tell you this though, it’s kinda something I’ve never done before. And I’m almost finished. >:) But yes. Anyway, here’s a snippie from Just Come Home, because I miss sharing my writing. 😛

” My phone rang suddenly on me and serving Miss Addy and a bunch of her shopkeeper friends that day,  much to Miss Addy’s consternation and her friends’ delight. “Whups,” I apologized, slamming an order down on the table. I quickly fished out the source of the Lion King opening and hastily pressed the decline button mid “naah!!” “Sorry about that,” I said awkwardly, passing the drinks down.

My phone rang again.

With an even more obnoxious “nahhhh!” ” — Just Come Home


Hand lettering helped so much during the tough times, kinda like a coloring book, but you draw as you color. So I’ve gotten into that, and ended up with a bunch of different quotes cursive-fied and pasted onto my journal. “Thank God It’s Friday” was the one yesterday.


And this was one for another day. It’s one of my favorites. 🙂 Remind me to stop by the dollar store and pick up markers. And maybe more cookies. XD

I keep mentioning food in these posts. Send help.


My headphones have practically been glued to my head (with good reason) and won’t leave (with VERY good reason), and the songs I end up muttering turn out to the best kind. I’ll talk about them another time. They, along with a billion other things that you don’t really notice at first glace, were little lights that shone rather brightly in the dark. 🙂 (Also, Rend Collective came to Toronto recently and I’m rather sad I missed them. XD)


As for reading wise, I’ve pored over the Bible, and when it wasn’t the Bible, it was Ms. Marvel: Mecca, Black Widow: Shield’s Most Wanted, and this really weird and sad book called Cat’s Eye. It’s sad. I hate Cornelia (at least I think that was her name) and also, Toronto was weird in the 90’s, apparently. Who knew? Oh, and I almost died over Love To Everyone. That book gives the feels. It’s so good, ah. XD So that’s what I’ve been up to book wise. Not that it matters, but it’s fun to talk about, so, y’know, why not? 🙂

Oh, and if you caught the Winnie The Pooh  reference, then I suppose it’s relevant to mention that my family got and watched Christopher Robin last night, and I finally, finally, finally got to comment on the whole beautiful story plot wise without anyone giving me weird looks.

winnie the pooh GIF by Walt Disney Studios


The comments mostly consisted of things such as “THIS PLOT IS SO WELL DONE” and “Awwwwww, look at that character development” and “the animation asfghjkhjhgdfa wowowww”- I loved Christopher Robin.

winnie the pooh GIF by Walt Disney Studios


Loved it.

And there, dear people reading this, is a recap of everything. For the most part.

Also to the Eugene who contacted me, thank you so much, you recognized genius of Campbell County Community College you. 🙂 Also to Penny, I died laughing at your posts.

Also, glad to be back.


You can tell, I’m sure. 🙂

Hey, maybe I’ll actually record with the Patrie. Maybe.

*accidentally breaks a string* O_O

I’m glad to be back.

winnie the pooh GIF by Walt Disney Studios


life is a highway, Jo


Something I Was Planning To Do Earlier But Just Didn’t Get Around To (Jo Ruins A Classic)

What a lousy title for what I’m gonna do. Oh well, it’ll have to suffice. I wasn’t one for attention-taking titles anyway.

Hewwo there, everyone. Happy October, and I hope y’all are doing great and not falling asleep at Algebra like someone I know very well who just so happens to most definitely not be me.

See, here’s a neat thing about stories. You can always tell it from another person’s point of view. The same story could be told by ten different people and still be different every time. Which I’ma just use for my advantage here cause it’s funny. XD


Have you ever heard of The Ugly Duckling? No not the one about the bird who was supposed to be a duck but turned out to be a swan, I mean the play by A.A. Milne. Yes, the ridiculous one about a king and queen playing matchmaker for their not-really-beautiful-as-a-princess-should-be daughter. That Ugly Duckling.

Well, I’m gonna be twisting that just a smidge, and telling it from the princess’s point of view. Which is fun cause I’ve never written royalty before. *rubs hands evilly* If you, like the majority of a lot of people, haven’t read the play before, no worries. 😉 Hopefully you’ll end up laughing by the end of this and will want to read the play.


And now…. Jo ruins a classic.. The Ugly Ducking (As Told From The Princess’s POV)


I was walking down the to the Throne Room to read the latest letter from my pen pal when I heard the Chancellor being announced. “His Excellency The Chancellor!” Common sense told me I should probably turn around and head back to my room to be terrorized by my waiting maids.

Who needed common sense at a time like this?

I poked my head into one of the Throne Room’s many doors and nearly got caught by laughing. There stood the respectable old Chancellor, complete in horn-rimmed glasses, bowing to my father the king, who was napping on his glorified chair. With a handkerchief over his eyes. Good gracious.

The Chancellor continued to bow until my father woke up with a start.

“I was thinking.” He said very properly, folding the handkerchief and putting it in his pocket. I ducked behind one of those large exotic plants my mother insisted on having before anyone could see me.

The Chancellor responded with all seriousness. “Never, your Majesty, was greater need for thought than now.”

“That’s what I was thinking!” My father said with a hearty nod. I rolled my eyes. He straightened to look more dignified. “Well, what is it? More trouble?”

“What we might call the old trouble, your Majesty.” the Chancellor said gravely, his glasses slipping and resting on the very edge of his nose, which put a quite comical effect.

Father shook his head. “It’s what I was saying to the Queen last night, “uneasy lies the head that wears a crown,” was how I put it.”

Especially if said head was leaned over in sleep, I added in my head, smiling widely. I decided to read my letter instead of listening in to their conversation, then come out when all was done. I had heard all I needed to hear. I opened the envelope. “Dear Camilla,”

“…it is in the matter of Her Royal Highness’ wedding.”

Or not.


Part two to come. 😉